Cloudwith.me cryptocurrency revolutionizes cloud services through significant cost reduction and worldwide accessibility

Cloudwith.me, the managed cloud services company, today announced its new Cryptocurrency, CLOUD, put to commercial use at a groundbreaking $1 access to Amazon Web Services, a significantly reduced cost to everyone around the world.

Holders of the CLOUD tokens can immediately access Amazon Web Services at $1 per month in contrast to purchasing directly through Amazon at $40 per month. This is the first digital currency made available through an ICO that is being used to buy existing digital services.

"Cloudwith.me is dedicated to bringing the decentralized cloud to the masses," said Asaf Zamir, co-founder and CTO of Cloudwith.me. "Our Cloud tokens usher in a new era of low cost, reliable, and globally distributed cloud services, which will forever change how the world experiences the Internet."

Through the use of blockchain technology, Cloudwith.me's initiative to decentralize cloud computing services is cutting-edge. The Cloud token provides a unique value-add unlike any other token, by lowering barriers to entry and creating ease of accessibility to professional cloud services. This includes availability to every country on an equal ground, notably to developing countries where credit cards are scarce.
Current initiatives for decentralizing cloud services only address certain vertical needs amongst cloud users. Each provides one cloud component, such as storage services, and single specific business needs, like scientific research and 3D graphics rendering. Cloudwith.me's model for a decentralized cloud ecosystem integrates all of these cloud services components (i.e. storage, payment, bandwidth, etc.). This appeals to a broad, diverse user base, including SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelance web developers.
Concluded Cloudwith.me's Zamir: "As more and more people use their Cloud tokens, and server deployments grow around the world, we'll see the emergence of a new, fully digital cashless, cloud-based economy. Commerce within this new 'Crowd Cloud' will be direct and diversified, meeting all kinds of needs in a safe, secure, and for many people, a profitable way."  

Given the achievements of the ICO and the on-going demand for Cloud tokens, Cloudwith.me will enable further purchases to be made at a face value of USD$10 per CLOUD token through its site. Purchases of the Cloud token can be made with Bitcoin, Ether, or cash in any currency. Starting on September 21st, the Cloud token will be able to be bought and sold either through Cloudwith.me or third-party providers.  

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