Hisense U9e launches as the world’s first “dual-image” TV

Hisense has launched the Hisense U9e which is the world’s first “dual-image” TV. No, the Hisense U9e doesn’t have dual displays neither does it show two video inputs at the same time. Technically, the TV actually has two display panels placed in front of each other – one color and one black and white – the result is an LCD TV with a contrast ratio ten times that of a standard LCD TV and a picture quality that rivals OLED and costs less.
The display technology was manufactured in partnership with BOE and is called BD Cell. Hisense says it is proud the technology is fully Chinese.
As stated above, the display consists of two panels – a color panel which focuses on color control and the black and white panel which handles dimming, contrast, and details. There are also five chips inside the TV that efficiently control the backlight and images. Combined with the dual panels, the U9E has a contrast ratio of over 150,000, exceeding OLEDs; and a picture quality that is realistic.
The Hisense U9e is also said to exceed the peak brightness, color gamut, color accuracy and HDR certification requirements of OLED TVs.
The U9e will come in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models. However, only the 65-inch model is available this year at a price of ¥17,999 (~$2616), making it even more expensive than Sony’s 65-inch LCD TV for 2019. The 55-inch and 75-inch models will be available next year. Hisense didn’t reveal when the 55-inch model will be available for purchase.
Hisense knows this is more expensive than your average TV but it says low-end and low-quality TVs negatively affect the TV industry. Right now, it is the first brand in China to offer high-end color TVs and has been developing these high-end displays for years. According to Wang Wei, a top executive “Hisense’s goal is to lead the high-end Chinese TV market”.

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24 October 2019

23 10 2019