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Date: 19/01/17 YouTube adds new in-app messaging feature on iOS and Android

YouTube has introduce a new in-app messaging platform, which has been in testing since mid-2016 – but there’s a catch: 

Date: 18/01/17 Baku Telephone Communications launches ‘Safe Internet’ project

Baku Telephone Communications Production Association has started developing the project “Safe Internet” intended 

Date: 13/01/17 Opera software shows off “Neon”, the browser of the future

The browser market has seen some major upheavals recently. However, the look and feel of modern browsers have been 

Date: 11/01/17 The growth of the World ‘Internet of Things’ Market is predicted to double

Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is forecast to reach $737 billion in 2016 as organizations invest 

Date: 29/12/16 Twitter launches 360-degree video streaming on Periscope

Twitter is taking another step into getting into live video by introducing 360-degree live streams through Periscope.

Date: 27/12/16 Chrome’s user share reaches 55.8%

According to NetMarketShare,  Chrome gained eight-tenths of a point in user share during November, putting the browser 

Date: 21/12/16 Ericsson eyes 550m 5G subscribers worldwide by 2022

Ultra-fast 5G wireless network systems are set to gain a solid global presence alongside the rise of revolutionary 

Date: 10/12/16 UN Internet Governance Forum closes with call to close ‘digital divide’

Underlining the urgency to close the “digital divide” – socio-economic inequalities that impact access to or use of information 

Date: 08/12/16 BTCPA continues improving the quality of internet services

Subscribers of the internet provider Bakinternet of Baku Telephone Communications Production Association 

Date: 07/12/16 Four billion people lack internet access worldwide – UN

Almost four billion people still lack access to online platform through the internet, UN Department of Economic and 

Date: 07/12/16 Instagram will soon let you switch off comments on individual posts

A few months back, Instagram launched a function allowing users to request inappropriate comments be removed.

Date: 06/12/16 Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube unite to remove terror-related content

Facebook Inc., Microsoft Corp., Twitter, and YouTube are joining forces to improve their efforts to remove terrorist-related 

Date: 05/12/16 Scientists come up with light-driven motors to power nanorobots of the future

Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian 

Date: 02/12/16 KPN claims first in Europe with start to LTE-M testing

Dutch operator KPN followed rival Orange in revealing support for cellular LTE-M technology for low power wide area 

Date: 29/11/16 Conference on "Internet of Things. The next generation" kicks off within BakuTel 2016

Conference on  the theme "Internet of Things. The next generation " kicked off today  within International Exhibition of 

22 January 2017

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