Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies appeals to Facebook

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has sent an appeal to the management of Facebook expressing concern about the information war.
The appeal notes that disturbing trends have been observed recently on social networks Facebook and Instagram.
The appeal states that on September 27, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan took the necessary counter-offensive measures in order to prevent the aggression of Armenia and ensure the safety of the civilian population. “We are liberating our internationally recognized territories, which were occupied by Armenia in the early 1990s and were subjected to ethnic cleansing. About a million Azerbaijani refugees and internally displaced persons have been waiting about 30 years to return to their homes,” the appeal says.
It is also noted that against the background of events, social media platforms have become a battlefield for an information war, which brings the truth to the world and exposes fake news spread by the Armenian side.
The appeal says that in order to silence Azerbaijani users, their profiles were massively blocked.
The appeal expressed particular concern about the unjustified blocking of user profiles and pages from Azerbaijan under the influence of some pro-Armenian employees of the company. Another cause for concern is the lack of the ability to verify the profiles of individuals representing the ethnically cleansed population of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Their requirements for verification are completely rejected without giving any reason.
“Given these circumstances, we hope that you will take all necessary steps to ensure that the company’s capabilities are not used to silence users, and that you remain impartial towards all users. This will provide a reliable virtual environment for free expression and truth,” the appeal says.
In the appeal to Facebook, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies demanded that the company appoint an appropriate coordinator to discuss these issues.

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29 May 2024

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