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Icann launches facility to ease DNSSec adoption

Internet oversight body Icann has joined forces with internet exchange firm Packet Clearing House to launch the first of three facilities designed to boost the adoption of DNSSec among country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).
Launched in association with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, the facility will allow regions to benefit from DNSSec without needing to invest millions in building and managing the infrastructure for their relevant ccTLD, said Icann.
Tanzania, Uganda, Afghanistan and 10 other countries have already signed up to use the Singapore facility, while Icann will also be opening two other facilities in San Jose and Zurich to service countries in different geographical regions.
Icann has been keen to promote the standard, which uses digital signatures to verify with the internet's name servers that the DNS data being sent to them is authentic, and thus help prevent man-in-the-middle phishing and other attacks.
The internet oversight body kicked things off in June 2010 with the signing of the root of the domain name system and has been trying to encourage uptake among all domains globally.
"We believe DNSSec is very important in enabling innovation and enhancing the overall security of the domain name system," said Icann chief security officer Jeff Moss during a press conference to announce the facility in Singapore on Wednesday.
"Just last month we had about 70 zones signed and on Monday 14 more ccTLDs were signed and if we stick with this trend we're hoping we'll have the vast majority of all zones signed, which will be a fantastic achievement."

23/06/11    Çap et