WhatsApp developers make big change to “delete message” function

A big change is coming to the world's most popular instant messaging app, making it easier to get rid of anything embarrassing or accidental.
WhatsApp developers introduced the delete message function in October 2017 after coming under increasing pressure from users.
However, there was a catch - the message would only be deleted for seven minutes.
Now it seems that timeframe will be increased to an hour, meaning everyone will have had plenty of time to forget your joke that got no laughs in the group chat and move on with the banter.
Android beta users with the WhatsApp version number 2.18.69 will have the "Delete for Everyone" feature extended from 420 seconds to 4096 seconds - or 68 minutes and 16 seconds.
The blog post points out that, at the moment, it's only available to Android users and not to anyone that owns an iPhone.
But it suggests that the world's most popular messaging app - which is owned by Facebook - could roll out this change more widely in the future.
As well as the Delete for Everyone change, the site also notes there will be an upcoming feature called WhatsApp Stickers - another idea borrowed from Snapchat.
It's expected that in order to be able to delete a message for longer, you will have to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone when the update arrives. Likewise, the recipients will also have to have the latest version installed.
This latest update follows on from reports that the app will soon start allowing in-app transfers to be sent between contacts.

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24 September 2018

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