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Baku Telephone Communication Production Association is building new base station

Baku Telephone Communication Production Association (BTCPA) has started constructing new base stations in order to raise quality of CDMA service in the areas surrounding Baku city. Murad Chabrailov, head of CDMA service department of BTCPA, in his interview to İCTNews told that one of the new stations would be built in Mardakan settlement. He said that special equipment had been bought from “Huawei” company in order to rise capacity of CDMA station from 13,000 to 20,000 numbers within a short period of time.
It should be noted that BTCPA renders CDMA services with 511 indexation.
The roaming between “Aztelekom” PA and BTCPA allows the users of CDMA service of both associations to make phones calls from any region of the country.

21/06/11    Çap et