Apple’s annual WWDC Developer Conference in jeopardy

Apple’s annual WWDC Developer Conference in June was in jeopardy. The authorities in the Santa Clara County, where the company’s headquarters are located, have banned public events, reports AppleInsider.
The Santa Clara County Department of Health (California) has announced a ban on public events of more than a thousand people. The ban will enter into force on March 10 and will last at least three weeks. “This is a critical moment in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Santa Clara County,” the department said in a statement. The ban on meetings may be extended.
Reporters noticed that due to the ban, the summer presentation and the annual Apple conference could be canceled. AppleInsider drew attention to the fact that WWDC is one of the largest events for developers in the world, which consistently collects up to six thousand guests. The developer conference is traditionally held in the city of San Jose, which is the center of Santa Clara County. According to reporters, if Apple holds the WWDC in an online format, the number of visitors will increase.
New recommendations on holding mass events were introduced after the first death of a patient with pneumonia COVID-19 was recorded in the district. A total of 43 fatal infections were confirmed in Santa Clara.
Due to the threat of pneumonia, Google has already abandoned the annual developer conference. On March 3, the company said it was canceling Google I / O, scheduled for May 12-14, but it would host the event in an online format. At the conference, in particular, the American company should introduce Android 11.