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Date: 14/03/17 New biometric password system is all in the lips

With all the high-profile security breaches in recent years, researchers have been working hard to find ways to add 

Date: 14/03/17 Presented the world’s first iPhone case with built-in Android smartphone

ESTI, the Israeli company announced an unusual accessory for the iPhone called Eye. Novelty is a case that turns the 

Date: 09/03/17 CCNY-based team develops sustainable, high energy density battery

Researchers at The City College of New York-based CUNY Energy Institute announce the development of a novel low cost

Date: 07/03/17 World’s First Smartphone With Built-in 360-degree VR Camera Unveiled

Every once in a while comes out a phone that pleasantly surprises you and makes you think whether it’s the phone from 

Date: 03/03/17 Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Technology for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries

A team of engineers led by 94-year-old John Goodenough, professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at 

Date: 02/03/17 Scientists have created a new method of data self-destruction

Employees of the University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia developed an innovative technology for 

Date: 28/02/17 ZTE Gigabit is planets first 5G smartphone based on Snapdragon 835

ZTE has launched its Gigabit smartphone at the MWC event. But surprisingly, it is the first one to come with Qualcomm's 

Date: 22/02/17 New hydronium-ion battery presents opportunity for more sustainable energy storage

A new type of battery developed by scientists at Oregon State University shows promise for sustainable, high-power 

Date: 21/02/17 Wireless power transmission safely charges devices anywhere within a room

A new method developed by Disney Research for wirelessly transmitting power throughout a room enables 

Date: 14/02/17 MIT researchers create secure wireless chargers to prevent device damage

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have devised a new wireless charging process aimed 

Date: 13/02/17 American mPower Technology developed a solar panel with a thickness of a sheet of paper

American mPower Technology has developed a thin, flexible and lightweight solar panel, easy to besiege, for example

Date: 10/02/17 New space robotics control technology created In Russia

New control technology of mobile robotics in space with the help of mini-programs developed in the far Eastern Federal 

Date: 09/02/17 Device for rapid detection of viral diseases created In Japan

Japan has developed a unique compact device weighing only 500 grams, which makes it possible to determine 

Date: 09/02/17 Groundbreaking new prosthetic translates spinal cord signals into movement

Scientists from Imperial College London have developed a unique system that interprets the signals from the nerve endings 

Date: 08/02/17 Roselectronika develops plant-based media superior DVD and BluRay

"Roselectronika" holding company specialists (included in Rostec) created on replacement for CD, DVD and BluRay 

25 March 2017

24 03 2017