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Broad measures implemented in Azerbaijan in connection with 138th anniversary of establishment of Universal Postal Union

Azerpost SE will implement broad measures in the country in connection with the 138th anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union. This information was provided to ICTnews by the assistant to the general director of Azerpost Elshad Nuraliyev.  According to him, as part of these measures, new buildings for the head post office No:3 in Khatai district of Baku and post office in Burungovag  village in Samukh region will be constructed and put into operation.

Besides that, community work days will be held in all administrative buildings and post offices of Azerpost.  Let’s note that the Universal Postal Union was created with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of mail exchange between countries of the world, and every year the 9th of October is marked by all postal workers across the world as the day of creation of the Universal Postal Union.

The agreement on the establishment of the Universal Postal Union was  signed in 1874 during the  International Postal Congress held in Berne, Switzerland. Representatives from more than 20 states took part in the work of the congress, during which   the Universal Postal Convention, the main document stipulating the general principles of the Universal Postal Union’s work as well as rights and responsibilities of members of this union, was adopted.  At present, around 200 states of the world have their representatives at the Universal Postal Union. Azerbaijan became a member of  the Universal Postal Union in 1993. 

25/09/12    Çap et