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Date: 24/02/17 Microsoft Research developing an AI to put coders out of a job

Microsoft is collaborating with researchers at the University of Cambridge to develop an AI which can turn your 

Date: 23/02/17 Exyn unveils AI to help drones fly autonomously, even indoors or off the grid

A startup called Exyn Technologies Inc. today revealed AI software that enables drones to fly autonomously

Date: 17/02/17 99.6 percent of new smartphones run Android or iOS

The latest smartphone figures from Gartner are out, and they paint an extremely familiar picture. Between them

Date: 15/02/17 New operating system presented

In the past on Phoronix we have mentioned ToaruOS a few times. It's a "hobby" kernel and operating system written mostly 

Date: 13/02/17 Cisco Launches "Umbrella" Secure Internet Gateway

Cisco announced this week the launch of Umbrella, a cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) solution designed 

Date: 02/02/17 Microsoft reveals the final version of Edge browser

Microsoft is gradually preparing for the release of the final version of Windows 10 Creators Update. Today presented the 

Date: 31/01/17 Microsoft developing new operating system

Microsoft has been trying to keep PC makers away from Chrome OS for years, and consumers far away from Apple’s iPad alternative. 

Date: 31/01/17 Windows 10 dethrones Windows 7 as top OS

Microsoft has pushed really hard for Windows 10 to become a more widely-adopted operating system, and while third-party 

Date: 18/01/17 Microsoft has officially named the date of death of Windows 7

In January 2015, Microsoft discontinued support of Windows 7, releasing Windows 10 and allow users to upgrade for free 

Date: 16/01/17 Windows 10 Mobile (Build 15007) will let you encrypt SD cards

It is no secret that Microsoft pays more attention to the development of the desktop operating system Windows 10, but throw 

Date: 22/11/16 Global Notebook Shipments to Drop 4.5% Annually in 2017

Global notebook shipments for 2016 is estimated to decline by 4% compared with the prior year to around 157.9 million units, 

Date: 21/11/16 Microsoft won’t provide extended support for Office 2007 products

Microsoft confirmed that the software giant will not be providing extended support to Office users who are still using Office 2007. 

Date: 16/11/16 AImotive demos recognition software for self-driving cars

AImotive is introducing a suite of software for self-driving cars. The Budapest, Hungary-based company that was previously known as 

Date: 02/11/16 Microsoft stops sales of Windows 7 Professional to OEMs

Microsoft has quietly put an end to sales of Windows 7 licenses to computer makers, marking a major milestone for the seven-year-old OS.

Date: 01/11/16 New programming language makes energy-harvesting computers more reliable

Computers that harvest energy from radio waves, solar energy, heat and vibrations have tremendous technological potential.

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27 February 2017

Sony Launches Four New Smartphones at MWC 2017

As expected, Sony has launched the Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZs, Xperia XA1, and Xperia XA1 Ultra smartphones 

In 2016, push-button phones accounted for 21% of the mobile phone market

Although the sales of smartphones have already surpassed ordinary cell phones, the latter is still in high demand. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: What Features to Expect

From a built-in digital assistant named Bixby to a display that takes up most of the phone's front, the Galaxy 

AT&T Testing Cell Site Drones for Disaster Recovery

AT&T has been testing the use of drone-mounted radios and antennas to augment its cellular network in the case of a natural 

HMD’s new Nokia phones gun for the low-to-mid market, and the 3310 is back

BEFORE THERE WAS iPhone, there was 3310. After its launch in 2000, Nokia sold more than 125 million models of 

LG officially unveils the G6, and its everything we thought it would be

If you didn’t know that LG was releasing its G6 flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress, you must have not had Internet 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Render Leaked; Tips Official Keyboard Accessory

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab S3, which was recently leaked in live images and is expected to be launched on Sunday 

Specialists reveal final specs for 5G

A working group of the United Nations agency which coordinates telecommunication operations and services throughout 

26 02 2017