Number of Facebook users in Azerbaijan exceeds 600,000

Number of users of Facebook social network in Azerbaijan exceeded 600,000, according to Facebakers Research Company's report as of Dec. 17.

Over the last four months, the number of the social network users in Azerbaijan increased by more than 100,000 users.Azerbaijani Facebook segment ranks 91st in the attendance rating, two points less compared to early October.

Roughly 7.27 percent of the Azerbaijani population use Facebook, which increased by 1.17 percent as a result of the last three months.

The percentage of users of social network among the total number of Internet users in Azerbaijan also increased by 2.63 percent and amounted to 16.37 percent.

Some 64 percent of the total number of users is men, while 36 percent - women.Some 47 percent visitors of the social network account for peoples at age of 18-24, while 23 percent visitors - at age of 25-34 and the 16-17 year-old users account for 12 percent of the total users.

Moreover, 8 percent fall to the age category of 13-15, 6 percent account for age category of 35-44, two percent - 45-54 and one percent of users account for age category of 55-64 and one percent - above 65.

The number of Facebook users in Azerbaijan is greater than some other CIS countries such as Kazakhstan with 362,260 users, Belarus with 354,520 users, Moldova with 221,220 users, Armenia with 242,300 users, Uzbekistan with 106,080 users, Kyrgyzstan with 64,620 users, Tajikistan with 26,820 users and Turkmenistan with 12,020 users.

The top five Facebook-using countries in the world, according to Facebakers, are the United States, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Mexico.

The total number of Facebook users globally is 799 million people.Facebook social network started working on Feb. 4, 2004. At present, its services are available in 60 languages, including in the Azerbaijani language.

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