Xiaomi in collab with COWAROBOT introduces intelligent robotic suitcase that follows owner

COWAROBOT, maker of the world’s first robotic suitcase that follows the user in collaboration with Xiaomi has launched their latest variant. It is offered on the Youpin crowdfunding platform which is run by Xiaomi. The suitcase is available for purchase at a special price of Yuan 1999 ($ 280) and surprisingly the seller has already overachieved the goal by 435% with 13 days still remaining.
In terms of design, the COWAROBOT intelligent travel suitcase looks similar to most modern trolley cases as it has a hard plastic shell, four wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and a telescopic handle that can be used to manoeuvre it manually. The unit measures 555 x 384 x 220 mm and it weighs 4.5 kg (excluding the luggage). It has a height of 20 inches and a holding capacity of 31 litres.
The handle of COWAROBOT intelligent travel suitcase features a video camera which with the help of computer vision can be used to locate the owner. The suitcase features an in-house developed chip which with the help of AI and video camera can avoid obstacles which in this case would be fellow commuters or stationary objects.
The COWAROBOT intelligent travel suitcase features 4 variable speed motors which are built into the wheels that drive the whole unit. It is powered by a 92 Wh battery which is claimed to last for as long as 20 Kms. Interestingly, the company has made use of a modular power bank which can be detached from its main body to replenish its charge. The battery bank weighs 500 grams and it can be full recharged in 5 hours. If needed, users can also recharge their smartphones with this power bank as it features a standard USB A port.
The front of the electric luggage has an elongated LED indicator which changes colour to display its status. Flashing Red LED means low battery, Blue LED indicates connected and Purple LED means that the unit is restarting. To keep its contents secure, it features a 3 digit TSA lock that can be set to 999 different combinations.
The COWAROBOT intelligent travel suitcase can connect to the user’s smartphone via Wi-Fi that can display details like remaining battery charge. If the signal is lost and the luggage is disconnected, users would receive a notification on their smarpthone so they can look for it. Another highlighting feature of the trolley case is its waterproof zipper which safeguards the content held within against unexpected rainfall or splashes from vehicles when used on an automotive road.