Microsoft has more Office 365 subscribers than Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime combined

Microsoft is the most valued publicly traded company in the world, but because much of their business is in the enterprise sphere it can be difficult to get a good sense of the scale of their business.
A recent tweet by Tren Griffin, a senior director at Microsoft, puts Microsoft’s productivity cloud Office 365 into a perspective consumers should be easily able to understand.
According to Tren Griffin, at 214 million subscribers Office 365 has more paying users than Amazon Prime (101 million) and Spotify Premium (107 million) combined.
The vast majority of these users are in enterprise seats, but Tren Griffin notes 34.2 million are consumers paying their $10 per month to use Office at home.
For those Office 365 offers great value for money, where much like Netflix it offers access to more Office apps than they could ever use, and more storage than they can ever use, and 6 licenses in total they can distribute to their family.
Tren Griffin notes the number is all the more impressive from being able to convert Office buyers from previously buying perpetual licenses to buying subscription services in only a few years.

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26 May 2020

25 05 2020