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Date: 14/08/17 Spyware apps found on Google Play Store

Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout say they found at least three Android apps on the Google 

Date: 02/08/17 ESET researchers warn users to beware of phishing messages purportedly from WhatsApp

ESET researchers warn users to beware of phishing messages purportedly from WhatsApp warning users 

Date: 26/07/17 Ransomware victims have paid out more than $25 million

Ransomware victims have paid more than $25 million in ransoms over the last two years, according to a 

Date: 25/07/17 Cisco Warns Of ‘Destruction Of Service’ Attack Threat

Cisco has warned that the scale and impact of cyber threats are continuing to grow, driven by the evolution 

Date: 24/07/17 Over 400 apps on Google Play are infected with the BankBot virus

Android owners have been alerted over the dangerous malware strain that tries to steal your internet 

Date: 21/07/17 Google Play Protect will scan Android apps in Play Store for malware

Google is rolling out the Play Protect home screen for all Android devices running Google Mobile Services 

Date: 21/07/17 The number of victims of encryption viruses exceeds one million

The Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity company is concerned over a growing number of malware attacks 

Date: 20/07/17 Electronic Security Center warns about LeakerLocker ransomware

Some time ago, the “ICTnews” Electronic News Service issued warning about the spread of new strain of 

Date: 18/07/17 It is becoming increasingly difficult to find cyber security experts

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, in 2015, the damage from cybercrime (destruction of data, theft of 

Date: 18/07/17 Apple to introduce an advanced data protection system for iOS devices

Apple is working on an advanced data protection system for iOS devices. This is confirmed by the 

Date: 17/07/17 Fraudsters have invented a new way of cheating users of iOS devices

ESET warned iPhone and iPad users about a new Scam. Criminals send out emails about a non-existent 

Date: 13/07/17 LeakerLocker ransomware blackmails unwitting mobile app store users

Thousands of Android users are being held to ransom by a new strain of malware known as LeakerLocker.

Date: 12/07/17 New Android Malware Lets Hackers Spy on Users, Steal Their Data

A new form of Android malware has been spotted online, with some 25 percent of devices running 

Date: 11/07/17 Kaspersky Lab has warned of the possibility of a new global cyber attacks

Eugene Kaspersky said many times in speeches to attack WannaCry that extortion in 2017 can be rather 

Date: 10/07/17 Millions of iOS and Android Devices Using Broadcom Wi-Fi Chip Can Be Hacked Remotely

Google has released its latest monthly security update for Android devices, including a serious bug in some 

18 August 2017

17 08 2017

Asus launches 6 new ZenFone 4 phones with dual-cameras

Do you like dual cameras on your phones? If so, Asus has six pieces of good news for you -- in the form of six newly 

Asus’s first Windows 10 S laptop is a ruggedized VivoBook for schools

The first round of Windows 10 S laptops is starting slowly this summer, with but a few vendors out there with options

Google is testing a Search Lite app for countries with slow connections

Google is testing a light version of its Search app meant for areas with poor or slow internet connections

Intel announces its next-generation Ice Lake chips unexpectedly early

Intel may be preparing to announce its upcoming eighth-generation processors on August 21st, but the company 

5G to hit 1.4 billion connections by 2025

The number of worldwide 5G connections is set to hit 1.4 billion by 2025 as operators look to fixed wireless 

Motorola could launch smartphone with self-healing screen

Lenovo-owned Motorola is known for launching  smartphones with shatterproof displays. Now the company plans 

New Nokia 8 Android Smartphone Officially Revealed

After months of rumours and speculations, HMD Global has finally unveiled its flagship device, the Nokia 8. 

Wearable device shipments to reach 430 million units annually by 2022

The wearables market continues to generate a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Fitness trackers and