Huawei introduced a new ultra-fast lithium-silicon battery

Company Huawei introduced the industry's first lithium-silicon rechargeable battery with very fast and safe charge. The new batteries will be placed in Huawei's next smartphones.
In an ordinary lithium-ion battery, the anode is mostly made of graphite. In the new Huawei battery, the electrode is made of silicon, which has proven to be more resistant to deformation and destruction that occurs at repeated fast loading. In addition, new batteries accumulate more energy.
Significantly better parameters are achieved using 3D carbon nets doped with nitrogen. The process is run at low temperature and provides very high conductivity. It is the high conductivity that allows for extremely fast charge of the battery
Unlike the now used quick chargers, the new technology uses low voltages but a stronger current. This means that heating will also be lower.
Huawei said that their new technology on a scale is like multitouch technology in the smartphone industry. The new battery can seriously change the use and management of smartphones.

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23 October 2018

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