iPhone 8 will recognize its owners face

Apple's iPhone 8 may still be months away, but the rumors about the highly anticipated smartphone are flooding the internet.

The latest rumor was leaked by Cowen and Company that suggests this year's tenth anniversary handset will have 'some form of facial/gesture recognition'.

Sources also speculated that there will be a new 5.8 inch model, complete with a 'wraparound' OLED screen with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor underneath the glass. 

Written by Timothy Arcuri, a Cowen and Company analyst, the note was firest reported by Kif Leswing with Business Insider.

'Other features appear to include some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera and, as expected, should also finally include wireless charging,' Arcuri wrote. 

Although this is the first news about a new type of depth sensor, the firm had previously purchased an infrared sensor company, Primesense, back in 2013 that may be the creator of the technology.
And, according to Business Insider, if Apple is to add the augmented reality features that are also rumored in the iPhone, it will need to develop a new kind of sensor.

In addition to predicting new technology, Arcuri suggests that the iPhone 8 will result in record number of shipments.

This may be due to the disappointment that many iOS users had with last year's iPhone7 - as it seems to be just a refreshed iPhone 6. 

And these loyal customers are expecting Apple to make up for their blunder with cutting-edge features.

Arcuri said he believes the next iPhone, which he is calling the 'iPhone 10' or 'iPhone X,' will be 'yuge' and could spark a 'supercycle' of upgraders.

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