Scribit: the Programmable Robot that Draws on Walls

We all love our home and even keep it decorated to show our love and affection towards our it and it's really a good thing but not only we decorate home to show Other but also for ourselves as well because decorated things makes an object much sweeter and now a days people not only decorate home but also the walls as well. It can be decorated by designing on it, pasting stickers to it and many other ways are there but designing home walls are not too easy, it consumes too much time and are much difficult to do so.
There is nothing to worry about it, as Technology is Improving day by day there are solutions also arriving for such issues in which humans are facing difficulties. Like this, as it's very difficult to design and decorate the walls of our home a Robot called Scribit is there to solve such issues. Yes! You heard it right. It's a robot which makes it much easier to design the walls of our homes and makes it looks attractive in just a few minutes.
The Scribit is the World's First write and erase robot, it generally looks like a giant pointer which get's fits to any of the virtual surface or wall. It Set up quickly in just five minute and it didn't requires much things other than the two nails and a plug. The main aim of this robot is to provide a new way to present digital contents in just few minutes.
Also This Robot keeps the ability to reproduce any form of data in real-time including such things like notes, messages, images etc. Also the robot can safely cancel, erase and draw an image and even redraw new image indefinitely.
The Scribit Robot is created by MIT Professor Carlos Ratti, it's a small writing robot that can draw images and texts on any virtual surface when needed. Which means using this robot you can simply turn your office into a canvas of digital content and also update it in real-time also It's an amazing way to entertain the attendees of a live event as well.
Professionals can also even support their focus by writing new motivational sentences on the wall every day! Or someone who loves art can even draw using it on a Van Gogh also any restaurant using this can Post the day's meny on its wall. There is almost nothing which this Scribit Robot Can't do. Just a Virtual Surface, a socket and an internet connection, this is what you need while using it.
Well, along with Scribit you will receive four default colours which are known as replacement (meaning other marker's) are really easy to come on the market. Want to know what are the four colours? Well, then the four colours are red, yellow, blue and black
All credits goes to the special patent technology which helps it to safely draw, erase and redrawn new content for a indefinite number of times and allowing you to print different types of image on the wall in every few minutes!
With The In-built engines, this Scribit Robot can be installed easily within 5 Minutes! Allowing you to print a different image on the wall every day and within every minute. Scribit can also travel in any kind of surfaces starting from whiteboards to glass or plastes, but Scribit is always connected to the WEB, which means that you can download, upload or source any content from the internet.
Scribit interactive software also allows to reproduce any kind of data in real-time. Thus, this device can transform any vertical surface into a screen- a wonder wall where images, messages or feeds are projected. Scribit offers up an alternative: a robotic system that draws on any kind of vertical surface, following a primordial act performed by humanity since our first cave graffiti.
Sribit Robot is a Robot which is 6.6 inch x 3.15 inch in dimension and is covered with aluminium from the outer part. The core of this device contains a rotative engine that allows the Robot to be in Writing or Standby Position, besides it helps changing the drawing colours when it requires it. Scribit's ear-like structure are actually wheels that allow it to climb walls.
The Robot is Quite Small but big enough to be noticed when it get on to the action. The LED strip on the top is Scribit's way to communicate with you. According to the color of the light and if it'll be pulsing or flashing, you'll be able to understand whether Scribit is busy, resting or loading a new drawing.

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