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Date: 23/05/17 More than 98% of WannaCry victims used Windows 7

One week after it first hit, researchers are getting a better handle on how the WannaCry ransomware spread so 

Date: 20/05/17 French IT experts release fix for WannaCry ransomware

French researchers said on Friday they had found a last-chance way for technicians to save Windows files encrypted 

Date: 19/05/17 Chrome has credential theft bug

The Google`s Chrome team is working to fix a bug that allows the credential theft. The vulnerability can be exploited 

Date: 18/05/17 Fake WhatsApp Site Helps Spread Adware via Chrome Extension

A new adware is circulating online, tricking users to visit a modified domain posing as The fake URL 

Date: 17/05/17 Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

Tens of thousands of ransomware attacks are targeting organizations around the world on Friday.

Date: 16/05/17 Global Ransomware Attack Accidentally Halted But Its Probably Not Over

An anonymous 22-year-old security researcher who goes by MalwareTech has, at least temporarily, managed to find 

Date: 15/05/17 Google implementing 3rd-party developer changes to prevent future phishing attacks

According to Google, last week’s phishing scam that imitated a Docs invite was quickly countered by existing 

Date: 13/05/17 An NSA-derived ransomware worm is shutting down computers worldwide

A highly virulent new strain of self-replicating ransomware shut down computers all over the world

Date: 11/05/17 Nearly 40% of Android users at risk from screen hijack bug

An unpatched bug is leaving almost 40% of Android users at risk from screen-hijacking apps, a new report has 

Date: 10/05/17 Intel chip vulnerability lets hackers easily hijack fleets of PCs

A vulnerability in Intel chips that went undiscovered for almost a decade allows hackers to remotely gain full control 

Date: 08/05/17 New Android Malware Samples Found Every 10 Seconds, Claims G Data

It is not a hidden fact that Android is not the safest mobile platform and that its open nature, which is also considered 

Date: 06/05/17 AV-Test: antivirus vendors should better protect their own software

While antivirus products should protect computers against all kinds of threats, the developers of the software should 

Date: 05/05/17 Real-World SS7 Attack — Hackers Are Stealing Money From Bank Accounts

Security researchers have been warning for years about critical security holes in the Signaling System 7 (SS7) that could 

Date: 05/05/17 Study: Many WiFi-to-PC Apps in the Play Store Leave Ports Open and are Poorly Secured

A while back, there were some security concerns with the AirDroid application. This application lets you connect your 

Date: 04/05/17 DDoS Attacks Cost Organizations $250,000 per Hour

A new report by Neustar shows that DDoS attacks are quite expensive and cost organizations more than $2.5 million 

23 May 2017

More than 98% of WannaCry victims used Windows 7

One week after it first hit, researchers are getting a better handle on how the WannaCry ransomware spread so 

Oppo officially launches the A77 in Taiwan

Oppo’s A-line of devices is squarely aimed at the premium mid-range market, and their latest launch reflects that

Nokia 9 revealed as a real flagship Android phone in latest leak

Last week we saw images of a mystery Nokia phone appear in a leaked advert from the company, but now we 

Samsung to showcase ‘stretchable’ display

Samsung Display will unveil its stretchable display for the first time at the US display conference, the company said 

22 05 2017

Surface Pro 5 latest rumours

Despite Microsoft's launch event on 2 May where it announced Windows 10 S and the new Surface Laptop, there 

Google will soon offer automatic APK size optimization to developers

Apps are probably one of the biggest uses of space on your device, and they might be slimming down in the future. 

Panasonic produces a rugged hybrid Toughbook 33

Panasonic starts sales of a strong hybrid tablet Toughbook 33 based on Windows 10. It will be available on sale 

Airbus says a ride in its flying car will cost the same as a regular taxi — heres a first glimpse of whats to come

Airbus is inching closer to the very first test flight of its electric aircraft and says a ride in the vehicle will be as cheap 

Worlds first "Robocop" joins Dubai Police force

The world’s first operational “Robocop” officially joined the Dubai Police force on Sunday.