iPhone 11 Pro Max wins highest-ever A+ score from DisplayMate

The experts at DisplayMate positively gushed about the quality of the screen in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, saying it’s “almost certainly considerably better than your existing Smartphone, 4K UHD TV, Tablet, Laptop and computer monitor.”
Apple’s newest handset display met or exceeded this testing labs’ records in color accuracy, brightness, reflectance, and more.
An important job of any screen is correctly displaying colors, and the new flagship iOS handset reportedly excels in this. Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies, said, “The iPhone 11 Pro Max excels due to its impressive Absolute Color Accuracy (0.9 JNCD), which is Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect.”
Phones are regularly used outdoors where strong ambient lighting is a challenge to seeing the display. The 11 Pro Max offers a brighter screen than any other handset DisplayMate has ever tested. Soneira noted:
“A Record High Full Screen Brightness for OLED Smartphones of 770 nits for 100% APL [Average Picture Level] and 821 nits for 50% APL, which improves screen visibility in high Ambient Light. On its Home Screen the iPhone 11 Pro Max produces an impressively High Brightness 902 nits.”
Soneira dd have some moderate criticism of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s contrast, calling it slightly too high due to a slightly too steep Intensity Scale. Still, he admitted test photos used to evaluate picture quality looked “absolutely stunning and Beautiful, even to my experienced hyper-critical eyes.”
Screens that act too much like mirrors are hard to see. The lab found that Apple’s handset’s reflectance is 4.5%, which is close to the lowest that it has ever measured on a phone.
Dr. Soneira finished by saying, “Based on our extensive Lab Tests and Measurements the iPhone 11 Pro Max receives our DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade by providing considerably better display performance than other competing Smartphones.”