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Date: 02/11/20 Slovakian company tests AirCar that can transform from car to plane in 3 mins

We might not see a flying pony ever but it seems that the reality of a flying car is not far. A Slovakian company

Date: 21/04/20 Chinese experts have created "smart" glasses to detect COVID-19

Rokid has created T1 smart glasses that measure people’s temperature by identifying one of the main symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Date: 20/04/20 Colombia’s Rappi trials robots to deliver restaurant food to homes

Colombian startup Rappi is piloting deliveries by robots as a safe way of getting food to people forced to stay

Date: 16/01/20 Microsoft invented the laptop on solar power

Microsoft showed a concept laptop powered by solar energy. Edition Windows Latest suggested that such a device

Date: 04/10/19 Warp Charge SOS is a “battery rescue” campaign by OnePlus in London

OnePlus has launched a hilarious but useful campaign in London. Called Warp Charge SOS

Date: 02/10/19 Headless cat pillow with a robotic tail is designed to keep you stress-free

We already know that robots will soon be taking over our lives. We have robots that can do almost anything 

Date: 14/09/19 Robot waiters start serving cafe customers in Istanbul

The owner of one of the cafes in Istanbul bought three robot waiter

Date: 10/07/19 Monaco rolls out Huawei-built 5G network in European first

Monaco on Tuesday became the first country in Europe to inaugurate a next-generation 5G mobile phone network based on technology from Chinese firm Huawei

Date: 10/07/19 Uber takes to the skies as it launches New York helicopter service

Uber is taking to the skies as it launches a helicopter service offering passengers a speedy trip across New York.

Date: 08/07/19 Panasonic to develop green home appliances made from plants

Panasonic will adopt a plant-derived plastic for refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and other home appliances within a few years, Nikkei has learned, joining a broader trend away from petroleum-based material spurred by environmental concerns.

Date: 08/07/19 Lenovo intelligent mouse launched with voice input and language translation

Innovative Chinese technology giant Lenovo has announced a new product, which in fact is an intelligent mouse with voice control

Date: 04/07/19 Bitcoin spends more electricity than Switzerland

Bitcoin consumes more energy than the entire nation of Switzerland, according to new estimates published by researchers at the University of Cambridge

Date: 02/07/19 Paris Could Have Flying Taxis In Time For The 2024 Olympics

The feasibility of flying taxis is being studied for Paris and could be introduced before the city hosts the 2024 Olympics Games.

Date: 01/06/19 Hyundai launches its first electric double-decker bus

Back in 2016, Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD rolled out a 10.2 meter-long electric double-decker bus in London. 

Date: 15/04/19 Air taxis due to start trials in Singapore aim to be as safe as commercial aircraft

The air taxis from German aviation start-up Volocopter soon taking to the skies here will have "unprecedented

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