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Date: 20/06/18 MIT uses brain signals and hand gestures to control robots

Robotic technology has a staggering range of applications, but getting it to perform adequately can be a challenge

Date: 09/06/18 US beats China to build the world’s fastest supercomputer

The US just took back the title for the world's fastest supercomputer. On Friday, the US Department 

Date: 06/06/18 Japanese researchers develop remote-controlled ‘Dragon Firefighter’ robot

Japanese researchers have developed a firefighting robot dubbed the "Dragon Firefighter" that can fly up and 

Date: 06/06/18 Intel claims it can cut display battery use in half with new tech

Intel made a brief but potentially momentous announcement at Computex: it’s developed new power management 

Date: 06/06/18 Asus Unveils Project Precog, a Dual-Screen Laptop with Built-in A.I.

Asus has been leaning towards laptops with touchscreen surfaces on the keyboard panel with the ZenBook Pro at the

Date: 05/06/18 Chinese scientists develop bendable batteries

Chinese scientists say they have invented bendable lithium sulfur batteries, paving the way for producing a generation

Date: 05/06/18 Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier AI chip boasts $10,000-worth of power

Nvidia just announced a chip that crams $10,000 worth of power into a tiny box.

Date: 05/06/18 Japanese telecom company unveils avatar robot (VIDEO)

Boston Dynamics has some competition in the creepy-robot department. Japanese company Telexistence 

Date: 04/06/18 Army Tests Mechanical ‘Third Arm’ to Ease Weapon Weight

Army Research Lab engineers released a video recently showing a soldier running, diving and handling weapons 

Date: 31/05/18 Azerbaijani schoolboy creates a smartphone that recharges in 3 seconds

A pupil of secondary school № 23, Riyad Orujov, presented an interesting idea at the training that was organized

Date: 30/05/18 Qualcomm’s XR1 is its first chip dedicated to augmented and virtual reality

Qualcomm’s processors have ended up in plenty of AR and VR devices over the past couple years. But to date, 

Date: 25/05/18 Chinese scientists invented a material that can purify water under the influence of light

Chinese scientists have created a new material that can clean contaminated water under the influence 

Date: 22/05/18 “FingerPing” Recognizes Micro Motions

Georgia Tech researchers have created a device to control text and other mobile applications, according to Georgia 

Date: 16/05/18 Future iPhones Might Be Able to Scan Veins in Users’ Faces

Apple is believed to be working on ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that would be embedded into the glass of future 

Date: 12/05/18 Advanced paper could be foundation for inexpensive biomedical and diagnostic devices

Paper is known for its ability to absorb liquids, making it ideal for products such as paper towels. 

20 June 2018

Azerbaijani delegation takes part in Digital Skills Network’s meeting

The next meeting of the Digital Skills Network was held in the capital of Latvia, Riga, within the framework of the

Internet killed the TV star: Report claims more people will use the web than watch TV by 2019

TV, like radio before it, has proved remarkably stubborn as the world’s most popular medium. So while internet 

MIT uses brain signals and hand gestures to control robots

Robotic technology has a staggering range of applications, but getting it to perform adequately can be a challenge

AI helps radio journalist regain voice

A US radio journalist who had lost his voice two years ago due to a rare neurological condition has regained

Beijing subways to get bio-ID system

The Beijing subway system plans to introduce bio-recognition technology at stations this year to improve transport 

IBM pits computer against human debaters

IBM pitted a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of artificial intelligence technology

InvisiMole Spyware is a powerful malware that went undetected for at least five years

Malware researchers from ESET have spotted a new sophisticated piece of spyware, tracked as InvisiMole, used 

Google can predict when you will die

An artificial intelligence (AI) system has been developed by the tech giant to predict whether hospital patients 

5G network to account for 20% of all data traffic in 2023: Ericsson

Commercial rollouts of 5G and larger than previously forecasted deployments of cellular IoT are focal points in the latest

19 06 2018