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Date: 15/03/18 MTCHT recommends installing Adobe’s security updates

Adobe has released security updates to address security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Connect and

Date: 13/03/18 Kaspersky Lab debuts advanced cyber security platform

Security giant Kaspersky Lab has introduced Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense, a solution aimed at

Date: 10/03/18 Mobile Malware Attacks Surged in 2017: Kaspersky

The number of mobile malware attacks detected in 2017 has increased to 42.7 million, according to a new 

Date: 09/03/18 Exim Flaw Puts Hundreds of Thousands of Email Servers at Risk

A serious vulnerability in the widely used Exim software could expose hundreds of thousands of email servers

Date: 05/03/18 Experts find serious security vulnerabilities in cellular networks

Experts in the field of information security found that modern scammers monitor subscribers on a daily basis, 

Date: 02/03/18 Sophisticated RedDrop Malware Targets Android Phones

A sophisticated strain of mobile malware targeting Android devices can extract sensitive data and audio recordings

Date: 22/02/18 Hackers could break into Tinder accounts with just a phone number

Computer programmer has revealed how he was able to hack into Tinder accounts using just a phone 

Date: 20/02/18 2017 breaks record for new vulnerabilities

More than 20,000 new vulnerabilities were cataloged in 2017 according to breach analysis specialist Risk 

Date: 20/02/18 Google found another critical security flaw in Microsoft Edge

Google’s Project Zero disclosed a software vulnerability in Microsoft’s Edge browser over the weekend. 

Date: 14/02/18 Microsoft ups security protection for older versions of Windows

Microsoft has just announced that it is adding its Windows Defender ATP to older versions of its operating system,

Date: 13/02/18 Skype Can’t Fix a Nasty Security Bug Without a Massive Code Rewrite

ZDNet reports of a security flaw in Skype's updater process that "can allow an attacker to gain system-level privileges

Date: 12/02/18 Google Paid Out Nearly $3 Million to Security Researchers in 2017

Tech giant Google paid out almost $3 million to security researchers in 2017 as rewards for the vulnerabilities 

Date: 06/02/18 Leaked NSA Exploits Work on All Microsoft Operating Systems Since Windows 2000

A security researcher has made three leaked NSA exploits work on all versions of Windows since Windows 2000.

Date: 06/02/18 Android Devices Targeted by New Monero-Mining Botnet

A new botnet appeared over the weekend, and it's targeting Android devices by scanning for open debug ports so

Date: 02/02/18 Fraud trends and patterns continue to grow across the globe, report says

It would seem automotive financing and retail activity is not immune to unscrupulous behavior, especially activity

23 March 2018

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