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Date: 06/04/19 Pilot-less air taxi takes off in Vienna demonstration flight

As carmakers push ahead with self-driving vehicles, an Austrian aerospace company and its Chinese

Date: 16/03/19 First graphene-based device is a “few months” away, says startup

Scientists first isolated graphene — a transparent layer of carbon just one atom thick — in 2004

Date: 16/02/19 AI has learned to write fake news

OpenAI -- a company backed by Elon Musk -- has created an artificial intelligence system called GPT2 

Date: 16/02/19 Samsung’s new Tab S5e is super thin, supports Bixby, and costs just $399

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Tab S5e, a mid-range tablet that the company is hoping will capture people's attention with select premium features and a more accessible $399 price tag

Date: 12/02/19 Millions of tons of plastic waste could be turned into clean fuels, other products

The United Nations estimates that more than 8 million tons of plastics flow into the oceans each year. A new

Date: 02/02/19 Expanding pill could be used to monitor stomach conditions for up to one month

The soft, squishy device, which is made from hydrogel materials, is softer, longer lasting and more biocompatible than some of the current ingestible stomach sensors that can only stay in the stomach for a few days.

Date: 16/01/19 World’s First Battery-Free Bluetooth Chip Pulls Power from the Air

On Monday, Israel-based semiconductor company Wiliot demonstrated a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth chip at the 

Date: 15/12/18 Postmates has created a robot to speed up and automate its deliveries

Postmates, the food and grocery delivery company that operates across 550 cities in the US, has announced an autonomous delivery robot called Serve.

Date: 15/12/18 Ingestible capsule can be controlled wirelessly

Researchers at MIT, Draper, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed an ingestible capsule that can be controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology. 

Date: 13/12/18 Researchers create first sensor package that can ride aboard bees

Farmers can already use drones to soar over huge fields and monitor temperature, humidity or crop health. But

Date: 01/12/18 E Ink display lets you write on it as if it were paper

You can already get e-paper notepads that come close to replicating the feel of writing on dead trees, but E Ink thinks it can do better.

Date: 01/12/18 Toyota untethers its T-HR3 humanoid robot thanks to 5G

Toyota just brought your dreams of an Avatar-like proxy one step closer to reality. Teaming with NTT Docomo, it remotely controlled its T-HR3 humanoid robot over a 5G network from a distance of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

Date: 01/12/18 Samsung introduced a TV with artificial intelligence

South Korean company Samsung introduced QLED 8K "Future TV" in Moscow, which uses artificial intelligence technology

Date: 13/11/18 Samsung presents prototype of TV with human brain as remote control

Samsung is developing a TV system that might one day allow users to flick channels and adjust the volume using their brains

Date: 07/11/18 Scientists develop nano-scale robot that ‘drills’ into eyes without damaging them

An international team of scientists has developed a nano-scale robot that can 'drill' into the tissue of an eye without

23 April 2019

22 04 2019

About 10 thousand e-signature certificates were issued during 3 months of this year

The Data Processing Centre of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has released

Microsoft’s SeeingVR toolkit helps visually-impaired players enjoy virtual reality

While some visually impaired users find they can see more clearly in VR than in the real world, vision problems

Microsoft Starts Reminding Windows 7 Users to Upgrade, Recommends Buying a New PC

Earlier last month, Microsoft had made it clear that it will start pushing notifications to Windows 7 users, asking

The UK’s latest list of most hacked passwords is as bad as you’d think

Names, soccer players, musicians and fictional characters make up some of the worst passwords of the year,

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With the dawn of 5G upon us, we wanted to look at how quickly new networks are adopted. The first 2G networks

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HP has a new Chromebook on the block, and this one is as stylish as it is powerful. The new HP Chromebook

The 20 best smartphones in the world

It would be much easier to rank these smartphones based purely on specs and the number of features each