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Date: 27/05/17 Lithium metal battery prototype boasts 3 times the capacity of lithium-ions

The high energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries has led to them powering

Date: 25/05/17 Worlds first autonomous security vehicle with companion drone

Surveillance drones and security robots are not new innovations on their own, but Singapore company Otsaw 

Date: 24/05/17 Microsoft’s new Surface Pen is the fastest pen ever

Along with the new Surface Pro, Microsoft today introduced a brand-new Surface Pen. Microsoft packed some major 

Date: 16/05/17 Laser-Printed Nanotech Makes Colors That Never Fade

Laser printers that "sculpt" images at miniscule scales could one day make color photos that don't fade over time 

Date: 12/05/17 Researchers Invent Nanoscale ‘Refrigerator’ for Quantum Computers

A team of researchers from the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University in Finland has invented 

Date: 10/05/17 Sprint Magic Box – the first fully wireless base station of a mini 4G LTE cell

The US communications service provider Sprint recently introduced a device called the Sprint Magic Box. It is said to be 

Date: 08/05/17 Disney Research presented energy-efficient data transfer technology

Specialists from Disney Research have developed a system that allows users to transfer data by  reusing surrounding 

Date: 05/05/17 Graphene speaker creates sound through heat, not vibrations

Researchers from the University of Exeter have devised a ground-breaking method to use graphene to generate complex 

Date: 03/05/17 Chinese scientists make quantum leap in computing

Chinese scientists have built the world's first quantum computing machine that goes far beyond the early classical 

Date: 02/05/17 The new system will determine the beginning of flood within one minute accuracy

A new warning system for the approaching tsunami, which was recently installed in Japan, could reduce the number 

Date: 01/05/17 Chinese engineers have created a watch voicing the sign language of deaf mutes

Chinese engineers have created a conceptual model of smart watch that allows deaf-mute people to 

Date: 29/04/17 John McAfee Unveils ‘World’s Most Private And Secure Smartphone’

John McAfee has made a name for himself in the cybersecurity arena but he’s being gaining popularity

Date: 27/04/17 Samsung unveils FaceSense biometric VR navigation prototype

Though virtual reality is starting to gain traction, it's no doubt there are some challenges posed by the fact that as 

Date: 27/04/17 Aermoo F1: the world’s first smartphone with edge-to-edge display

Full-screen displays are becoming a trend in the mobile market. After Xiaomi and other manufacturers have introduced 

Date: 25/04/17 Google and Yi Technology Unveil New Jump Camera for 3D VR Videos

Chinese company Yi Technology has made a name for itself in the last two years by releasing some surprisingly 

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