Justin Timberlake takes stake in Facebook rival MySpace

Anyone who saw Oscar winning film The Social Network will remember the weirdly charismatic character of Napster founder Sean Parker, who was played with respectable aplomb by former NSync lip-syncer

Wills and Kate to promote UK tech sector at Hollywood debate

The hip young power couple of the Royal Family, Wills and Kate, are to use their winning smiles and dashing good looks to charm former colonial subjects

35% of American Adults Own a Smartphone

In its first standalone measure of smartphone ownership, the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that one third of American adults - 35% - own smartphones.The Pew Internet Project's May survey found that 83% of U.S. adults have a cell phone of some kind,

How does Azerbaijan use plastic cards?

4,385,000 plastic cards had been issued in Azerbaijan by 1 June 2011, and this is 265,000 or 6.4% more than in 1 May 2010. According to information released by Central Bank of Azerbaijan,

Imperial College London given £5.9m grant to research smart cities

The Research Council's Digital Economy Programme has awarded Imperial College London a £5.9m five-year grant to research smart city capabilities for the UK. Energy, health, transport and utility resources

Search and Email Still the Most Popular Online Activities

Search and email remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users, as 92% of online adults use search engines

Nokia to ship Windows Phone in time for holiday sales

Finland's Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker by volume, will ship Nokia Windows Phones in time for Christmas holiday sales, analysts expect, but they are divided on the numberof smartphones based on Microsoft Corp.'s

Internet 'may be changing brains'

Social network sites may be changing people's brains as well as their social life, research suggests. Brain scans show a direct link between the number of Facebook friends a person has and the size of certain parts of their brain.

Would-be iPhone buyers still face weeks-long waits

More than a month after the Apple Inc. iPhone 4S went on sale, the three largest U.S. wireless carriers are still struggling to keep up with customer demand for it. Customers of Verizon Wireless may have to wait more than three weeks for the device, according to the carrier's website. This compares with as much as 21 days at AT&T Inc.

Under pressure, China company scraps Steve Jobs doll

A China-based company has scrapped plans to market an action figure made to resemble the late Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, following "immense pressure" from lawyers. "Unfortunately, we have received immense pressure from the lawyers of Apple and Steve Jobs' family,"

Jobs was told anti-poaching idea "likely illegal"

In the summer of 2007, Apple's Steve Jobs received a note from then-Palm chief executive Ed Colligan, according to correspondence revealed in a lawsuit over employee poaching. "Your proposal that we agree that neither company will hire the other's employees,

Angelic "Steve Jobs" loves Android in Taiwan TV ad

He may have derided Android devices in real life but in the afterlife Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs is glad he can use one - or at least that's the story a Jobs look-alike tells in a recent TV commercial for a Taiwanese electronics company's new product. In the ad,

Kinect for Windows gesture sensor launched by Microsoft

It joins a previous version which was designed for the company's Xbox 360 games console. The new hardware features a "near mode" which allows it to track movements as close as 40cm away, compared to 50cm on the original model.

Kindle-wielding Amazon dips toes into physical world

Amazon.com Inc is dipping its toes into the physical world as the largest online retailer offers more products in stores that may benefit from hands-on interaction with shoppers. Analysts said the move may be inspired by the success of Apple Inc, which has hundreds of its own glitzy stores to show off iPhones,

Video game sales fall ahead of PlayStation Vita launch

NPD group said stores sold $1.14bn (£720m) worth of games over the month, down 34% on the previous year. It added that hardware sales were down 38%. The consumer data provider linked the drop to a lack of major new releases.
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