Azerbaijan will not join EUROGİRO money-transfer system

According to information given by head of the mail sector of the Ministry of Communication and IT, Azerbaijan will not join EUROGİRO money-transfer system. “This system is advantageous for EU states but not for Azerbaijan. Our main traffic is CIS countries, Turkey and countries of the Middle East.

Azerbaijani postal operator introduces postal fee prepayment service by customers

Azerexpresspost Postal Express Service of Azerbaijani Azerpoct postal operator introduced prepayment service of postal

Private postal companies render their services in regions

Head of the Post Department of the Ministry of Communication and IT Novruz Mammadov said: “In the regions private postal companies

“Postage stamp dedicated to winners of “Eurovision 2011” contest

Azerbaijani duet singers Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Chamal won the first place among 43 countries taking part in the 56-th Eurovision Song Contest.

Good postal news for users of “Azercell”

Azercell’s post offices located in remote regions have started acceptance of user fees. According to information given by the deputy director of “Azerpocht” LLC Shubhan Kazimov, in result of implementation of special measures fees from

New technology based post agencies created

Azerbaijan entered the new stage of development of postal services. According to the deputy director of “Azerpocht” LLC Subhan Kazimov, post agencies are created in small residential areas in order to rise quality of postal services and offer

“Azerpocht” LLC to share its experience with other countries

1,200 post offices of “Azerpocht” LLC will connect to the central server within “Financial Services Development” Project. The head of the Mail Division of the Ministry of Communications and IT Novruz Mammadov said that according to preliminary investigations,

“Azerpocht” LLC to connect to two money transfer systems

The contract on mutual cooperation signed between “Azerpocht” LLC and “Western Union” is being implemented at the highest level.

Azerpocht again surprises GSM’s subscribers

According to information released by “Azerpocht” LLC, subscribers of “Nar Mobile” will be able to pay call charges in the post offices.

New post office to open in Tartar

“Azerpocht” LLC is implementing wide scale measures in connection with 42 anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev’s coming to political power. In this connection a new post office will be opened in Hachigarvand residential area of Tartar region.

Representatives of "EMS-Falcon" LLC have come to Baku

The director of "EMS-Falcon" Limited Liability Company of Uzbekistan Ravshan Atabayev and IT manager of the said company Mikhail Surikov

“Azerpocht” LLC gains foothold in plastic card market

In the near future the monthly salaries to all employees of brunches, post offices and divisions of “Azerpocht” LLC will be paid with “Local” plastic cards.

Roughly 95.8 million manat invested in ICT sector and postal services of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani of Communications and IT ministry invested 95.8 million manat in the ICT sector and postal services for the six months of 2011.

New Universal Postal Service tariffs increased “Azerpocht” LLC’s profit

The measures were implemented in the first half of 2011 in order to promote “Azerpocht” LLC’s service network.

Azerpost plans to join MasterCard

A contract on Azerpost's joining the MasterCard international payment system was submitted to the payment system's regional office in Turkey,
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