Azerpoct makes appeal to subscribers

The "Azerpoct" LLC has made an appeal to school leavers who want to study at foreign universities. In its appeal Azerpoct asks university entrants to indicate clearly addresses of universities in the documents they send to universities. 

The appeal says: "We have difficulties with the delivery of letters from the universities, to which you have applied for education, because addresses of these universities or addresses of your places of residents were not indicated clearly on these letters. 

Some envelopes only carry names and surnames of applicants, which also create difficulties in delivering letters, especially when there are persons with the similar names in the service area of the post office. Unless the applicant turns to the post office, the letter remains undelivered.

We recommend you to keep in touch with the post office in whose service area you live in order to timely receive the letter from the university you applied to."   Elshad Nuriyev, the assistant to the general director of the ‘Azerpoct’ LLC, in an interview to ‘ICTnews’ said that the sender must write an address on a letter in the following order:       
- a name of the owner of address (for physical persons – surname, name, patronymic name);
- a name of the street, numbers of the house and flat;
- ZIP code;
- a name of the residential area (village, settlement, city and region);
- a name of the autonomous territorial entity
"The recipient’s address must be indicated at lower right side on the face of the letter, parcel or postal card."    


Mails can also be addressed to "Post office box" or "Till called for".  The delivery of such mails takes place in post offices. In this case, a recipient comes to the post office and after producing their ID-cards to post officers they receive their "Till called for" mail.  "Post office box" mails must be taken out by recipients themselves from post office boxes.

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22 May 2022

21 05 2022