Baktelecom provides telecommunication services to Baku’s outskirts with limited infrastructure

Baku Telephone Communications LLC (Baktelecom) has expanded the coverage area of LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless technology in order to provide telecommunication services to the areas around Baku that lack infrastructure.
Baktelecom is already completing the first stage of work on implementation of LTE technology.
As a result of these measures, the network now covers the whole territory of the Savalan residential area and some part of the territories of the settlements Mardyakan, Shuvelyan, Bilgya, Albalilyg, Bina, Hovsan, Yeni Ramani, Yeni Surakhani, Sabunchu, Zabrat, Gala, Buzovna, Pirshagi, Binagadi, Garadagh and Badamdar.
Before the beginning of the summer season, parts of the territories of the settlements Balajari, Zira, Turkan, Mashtaga, Nardaran, Garachuhur, Keshlya, Asi Aslanov, Ahmedli, as well as the Vorovskiy residential area in the Rasulzade settlement will be included in the coverage area of the wireless network.
The new wireless communication standard proposed by Baktelecom has advantages over other technologies used by the population.
Broadband wireless communication is transmitted to subscribers’ receivers via transmitters installed on the territories of base stations.
So, LTE technology, which functions on the basis of IP technology, makes it possible to transmit data at high speed and provide telecommunications services to areas with limited infrastructure.
Equipment that supports telephone communications, internet and other multimedia services in places located in the coverage area of the LTE network can be purchased at telecommunication service centers.
The subscriber can get this equipment free of charge if he makes an advanced payment for annual internet package costing 25 AZN.

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