«Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data transmission
«Apple expected to replace Touch ID with two-step facial, fingerprint bio-recognition tech
«iOS 11 Rumored To Bring About Group FaceTime Calls
«Rumored Nokia-branded tablet could be an 18.4-inch monster
«Minister to receive citizens in Sumgait
«Samsung Helps People See the World in a New Light
«Vaqso VR add odors in virtual reality
«LG’s next big phone will debut in Barcelona on February 26
«Landmark Study on Impact of 5G Mobile Technology Released
«Optical magnetic recording promises cooler data storage
«Graphene's superconductive power has finally been unlocked, and it's crazier than we expected
«Soft robot helps the heart beat
«New iPads Might Not Launch Until Sometime in the Second Half of 2017
«Samsung reveals why Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been exploding
«ReRAM can now store and process data in the same chip
«YouTube adds new in-app messaging feature on iOS and Android
«China began to use the world’s first satellite quantum communication
«Our Private Cell Number On Facebook Is Not So Private Hacker Claims
«Velcom launches fully virtualised core network
«Toshiba Charger, External Memory Drive
«Most Productive Smartphones in 2016
«Innovation related to payment of subscription fees
«Gmail users targeted in phishing attack
«MIT Introduces Adaptable 3D Printing, Revolutionary Technique to Transform 3D Printed Objects
«Google mobile saves searches if your connection drops
«Google uses machine learning to deliver high-quality images using less data
«Anonymous the Onion browser for iOS is now completely free
«Microsoft has officially named the date of death of Windows 7
«President Ilham Aliyev met with Executive Chairman of CISCO in Davos
«President Ilham Aliyev met with Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Palantir Technologies in Davos
«Baku Telephone Communications launches ‘Safe Internet’ project
«Virus infecting Internet of Things discovered
«Smartphone market worth $355 billion, with 6 billion devices in circulation by 2020
«Hackers can listen to Facebook voice messages
«Smartphone market worth $355 billion, with 6 billion devices in circulation by 2020
«E-Government Training Centre receives ‘Cisco Networking Academy’ status
«Scientists created flame-resistant batteries
«Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world
«NAND flash supply to remain tight throughout 2017
«Face2Gene App can now diagnose rare genetic conditions
«Samsung Galaxy S8 rumoured to be unveiled on March 29
«SHARP to stop supplying Samsung LED screen panel
«Blitab Technology develops tablet for the blind and visually impaired
«New Fingerprinting Techniques Identify Users Across Different Browsers on the Same PC
«New agriculture e-services have been integrated E-government portal
«Wearable sensors can tell when you are getting sick, study shows
«Gartner: IT Spending to Grow 2.7% in 2017
«Messengers remain to be the most popular mobile applications
«Windows 10 Mobile (Build 15007) will let you encrypt SD cards
«The best tech to help you sleep
«WhatsApp denies rumours about reading users’ messages
«First transparent OLED display with graphene electrodes created
«Austrian expert highly praised the work done in the field of e-government in Azerbaijan
«WhatsApp Vulnerability Allows for Intercepting of Encrypted Messages
«Microsoft is giving users more control over the private data Windows 10 collects
«The flagship HTC officially presented U Ultra
«Vulnerability in Viber allowed eavesdropping on other people's conversations
«Opera software shows off “Neon”, the browser of the future
«Guidesense can help visually impaired people sense their environment
«Adobe offers edit photos using voice commands