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Date: 14/01/17 WhatsApp Vulnerability Allows for Intercepting of Encrypted Messages

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messengers across the universe and what better 

Date: 13/01/17 Vulnerability in Viber allowed eavesdropping on other people's conversations

Habrahabr user under the pseudonym of “tambovchanin” reported vulnerability in Viber that allows hearing other people's 

Date: 13/01/17 How Google Chrome might help scammers steal your info

You take a lot of steps to keep your private information safe online -- we hope. Perhaps you use different logins and passwords 

Date: 11/01/17 KillDisk Ransomware Targets Linux; Demands $250,000 Ransom, But Won't Decrypt Files

Previously, KillDisk was associated with the BlackEnergy actor, as researchers discovered it was one of the tools used by this 

Date: 06/01/17 Hackers to Take Ransomware to the Next Level in 2017

The arrival of new methods of cyber extortion like Locky and Cryptowall has caused experts to christen 2016 as the year 

Date: 30/12/16 The frequency of DDoS-attacks in the world increased by 40%

The frequency of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks increased this year due in part to Internet of Things botnets, 

Date: 28/12/16 Flight booking systems lack basic privacy safeguards, researchers say

It’s easier than many people realize to modify someone else’s flight booking, or cancel their flight altogether, because airlines 

Date: 27/12/16 Facebook Bug Reveals Primary Email Address of Any User

Christmas came early for Facebook bug bounty hunter Tommy DeVoss who was paid $5,000 this week for discovering 

Date: 27/12/16 New DeriaLock Ransomware Includes An 'Unlock All' Command

G Data malware analyst Karsten Hahn has come across a new ransomware family named DeriaLock, which locks your 

Date: 24/12/16 Experts name major data leakages of this year

Experts named the major data leakages that have taken place this year.  The first place went to the database of the company 

Date: 22/12/16 Kaspersky Lab predicted cyberthreats

In 2017, hackers will attack mostly stock exchanges, investment funds and commit theft cryptocurrency suggests Kaspersky Lab.

Date: 21/12/16 Hackers steal data of 16,000 Android users

Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new modification of mobile banking Trojan – Faketoken 

Date: 21/12/16 Hackers could take control of a plane using in-flight entertainment system

A flaw in an in-flight entertainment system used by major airlines including Emirates, Virgin and Qatar could let hackers 

Date: 20/12/16 Cybercrime costs to reach $6 trillion by 2021

Cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019 predicts Juniper Research, and $6 trillion by 2021 posits Cybersecurity 

Date: 19/12/16 Cyber Threats Expected To Worsen in 2017: Trend Micro Report

While 2016 has been a difficult year for network security, 2017 promises to be a lot worse. That's the prediction from 

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18 January 2017

17 01 2017

E-Government Training Centre receives ‘Cisco Networking Academy’ status

The E-Government Training Centre of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies 

Scientists created flame-resistant batteries

Exploding batteries in smartphones are not uncommon. Due to various factors, including high capacity in a compact size, 

Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world

For those with severe motor disabilities, mind-controlled prostheses have long offered a sliver of hope that they might one day 

NAND flash supply to remain tight throughout 2017

Global supply of NAND flash memory will be tight throughout 2017, according to Khein Seng Pua, chairman of Taiwan

Face2Gene App can now diagnose rare genetic conditions

Patient Number Two was born to first-time parents, in their late 20s, with no pregnancy complications.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumoured to be unveiled on March 29

Samsung was expected to introduce its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2017 on 26th 

SHARP to stop supplying Samsung LED screen panel

According to South Korean media reported rumours, SHARP has informed the factory of Korea SamSung (Samsung), since 2017 

Blitab Technology develops tablet for the blind and visually impaired

Blitab, a tablet with a Braille interface, looks like a promising step up for blind and low vision people 

New Fingerprinting Techniques Identify Users Across Different Browsers on the Same PC

A team of researchers from universities across the US has identified different fingerprinting techniques

New agriculture e-services have been integrated E-government portal

New e-services have been integrated into the E-government portal operated by the Data Processing Centre