Demand for postage stamps increases in Azerbaijan

Demand for postage stamps is increasing day by day in Azerbaijan. This happens because the number of letters sent from the republic to foreign countries is growing up with every day. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by the chief editor of ‘Azərmarka’ company of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, Riad Alekperov.

 ‘Most of the stamps issued into circulation by ‘Azərmarka’ company are used in the postal sector. Also, we have a philatelic booth for  the people who collect stamps.  But most of ‘Azərmarka’s  stamps are used for letters.  At present, demand for postage stamps is growing up steadily’ told Mr. Alekperov.  

As to the history of stamps, Azerbaijan as a sovereign state first began to issue stamps in October of 1919.   Various themes on human labor and activities as well as historical monuments were depicted on the stamps of that period.  On April 28, 1920 the Soviet Empire overthrew the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).  In spite of this, the ADR’s postage stamps continued to be issued from December 1920 till April 1921.

The next phase in the history of Azerbaijani stamps falls on the period of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, starting from October 1921 up to January 1922.  15 types of stamps with different values and 2 types of postage stamps were issued in that period. The USSR’s postage stamps were used in Azerbaijan for postal services payments from 1922 till 1991. There were 60 types of postage stamps in that period, depicting distinguished figures of Azerbaijan, architectural monuments, flora and fauna. 

On October 18, 1991 Azerbaijan regained its independence.  Since 1992 up to now ‘Azərmarka’ has issued 9 types of aviation envelopes, 1 type of postcard and  100 types of stamps on different themes, including political motifs, the state attributes, distinguished persons, sports, flora, fauna, architecture and history.

Stamps issued in Azerbaijan during the last year depicted such themes as  ‘Baku Communication’ volleyball club is the World Champion’, ‘the 130th  jubilee of  Azerbaijani telephone communication’, ‘the 100th  jubilee of Abbas Zamanov’,’ the 9th of November -  the day of the National Flag of Azerbaijan Republic’,  Membership of Azerbaijan in UN’s Security Council’, ’the 20th anniversary of the State Independence of Azerbaijan Republic, ’the 20th anniversary of CIS’, ‘the 20th anniversary of the Regional Cooperation Association’, ‘the 870th jubilee of Nizami Ganjavi’.  Stamps dedicated to the Museum of Customs, decorations of Azerbaijan Republic, ‘Eurovision 2011’ song contest, the 10th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s membership in the European Union were issued into circulation in 2011. Last year’s stamps also depicted such themes as Karabakh horses, dogs, flowers and forests. Let’s note that postage stamps are one of the attributes of the sovereignty of the state, and they serve to strengthen the statehood and prestige of the country. 

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