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Global 5G smartphone shipments to hit over 260 million units in 2020

Taipei-based government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence& Consulting Institute) of III (Institute for Information Industry) held a press conference on September 18, 2019, prior to the upcoming MIC Forum on September 25-27, to reveal our findings on 5G services and applications.
“There will be approximately 170 telecoms to provide 5G commercial services in 2020, up from the current 56 telecoms in 32 countries. Thus far, 39 telecoms have launched their 5G commercial services around the world” says Welber Chang, director of MIC’s Mobile Communication Center. “On top of that, we have uncovered that three 5G applications related to the manufacturing, medical, and energy fields have tremendous opportunities for the industry in the next few years.”
“This year, global mobile phone penetration rate is to hit 105%, reaching over 8 billion subscribers while 4G service penetration rate is close to 50%. In anticipation of a price cut of 5G phones and the rollout of Apple’s 5G iPhones, 5G smartphone shipment volume is forecast to reach 260 million units next year, up from 11.4 million units this year,” says Eddie Han, senior industry analyst of MIC.
“Despite of the trade war, Taiwan’s telecommunication industry is estimated to grow slightly with shipment value of NT$3.6 trillion (US$118.5 billion). Next year, driven by the shipments of new 5G and Wi-Fi devices, the industry’s’ shipment value is anticipated to top around NT$3.7 trillion (US$121.8 billion), up 1.1% year-on-year,” says Chien-Hsun Lee, research director of MIC.

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