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Date: 16/05/21 AMD SCSIAdapter update is crashing Windows 10 PCs

If you see the “Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. – SCSIAdapter –” driver when you check for updates

Date: 29/04/21 Demand for cloud-based security solutions soars while IT security budgets tighten, finds ‘2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report’

CyberEdge Group, a leading research and marketing firm serving the security industry’s top vendors, today announced

Date: 27/04/21 Ecommerce losses to online payment fraud to exceed $20 billion annually in 2021

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value of losses due to eCommerce fraud will rise this

Date: 20/04/21 Electronic Security Service warns against next phishing attacks

The Electronic Security Service under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies warns

Date: 12/04/21 Security researchers find Zoom vulnerabilities that would have let bad actors take over your computer

A pair of security researchers revealed several zero-day vulnerabilities in Zoom in recent days that would have

Date: 08/04/21 European Commission and other institutions were hit by a major cyber-attack

A European Commission spokesperson confirmed that the European Commission, along with other European

Date: 05/04/21 Swiss robots use UV light to zap viruses aboard passenger planes

A robot armed with virus-killing ultraviolet light is being tested on Swiss airplanes, yet another idea aiming to restore passenger confidence and spare the travel industry more pandemic pain.

Date: 05/04/21 Vulnerabilities detected in most of most popular Android apps

Most (60 percent) of the most popular Android applications have at least one vulnerability, Synopsys has discovered

Date: 30/03/21 Purple Fox malware evolves to propagate across Windows machines

An upgraded variant of Purple Fox malware with worm capabilities is being deployed in an attack campaign that is rapidly expanding.

Date: 19/03/21 FBI report reveals cybercrime victims lost $4.2 billion in 2020

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published its annual report (PDF) for 2020, and it revealed that cybercrime victims in the US reported 

Date: 11/03/21 Warning: Security vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft Exchange Server products

It was found that hackers are actively exploiting security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server products

Date: 10/03/21 Apple Find My Devices could expose user location histories

Recently, cybersecurity analysts have detected two discrete flaws in Apple’s crowdsourced Bluetooth location tracking system or Find My feature.

Date: 10/03/21 Security firm Verkada probes hack of "150,000 cameras"

A California firm is investigating a massive hack said to have affected 150,000 of its security cameras.

Date: 04/02/21 World Economic Forum: A New Approach to Cybersecurity Needed to Avert a Cyber Pandemic

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for a new approach to cybersecurity. WEF’s Centre for Cybersecurity

Date: 29/01/21 Wormable Android malware spreads via WhatsApp messages

Android users should watch out for new wormable malware that spreads through WhatsApp and lures the prospective

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