E-services improved in Imishli region

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan with support of the ‘Azerpoct’ LLC will launch a new pilot project to improve communication services in Imishli region.  This information was provided to ‘The World of Communication’ newspaper by Vagif  Valiyev,  the head of the Imishli Regional Post Office.   According to him, an internet-club will be built in Aranli village, which is 35 km off the Imishli regional center.

Execution of such pilot projects in remote residential areas provides residents of these areas with access to information and communication technologies and offers them an opportunity to make electronic applications. At the present time, a post office, which was constructed recently in Aranli village, is rendering postal and financial services to the residents of Aranli and neighboring villages.

According to information provided to ‘ICTnews’ by a correspondent of ‘The World of Communication’ newspaper, after he had visited this village, this move was hailed by the villagers, particularly by the young people, as they told the correspondent that after the execution of the project the villagers would be able to spend their spare time more sensibly and interestingly.

V. Valiyev said that the Imishli Regional Post Office had 28 post offices, and that in future internet-clubs would be also built in other large residential areas within this pilot project.  14 of these 28 post offices are located in new buildings.  Material and technical basis of the post offices allows them to render non-traditional post services, along with traditional ones.  Presently, the Imishli Regional Post Office provides banking services to 13 organizations.

These organizations opened bank accounts in the Regional Post Office and carry out banking operations through the bank accounts. The Regional Post Office has two special cars for delivering mail in 3 directions in the region.  Advertizing activities are being currently conducted in the region in order to further expand application of the services rendered by the post offices.  

The head of the post office in Aranli village said that the residents were very interested in the compulsory car insurance service provided by the post office. Previously, the villagers, who wanted to insure their cars, had to go to the regional center. Now, the villagers don’t have to leave their village to insure their cars, because they can do it at their homes via the internet.   

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02 June 2023

01 06 2023