Rabitə və İnformasiya Texnologiyaları Nazirliyinin elektron xəbər xidməti

Memorandum of Understanding will be signed for “TESIH”

The member states interested in “Transnational Eurasian Super Information Highway project” will hold meeting for working out strategies on realization of the Project. According to the head of the project’s working group Mr. Ilyas Naibov-Aylisli, one of the main objectives of the meeting is preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding. “Memorandum is a complex document. Principles and strategies of implementation of the Project, shares of the participators, transit policy, traffic rates of the states and etc. should be outlined in Memorandum.
If the members give their consent, all these issues will be the main topic of the future meeting”. He said. Russia ("Rostelekom"), Kazakhstan ("Qazakhtelekom"), Turkey (Turktelecom), China (ChinaTelecom) have already expressed their desires for participating in the Project. According to Mr. Naibov, negotiations are being held with Georgia and Ukraine to involve them in the Project.
“The final issue is being considered at the intergovernmental level”. In the near future Azerbaijani representatives will visit Ukraine to discuss details of the Project. Ukraine is also conducting negotiations in this direction, and it is highly probable that "Ukrtelekom" will represent Ukraine in the Project. As to Georgia, it has not defined the operator yet”, Mr. Naibov-Aylisli said.

04/07/11    Çap et