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Date: 18/09/19 Azerbaijani students participate in TEKNOFEST festival with support of Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies

The national team consisting of student winners of the training project “I'm a pilot” and the Drone Olympics 

Date: 16/09/19 Apple iPhone XR Became the Highest Selling Smartphone Globally in H1 2019

Apple’s iPhone XR has become the world’s best-selling smartphone during the first half of the calendar year 2019

Date: 16/09/19 Sony Develops 16K Display: A 783-Inch ‘Crystal LED’ Screen

Sony said at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show that it had developed a screen featuring a 16K resolution that uses its Crystal LED technology. The display is currently being installed at a new research center of Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics group

Date: 16/09/19 France And Germany Issue Statement Agreeing To Block Facebook’s Libra In Europe

Facebook’s cryptocurrency aspirations have been put on hold in Europe as both France and Germany have come out against the idea

Date: 16/09/19 Delegation led by Minister Ramin Guluzade on visit to Kazakhstan

The 55th joint meeting of the Heads of Communications Administration of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC) and the 25th meeting of the Coordination Council of the CIS Member States on Informatization are taking place in the city of Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Date: 16/09/19 Korea to deploy ‘ambulance drones’ at mountains next year

South Korea seeks to deploy first-aid drones at popular mountains next year to deliver emergency medical supplies to victims on time, officials said Friday

Date: 14/09/19 Poland to establish Cyberspace Defence Force by 2024

Poland announced it will launch a cyberspace defense force by 2024 composed of around 2,000 soldiers

Date: 14/09/19 Microsoft will hold a large-scale presentation on October 2

Microsoft has begun sending out invitations to reporters for the upcoming event, which will be held 

Date: 13/09/19 Astronauts make cement in space for the first time

In the future, when humans live in and visit space, they're going to need places to stay and work. That calls for durable

Date: 13/09/19 Silent Arrow cargo delivery UAV unveiled

Yates Electrospace Corporation (YEC) unveiled its Silent Arrow GD-2000 cargo delivery unmanned aerial vehicle 

Date: 13/09/19 IMO Grand Challenge - build an AI that can win a gold medal in the competition

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is perhaps the most celebrated mental competition in the world 

Date: 13/09/19 PhotoChromeleon: MIT Researchers Create Incredible Color-changing Ink

A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has created ink with chameleon

Date: 13/09/19 Google to pay $1 billion in France to settle fiscal fraud probe

Google agreed to pay close to 1 billion euros ($1.10 billion) to French authorities to settle a fiscal fraud probe that 

Date: 13/09/19 Apple iPhone 11 adds a new chipset and ultrawide camera

It's official: the iPhone 11 is the successor to the iPhone XR from last year, which Apple says became the most popular

Date: 13/09/19 Nokia and NTT DoCoMo to use 5G and AI to monitor workers

Telco equipment maker Nokia, Japanese telco NTT DoCoMo, and industrial automation company Omron have

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