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Date: 16/03/17 Hackers could have hijacked MILLIONS of WhatsApp and Telegram accounts using a single photo

Millions of users of the web versions of WhatsApp and Telegram messengers were put at risk of being hijacked because 

Date: 16/03/17 Researcher finds a simple way to unlock stolen iPhone and iPad

Researcher Brian Krebs has discovered a way to unlock iPhone and iPad that is locked by the function lock is activated. 

Date: 15/03/17 Smartphones Samsung and Xiaomi are sold with pre-installed viruses

The operating system Android has long maintained the reputation of the most virus-filled mobile platform, 

Date: 14/03/17 Old nemesis spam becoming significant way for attackers to subvert data

Spam is once again raising its ugly head as a chief way for attackers to grab protected data.

Date: 14/03/17 Instagram phishing apps pulled from Google Play

Security researchers have discovered 13 new Instagram credential-stealing apps on Google Play.

Date: 11/03/17 Google Patches Over 100 Android Vulnerabilities

Google this week released a new set of monthly security patches for Android 

Date: 07/03/17 Google Chrome users on Apple macOS get enhanced Safe Browsing protection

Google has expanded its Safe Browsing service, allowing Google Chrome on macOS to better protect users from 

Date: 07/03/17 Destructive StoneDrill Wiper Malware On The Loose

There have been a handful of wiper malware attacks in the wild in the last decade with Shamoon’s destruction of more 

Date: 06/03/17 The number of viruses for mobile devices has tripled

According to data released by Kaspersky Lab for 2016, the number of viruses for mobile devices has tripled. 

Date: 04/03/17 Robots are just as plagued by security vulnerabilities as IoT devices

An analysis of robots used in homes, businesses and industrial installations has revealed many of the same basic 

Date: 02/03/17 Goodix Debuts World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor at MWC 2017

Goodix, the leading developer of human interface and biometric solutions for mobile devices, today unveiled at Mobile 

Date: 02/03/17 32 million accounts accessed using ‘forged cookies’ – Yahoo

Yahoo Inc, which disclosed two massive data breaches last year, said that about 32 million user accounts were accessed by 

Date: 02/03/17 New Android Banking Malware Discovered By ESET

The new Android banking malware ESET recently discovered on Google Play was spotted in the wild again, now improved 

Date: 28/02/17 This Tool Will Crack and Extract Data from Any iPhone 6

Cellebrite– the Israeli firm believed to have assisted the FBI with unlocking the iPhone of the San Bernardino 

Date: 25/02/17 Financial Threats in 2016: Half of All Phishing Attacks Aimed to Steal Money

According to Kaspersky Lab’s analysis of the financial threat landscape, 

25 March 2017

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