Steve Wozniak: “Rebuilding of the Internet is a necessary condition for ensuring its safety”

The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak in an interview with RBC said that in the future the situation with cybercrime will only worsen. “Therefore the possibility of their commitment must be limited unless the situation is out of control.”
At the same time he admitted that it would not be possible to reduce the number of hackings to zero because cybercrime is similar to car theft in this respect.
"But with time, we will be able, for example, to build a blockchain system, in which any serious action will require confirmation from users. Such systems would be almost impossible to crack. Now it is  impossible to build such systems due to technical limitations, but I am sure that sooner or later they will appear. However, we will have to rebuild gradually the entire Internet to make these systems operational,” Wozniak said.
“There exists a serious problem of surveillance of people through their own electronic devices. I sincerely regret that the development of computers, to which I put my own hand, has led to the appearance of such means of surveillance, of which many people do not even suspect. I do not like that modern technical capabilities make it easy to violate what the law is trying to guarantee us. One day people will have to start fighting for their rights,” he stressed.
“Technology development has its ups and downs. The society becomes plastic. We are getting alike to one another and we are losing our creativity, individuality and independence. Even the houses in which we live are basically the same. And the digital revolution makes us increasingly dependent on technology and more similar to each other,” Wozniak said.
Note that Stephen Gary Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple. Previously, he owned 45% of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.), but now Wozniak has less than 1% of the company's shares. Later, Wozniak participated in such projects as Acquicor Technology, Fusion-io and Primary Data.  In most of these projects, he participated as a scientific development manager, RBC reports.

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19 August 2018

18 08 2018