«WhatsApp working on Face ID and Touch ID support for iOS app
«HTC Releases First Blockchain-Powered Smartphone – Exodus 1
«AzInTelecom holds hackathon
«Windows 10 October 2018 Update apparently hit by another bug that could lose your files
«Samsung Flash laptop launched with 13.3-inch display, retro style keyboard
«Podoon smart pillow can adjust to the person’s posture
«China to build world’s largest supercollider
«Robo Soccer tournament to be organized within Innovation Week
«QuTech researchers put forward a roadmap for quantum internet development
« 82% of American teens own an Apple iPhone
«NFCdrip Attack Proves Long-Range Data Exfiltration via NFC
«NASA’s Mars 2020 mission pinpoints landing post
«Azerbaijani engineers take part in training on radio spectrum management
«New method developed to 3D print lithium-ion batteries in nearly any shape
«Facebook reportedly shopping for a cybersecurity company
«The internet is overwhelmingly male
«Apple sends out invitations for the new iPad event on October 30
«Samsung tops U.S. computer reliability report
«It is 50 years since the establishment of the State Administration of Radio Frequencies
«Program of Global Influencer Day revealed
«Samsung Unveils Galaxy Book2: 12-Inch, Snapdragon 850 with X20 LTE, 20 Hrs
«Browser Makers To Drop Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in 2020
«China successfully tests world’s largest unmanned transport drone
«Minister to receive citizens in Beylagan on October 24
«Vertu comes back to life with Aster P Android smartphone
«Taking steps toward a wearable artificial kidney
«IT spending to grow 3.2% in 2019 to USD 3.8 trillion
«Kyocera’s KY-O1L is a credit card-sized mobile phone that weighs just 47 grams
«Azerpost LLC announced winner of bank nomination
«NASA is Working on a Conceptual Human-Crewed Mission to Venus
«Qualcomm unveils 60 GHz Wi-Fi chipsets for WiGig devices
«Robot Pepper speaks before U.K. Parliament
«This App Checks How You Type And Use Your Phone, To Predict And Warn You If You Are Depressed
«Huawei’s Nano Memory Cards are replacing microSD on its latest phones
«UK Gov makes bold steps to tackle long-ignored security problem
«Chrome 70 arrives with fingerprint login for websites, extension controls, and 23 security fixes
«Malwarebytes says business cyberattacks surged 55% in Q3, but malicious cryptocurrency mining fell 26%
«Workshop on ‘Skills and digital readiness of civil servants in information technologies’ held
«Chinese Scientists Develop Nanogenerator to Power Wearable Electronics
«TSA lays out plans to use facial recognition for domestic flights
«IBM will use AI to address problems of cybersecurity
«Facebook Messenger soon to add option to Unsend messages
«Huawei Mate 20 And Mate 20 Pro Are Official: Features Different Notch Designs, Triple-Lens Camera And More
«Google AI can detect breast cancer more effectively than doctors
«Deep neural networks could detect magnetic field anomalies for faster warnings before earthquakes and tsunamis
«Xiaomi brainwave eye mask sleeping assistant launched
«Light, thin VR gloves put wearers in touch with virtual objects
«Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dies aged 65
«Apple reportedly acquires music analytics firm that claims it can ‘find the next Justin Bieber’
«The World’s Fastest Camera Can Shoot 10 Trillion Frames Per Second
«Palm makes comeback with a tiny credit card-size Android smartphone
«Azerbaijan changed DNS cryptographic keys successfully
«DanaBot has been targeting European Nations
«Voice analysis to aid in fight against suicide and depression
«UK engineers develop tiny camera for imaging inside veins and arteries
«Orange teams up with Google on Dunant transatlantic cable
«Apple’s Face ID Alone Deemed Too Insecure For European Banks
«GPlayed Trojan Masquerades as Google Play to Attack Android Devices
«Winners of startup tour “From Idea to Busines” determined in Nakhchivan
«Crypto Firm Pundi X Introduces Blockchain-Powered XPhone