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Date: 18/10/19 Germanys cyber-security agency recommends Firefox as most secure browser

Firefox is the only browser that received top marks in a recent audit carried out by Germany's cyber-security

Date: 17/10/19 More than 100 million IoT attacks detected during H1 of 2019

Kaspersky honeypots detected 105 million attacks on IoT devices coming from 276,000 unique IP addresses

Date: 16/10/19 Adobe patches over 80 vulnerabilities in three products

Updates released by Adobe on Tuesday for its Acrobat and Reader, Experience Manager, and Download Manager

Date: 11/10/19 McAfee, IBM join forces for global open source cybersecurity initiative

IBM, McAfee and international consortium OASIS are coming together to offer the world a way to develop open

Date: 09/10/19 In the PDF files found critical vulnerability that turns them into “zombies”

The encryption system of the PDF files contains a critical vulnerability, according to German experts on cyber 

Date: 27/09/19 Voicemail as bait

“Recently, we have been tracking a large-scale spam campaign in which scammers send e-mails that appear to be voicemail notifications

Date: 26/09/19 Experts discovered a new way to hack account on Instagram

The experts at Naked Security, dealing with cyber security, discovered a new way of cheating on Instagram

Date: 26/09/19 DTrack: previously unknown spy-tool by Lazarus hits financial institutions and research centers

Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team have discovered a previously unknown spy tool

Date: 26/09/19 Apple warns of a critical security error in the new iOS 13

The American company Apple has warned on Wednesday that its iOS 13 and iPadOS operating systems 

Date: 25/09/19 Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps over privacy concerns

Facebook says it has reviewed millions of apps and suspended tens of thousands out of privacy concerns

Date: 23/09/19 37.8% of smart buildings targeted by malicious attacks in H1 2019

Almost four in ten (37.8%) computers used to control smart building automation

Date: 23/09/19 India plans to adopt China-style facial recognition in policing

India is planning to set up one of the world’s largest facial recognition systems

Date: 23/09/19 Admin is NOT the worst password of all

Forget about 12345 or P@ssW0rd, an Avira honeypot set up to find new smart device threats has identified an even more insecure credential

Date: 20/09/19 Two years on, WannaCry ransomware is targeting more computers than ever

Two years on, WannaCry ransomware is targeting more computers than ever

Date: 18/09/19 WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ doesn’t delete media files from iPhones

It turns out WhatsApp‘s ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature — designed to let you wipe texts and files you sent by accident 

20 October 2019

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