Hisense allegedly patents a true camera/phone hybrid

Hisense has reportedly filed a patent for a device that looks like a conventional camera on one side and a phone on the other. If this concept sounds less than unique, that's because it is. However, the Chinese OEM's apparent new take on the idea looks sleeker than its predecessors.
Hisense may be familiar to those interested in well-priced, well-equipped Android TVs. However, some may also be aware that this company also makes and markets smartphones. LetsGoDigital claims that the OEM is making a new take on these products: the combined professional camera-slash-phone.
Then again, while this category may be new to Hisense, it is not so to the tech industry in general. Samsung pioneered this concept with the Galaxy Camera, an Android phone that looked as though it had a traditional point-and-shoot camera welded to its back panel. This hybrid product persisted for a couple of generations, but was ultimately shelved by the OEM as a flop.
However, it is now claimed that Hisense has designed itself a true camera-phone of its own along the same lines. This patent is now allegedly part of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database. It must be said that this OEM may have improved on Samsung's prior efforts, however.
Judging by the images in this apparent filing, the "Hisense professional camera phone" has the potential to be exceptionally slim and streamlined, whereas the Galaxy Camera was a markedly bulky device. Nevertheless, the apparent new device also has space on its back for a sizeable, pro-level-looking lens.
The purported Hisense concept also exhibits a refined grip next to this circular component, as well as a dedicated button on the side of the hybrid device's chassis. However, this may not be the most interesting part of the design: the schematics also hint at a nearly full-screen display that may be capable of encompassing a home button towards its bottom edge and what looks like a thin speaker grille towards the top.
However, it also seems to have a small chin, which houses some kind of sensor. The diagrams also show a USB type C port, and even what appears to be a 3.5mm port along one edge. Therefore, should this leak prove accurate, the resulting Hisense device may be a camera phone that looks comfortably at home in 2019.

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22 August 2019

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