Domestic high-speed bullet cargo train rolls off production line

Led by CRRC Tangshan, and co-developed by several domestic companies, China's first high-speed bullet cargo train was finally completed at Tangshan, in North China's  Hebei Province.
The maximum speed of the train reaches 350 kilometer per hour. The limit loading capacity is no less than 120 tons and 800 square meters and the cargo space utilization rate is more than 85%.
Advanced technologies are used on the bullet cargo train. The intelligent operation and loading system help the train working safely and efficiently. The use of big data and cloud analysis technologies realize the compact arrangement of cargo and loading space. The mobile network and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System help the loading system of the train to recognize and locate the cargo.
Comparing with the air and road freight,  the cargo bullet train is less affected by weather or other factors. The cargo bullet train can run between -25 C to 40 C and can reach distance of 1,500 kilometers within five hours. It low-cost and high- efficiency of bullet cargo train improve the technique level of domestic railway transportation equipment.

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25 May 2024

24 05 2024