Rabitə və İnformasiya Texnologiyaları Nazirliyinin elektron xəbər xidməti

Another novelty in mail exchange

Starting from this year the mail delivery  in Baku is implemented by the Mail Delivery Centre of the ‘Azerpoct’ LLC.  According to information provided to the ICTnews by the centre, the Mail Delivery Centre is expected to be moved to the area close to Lokbatan settlement.  This relocation will be carried out in order to increase the efficiency of mail delivery in regions.  

After the relocation of the Mail Delivery Centre to the new place, post offices will reduce their  mail delivery time. Besides that, all post offices will be able to make e-registration at the single centre.     Let’s note that previously post offices in Baku themselves took mail from the Mail Delivery Centre and distributed it among subordinate post offices.

25/05/12    Çap et