Winners of ‘Promotion of earth remote surveillance services for the sake of sustainable development of Azerbaijan’ competition announced

A workshop on the results of the “Promotion of earth remote surveillance services for the sake of sustainable development of Azerbaijan” competition was held at the Main Ground Satellite Control Centre of Azercosmos OJSC.
Deputy Chairman of Azercosmos OJSC Rovshan Rustamov spoke at the event. He said that the main purpose of the competition is to promote the use of images obtained from Azersky satellite in the country and to stimulate the development earth remote surveillance services in Azerbaijan.
“A total of 12 project proposals were presented to the competition by research institutes, universities and other organizations engaged in scientific research activities. 3 of these projects were put aside because they didn’t fully comply with the terms of the competition or had been realised before. The other 9 projects were selected as the winners of the competition.
Successful implementation of the project is very important for us. We believe that after implementation of these projects, the same projects will serve as a good example for the relevant government agencies.
Satellite images may provide greater opportunities for accomplishing risky expeditions. Today, large amounts of Azerbaijan’s resources in the occupied territories are being plundered on a massive scale. But we can monitor these territories with the use of satellite images. We want science organizations and researchers to join Azercosmos’ activities for the sake of our country’s future development,” Deputy Chairman said.
Then, Head of the Commercial Group Azersky Islam Alizadeh made a presentation on Azercosmos OJSC and Azersky.  He provided the gathering with detailed information about the products and services of Azercosmos – the only satellite operator South Caucasus.
After that, Head of Satellite Image Processing Group Aqil Ahmadov made the final presentation on evaluation of the projects. He said that the evaluation of the projects was carried out based on 3 criteria: meeting the scientific purpose of ensuring the sustainable development of the country, presenting a new initiative in the field of remote observation of the Earth's surface and innovativeness.
“Four project proposals fully meeting all these criteria were selected as the winners of the competition. At the same time, a number of the other interesting projects were awarded encouraging prizes,” Aqil Ahmadov said.  
Director General of Datum LLC Jamal Ismayilov also spoke at the event on behalf of the project participants. He made a presentation on “The application of multispectral satellite imagery in the field of study and research of ore deposits”. At the event, satellite images obtained through the use of Azersky satellite were presented to the winners of the competition and the authors of interesting projects.
The workshop concluded with the signing of “Agreement on technical evaluation within social program” between Azercosmos OJSC and the project implementers. The document was signed by the winners of the competition and  Deputy Chairman of Azercosmos OJSC Rovshan Rustamov.

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