Rabitə və İnformasiya Texnologiyaları Nazirliyinin elektron xəbər xidməti

Post offices to be connected to non-sim network

The ‘Azerpoct’ LLC plans to connect its 1,200 post offices to the Automated Corporate Information System (ACIS).  About 1,000 post offices have already been connected to this network. Due to the absence of land communications around 200 post offices will be connected to this network via the non-sim internet.

Test works carried out in this regard have brought positive results. Implementation of the Internet Development Project by the ‘Aztelekom’ PU in regions may reduce the number of post offices that Azerpoct intends to connect to the non-sim network.

The project is still being implemented, so no exact decision has been taken to this end yet. Within the project a broadband Ethernet bridge, providing high-speed data exchange, has been connected to the local corporate network.  Let’s note that the consortium, consisting of ‘HP’, ‘SINAM’, and ‘Colvir’ companies, installed special equipment for central servers and telecommunications in Baku. It also installed equipment for its reserve site in Sumgait and localized the ‘Colvir Software’ program. The ‘Colvir’ system, which was introduced at Azerpoct, is a multifunctional post-bank system implementing postal and banking operations.  

 It is connected to the central data base via different communication lines. This system insures the implementation of postal and bank operations in all post offices of Azerpoct. It also provides prompt analytic reports.

16/06/12    Çap et