The mobile sector continues its lead

The mobile sector will continue to be a focus of interest in 2011, with increasing mobile broadband demand, new mobile devices, and growth of m-applications

Facebook counted 600 million active users

At the end of 2010, Facebook alone counted 600 million active users, representing more than one third of Internet users worldwide.

Cell phone testing laboratory is planned to be built in Azerbaijan

Testing laboratories for testing and certification of medical and electro-technical equipment will be built in Azerbaijan at the initial stage of implementation of the agreement

Tablets and riders outfitted quickly with 3G/4G modems

The analysts, conducting a new investigation, observe that users are getting more and more interested in having a permanent access to social networks and ability to share multimedia content

The number of digital TV channels will double to 24 units

According to information of Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry’s Teleradio Production Unit, the number of digital TV channels in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula will double to 24 units

Tax proposal in China gets massive online feedback

Over 230,000 online feedback was received by China’s top legislature upon requesting for public submissions on its website on a draft tax amendment. The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) issued a draft amendment mandating a raise in the minimum threshold for personal income tax from 2,000 yuan (US$306) per month to 3,000 yuan to the Personal Income Tax (PIT) Law on its official website, www.npc.gov.cn on April 25.

Malaysia to implement biometric system at all entry points

Malaysia is expected to implement biometric system at all 93 immigration entry points by the end of this month to prevent cross-border crime involving foreign nationals. The National Foreigners Enforcement and Registration System (NERS) was introduced Wednesday without any major hiccups allowing immigration officers to collect biometric data of foreigners

Korea to build Green Technology Centre

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has unveiled plans to set up a research centre for the development of energy-efficient and low carbon-emitting technologies. The government’s Green Technology Centre will be built this year. The Centre will feature research facilities that focus

Cisco Poised to Help China Keep an Eye on Its Citizens

Western companies including Cisco Systems Inc. are poised to help build an ambitious new surveillance project in China—a citywide network of as many as 500,000 cameras that officials say will prevent crime but that human-rights

3G speed in Azerbaijan is higher than in UK

Telecom regulator of UK Ofcom has recently announced the results of its research that compared mobile broadband speed of all 5 operators of UK. A study conducted by WTA (Wireless Technologies Association)showed that average 3G speed in Azerbaijan is 1,7 megabits per second (mbps),

Government of Canada Announces Investment in Green Innovation for Canada

The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology), on behalf of the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry,

Electric cars in Azerbaijan

Supply of “Renault” electric cars to CIS countries and Eurasian region, which includes Azerbaijan, and is very important for the company from strategic point of view, was assessed as a long term perspective.

Dominican Republic Govt Issues Cashless Benefits

The Social Subsidies Administration (ADESS) of the Dominican Republic, as a part of the Solidaridad programme, has been distributing benefits cashlessly, and now serves food, fuel and education rations to over 800,000 people.

Spain raises €1.65bn from spectrum auction

Spain's Industry Ministry Friday said telecommunications companies including Telefonica SA, Vodafone PLC and France Telecom will pay

Camden Council boosts mobile security

The London Borough of Camden has implemented Computrace, a security solution from endpoint security and management firm Absolute Software that enables remote tracking and data deletion for its mobile devices. Ian Lawrence, technical services programme manager for the council, explained at yesterday's IDC IT Security Conference
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