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07/12/20 December 6 – professional holiday of communications and information technology workers

In accordance with the relevant Order signed by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev

14/08/20 Azerbaijani representative participates in UNESCAP AP-IS Steering Committee session

The 4th session of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) Steering Committee of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 

12/02/20 Juniper Research: contactless payment transactions to reach $6 trillion globally by 2024

New data from Juniper Research forecasts that global contactless transaction values will reach nearly $6 trillion in 2024

11/02/20 New IDC spending guide forecasts $124 billion will be spent on Smart Cities Initiatives in 2020

A new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Smart Cities Spending Guide

15/07/19 Global PC shipments grow by 5% due to fear of trade wars

Worldwide shipments of traditional personal computers (PCs) in Q2 2019 increased 4.7% to 64.9 million units

01/07/19 CRN Exclusive: New Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program Launches

Google Cloud’s revamped partner program and portal have gone live with the intent of making it easier for partners to engage with the company and better highlight their expertise to customers

01/07/19 European Union agrees to create military Internet for NATO purposes

Government officials from Germany and the Netherlands signed an agreement to create the first joint military Internet. This is reported by ZDNet.

28/06/19 IoT Lab opened for university representatives

The Internet of Things Laboratory (IoT Lab) has been opened at the ICT Applying & Training Center for university representatives

17/07/18 Global Shipments of 3D Sensing Smartphones Predicted to Reach 100 Million Units This Year

Global shipments of 3D sensing smartphones are expected to reach over 100 million units in 2018

17/05/17 Azerbaijani delegation taking part in ITU Council meeting

The annual session of the Council of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) began its work at the headquarters of the organization in Geneva on May 15.

06/12/16 Professional holiday of communication workers celebrated in Ganja

Today is the professional holiday of workers of communications and information technologies

08/11/16 Joint project on modernization of ICT infrastructure and services in Azerbaijan is realized

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan agreed on implementation of the next step of the project on “Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of ICT Infrastructure and Services in the Republic of Azerbaijan”            .

24/09/16 Turkey is ready to set up a national space agency

Turkey's Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan has said that Turkey is ready to set up a national space agency, the Turkish Space Agency, soon, as the draft bill will go to Parliament for further debate and voting.

03/08/16 The State Fund for Development of Information Technologies continues accepting projects for the next grant competition

The State Fund for Development of Information Technologies under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) continues accepting projects for the next grant competition announced by the Fund.

28/07/16 AT&T and 19Labs put a ‘doctor’ in a first aid kit with GALE (VIDEO)

At-home first aid kits are typically just a bunch of bandages, gauzes, and other products stuffed into a little box.

28/07/16 SIPCC device helps babies at risk of cerebral palsy with movement

A group of biomedical engineers and physical therapists at the University of Oklahoma (OU) have developed a ground-breaking medical device that has babies at risk of developing cerebral palsy scooting their way from room to room.

28/07/16 This $500 shirt changes patterns when it detects air pollutants (VIDEO)

As the Internet of Things grows at a rapid rate, so does my skepticism for each additional "smart" product that makes it to market.

27/07/16 Electronic Security Centre becomes a member of international organisation

The Electronic Security Centre under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies has become a member of the Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP) operating in South Korea. 

19/02/16 ‘Give life to KVAN’ online campaign continues

A very successful project has been implemented by GR8CLUB - one of the teams operating in the Business Incubation Center (BIC) of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT).

16/02/16 MCHT’s Board of Appeal holds its first meeting

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 3 February 2016 “On establishment of Boards of Appeal in central and local executive bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, the Board of Appeal established in the  Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) has held its first meeting.

08/02/16 Clients of Kapital Bank to use banking services through E-government portal

Kapital Bank will provide banking services to its clients through the E-government portal 

06/02/16 New automatic telephone exchanges put into operation in Nakhchivan AR last year

According to the report on socio-economic development of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2015, automatic telephone exchanges each having a capacity of 384 numbers

05/02/16 200 people win national intellectual online contest ‘I am Azerbaijani’

So far, 200 people have won the national intellectual online contest “I am Azerbaijani” held with the support of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies

04/02/16 Cisco sees eight-fold increase in mobile data by 2020

Mobile data traffic is expected to grow eight-fold in the next five years, according to a forecast by Cisco.

03/02/16 $40,000 exoskeleton to help paralyzed people walk again

The California-based robotics company suitX, which specializes in medical and industrial exoskeletons, has invented a 27-pound wearable robot called The Phoenix,  that could help everyone from disabled vets to kids learn how to ditch their wheelchairs and walk again on their own two feet.

03/02/16 24 teams taking part in national round of ‘Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016’ competition

The national finals of the “Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016” competition will be held on 15 April 2016. This information was provided to “ICTnews” online news service by the manager of the “Cooperation in Education” program of the company “Microsoft Azerbaijan” Emin Akhundov. He said that 24 teams are taking part in the competition.

02/02/16 304 million new malware samples appeared in 2015

According to a new report from Panda Security more than 84 million new malware samples were detected over the 2015, 27% of all malware of ever.

02/02/16 Driverless bus trial in Netherlands is first on public roads

An electric, driverless shuttle bus will take to the Dutch public roads on Thursday, rolling six passengers along a 200 meter (yard) stretch of road in the first trial of its kind worldwide.

02/02/16 Fourth dimension added to 3D printing

3D printed flower-like objects that change in time based on a pre-programmed pattern have been created by American researchers.

02/02/16 Scientists decode brain signals nearly at speed of perception

Neuroscientists from the University of Washington have decoded brain signals in real-time and with astounding accuracy, as revealed in a recent study published in PLOS Computational Biology.

01/02/16 What impact will the 4th industrial revolution have on the labor market?

In 5 years we will witness a radical change in the labor market. The fourth industrial revolution will affect more than 35% of the available professional skills. This forecast was given in the report of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

01/02/16 Regular meeting of Supervisory Board of State Fund for Development of Information Technologies held

On 29 January 2016, the regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of the State Fund for Development of Information Technologies under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Communications and High Technologies Elmir Velizadeh.

29/01/16 Daqri develops smart helmet for construction workers

The company Daqri has unveiled a smart hardhat that gives workers additional layers of information about their surroundings.

28/01/16 Azerbaijan represented at Working Group for preparation for Universal Postal Union Congress

The Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) was represented at the Working Group for preparation for the 26th Universal Postal Congress.

28/01/16 Smartphones will recognize their owners’ face

Soon, smartphones will not only take snapshots and videos but also recognize the objects pictured. Google is working with a Silicon Valley chip designer to let mobile devices do that kind of heavy computing internally rather than relying on remote data centers.

28/01/16 Azerbaijan, Georgia to create joint electronic database

Azerbaijan and Georgia will jointly digitalize periodically printed materials. The two countries have agreed to jointly implement the project on the creation of an electronic database of digital printed materials.

28/01/16 Russian scientists develop first electronic book for visually impaired people

Russian scientists have developed the world's first electronic book for visually impaired people.

28/01/16 Drones will save people in the mountains

Drones will help rescuers to save people during search and rescue operations in the mountains.

27/01/16 Azerbaijani folktales adapted to “iOS” and “Android” mobile platforms

The National Association of Computer Games continues the implementation of the project “Cultural heritage and modern information and communication technologies: interactive tales” with the support of the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation.

26/01/16 The 10th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies will be held in Baku

The 10th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 12, 13 and 14th of October 2016.

26/01/16 Over 311 million domains registered worldwide

According to a new report released by CENTR, which is the European country code TLD organization, as of December 31, there are 311.5 million domain names in the world.

25/01/16 Non-contact cardiograph developed in Japan

Panasonic jointly with Kyoto University have created a device that allows physicians to assess the condition of the patient's heart using the non-contact method.

25/01/16 Experts: “The market of anthropomorphic robots will grow 14-fold to $ 200 million in the next five years”

The humanoid robots market will grow 14-fold in the next five years, and its volume will reach at least 24 billion yen .

25/01/16 Gadgets will be able to read owners’ minds

In the near future, gadgets will be able to read the minds of their owners. Experts say that by 2030, smartphones, tablets and computers will be able to analyze human brain’s activity to find out what people think.

25/01/16 Japan starts construction of floating solar power plant

Japanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera Corporation announced the start of construction of the world’s largest floating solar power plant.

25/01/16 $158 billion lost worldwide to cybercrime in 2015

More than half of U.S. consumers think that storing their credit and banking information in the cloud is more risky than driving without a seat belt, according to a new report from Symantec.

25/01/16 Our brain can store 1 petabyte of data

Forget what you thought you knew about human memory, because a new study suggests that our brain’s capacity is 10 times larger than previously believed.

23/01/16 What will happen to technologies in 201What will happen to technologies in 20

The international firm of accountants Deloitte has prepared a forecast for the development of industries of high technology, telecommunications, entertainment and media in 2016.

23/01/16 China to create supercomputer performing 1 quadrillion operations per second

This year, China plans to begin development of a new supercomputer with a capacity of 1,000 petaflops (1 quadrillion operations per second).

22/01/16 Another 1.5 billion people to get internet access by 2020

A new global dialogue focused on getting the next 1.5 billion unconnected people online was forged at a special session of the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development held at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

21/01/16 Volume of information and communication services grows by 6.8% in Azerbaijan

The volume of information and communication services rendered to physical persons and legal entities in Azerbaijan by information and communications enterprises amounted to AZN 1642.8 million last year.

21/01/16 President Ilham Aliyev meets Microsoft’s Vice President

President Ilham Aliyev has met with Vice President of Microsoft Company Mrs. Susan Hauser in Davos. The meeting highlighted the successful development of the ICT system in Azerbaijan.

13/01/16 Computer production increases by 2.1 times in Azerbaijan

The volume of production of computer, electronic and optical products has traditionally increased in Azerbaijan.

13/01/16 Population buys more non-food products online

According to information provided by the State Statistical Committee (SSC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in 2015, the volume of electronic retail trade turnover amounted to 12.8 million manat in the country, which is 1.9 times more than in the previous year.

06/01/16 How can a subscriber change his toll-free phone number without visiting a telephone hub?

By using the electronic service of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT), subscribers can easily change a toll-free telephone number.

06/01/16 Global mobile Internet userbase to reach 2 billion in 2016

More than two billion people globally will use mobile devices to connect to the Internet in 2016, with countries like India, China and Indonesia leading the way, research firm IDC said.

28/12/15 Uninterrupted communication services to be provided during holidays

Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) has given relevant instructions to associations, communication agencies and country’s telecoms operators to provide the population with high quality telecommunication services during the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day (31 December) and New Year.

25/12/15 MCHT holds meeting with representatives of company Huawei

A meeting was held at the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) with representatives of well-known Chinese ICT company Huawei. 

22/12/15 List of public security - related activities requiring licensing approved

The list of public security - related activities and the amounts of state fees for obtaining licenses for conducting public security - related activities were approved by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev's decree of December 21, 2015.

22/12/15 State fees set for provision of communication services requiring licensing

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on activities requiring licensing. The list of activities requiring licensing (except for public security - related activities) and the amounts of state fees for obtaining licenses for conducting these activities were approved by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev's decree of December 21, 2015.

22/12/15 Winners of ‘E-education’ competition to be announced at the end of December

The winners of the republic-level competition “E-education” will be announced at the end of December. According to information provided by the Education System Informatization Department of the Ministry of Education, out of 900 projects that had been submitted to the competition, 207 were selected for participation in the next stage of the competition.

18/12/15 Asia-Pacific Is Home to Majority of World Retail Ecommerce Market

Retail ecommerce sales in Asia-Pacific will hit $877.61 billion in 2015, up 35.7% from 2014. For the first time, the region will not only have the largest digital retail market in the world, but its share of global digital retail spend will also reach 52.5%—the first time it holds an outright majority of the world market, Emarketer reported.

18/12/15 Global average Internet speed grew 14% to 5.1 Mbps, only 5.2% of users have broadband

Global average connection speeds rose 14 percent year over year to 5.1 Mbps in Q3 2015. Unfortunately, just over 5 percent of users now have broadband speeds of at least 25.0 Mbps. The latest figures come from Akamai, which today published its quarterly State of the Internet Report for Q3 2015.

18/12/15 “Do Not Track” Bill of US Federal Trade Commission Hopes To Let Consumers Just Say No To Online Tracking

Sens. Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Ed Markey (MA) are introducing the Do Not Track Online Act of 2015, which would direct the Federal Trade Commission to create new regulations “regarding the collection and use of personal information obtained by tracking the online activity of an individual.”

17/12/15 Production of computers, electronic and optic products increases by two times in Azerbaijan

According to information provided by the State Statistical Committee (SSC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the production of computers and electronic and optic products has increased by two times in the period from November to January 2015.

17/12/15 Another bank starts serving its clients via E-government portal

Azer-Turk Bank has started using electronic certificates in its work.

17/12/15 Selection round of ‘Microsoft Imagine Cup’ kicks off in Azerbaijan

The selection round of the world's premier student technology competition “Microsoft Imagine Cup” has started in Azerbaijan.

17/12/15 Solar panels produced in Azerbaijan to be used in Germany

According to information provided by the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, solar panels produced by Azerbaijani plant Azguntex will be used in Germany.

17/12/15 Court blocks WhatsApp Brazil message service for 48 hours

Access in Brazil to the WhatsApp phone-messaging application was cut off early on Thursday after a Brazilian judge told local phone companies to block the popular service for 48 hours for failure to comply with a July court order in a criminal case.

17/12/15 Putin signed a decree establishing the national center for robotics

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree establishing the National Center for technology development and the basic elements of robotics.

17/12/15 Gartner Says By 2018, 50 Percent of Consumers in Mature Markets Will Use Smartphones or Wearables for Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are gaining acceptance among consumers in North America, Japan and some countries in Western Europe, according to Gartner, Inc., with half of consumers in mature markets expected to be using smartphones or wearables for mobile payments by 2018.

16/12/15 The number of billionaires in the world in 20 years has grown in 5 times

The number of billionaires in the world in twenty years has increased by 4.76 times, to 1,347 people. About it reports Rambler News Service with reference to the joint report by UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

16/12/15 European Commission presents proposal which equalizes guarantee period for consumers who shop online in all member states

The European Commission presents a proposal which equalizes the guarantee period for consumers who shop online in all member states, Ecommerce News reported.

16/12/15 Medvedev estimated the volume of Internet economy of Russian Federation at 2.2% of GDP

More than half of Russians use the Internet, and the volume of the Internet economy of the Russian Federation is about 2.2% of GDP.

15/12/15 Azerbaijani young people can apply for education in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has announced the acceptance of foreign students to the university in various specialties for the 2015-2016 academic year.

15/12/15 Russia, China to Finalize Satellite Navigation Chip Set Deal by Year-End

Russia and China will finalize an agreement to establish two joint ventures to develop, manufacture and sell new satellite navigation devices, Sputnik News reported.

15/12/15 SAP software solutions to be taught at Baku Higher Oil School

The ceremony of signing of strategically significant agreement between SAP, one of the leaders on enterprise applications market, and Baku Higher Oil School, founded on the basis of SOCAR - a leading oil and gas company in Azerbaijan was held at BHOS.

15/12/15 Students to pay their tuition fees in electronic form

The infrastructure capabilities of the Government Payment Portal, which was created by the Central Bank to enable physical and legal persons to pay taxes, fees, rents and other budget payments using electronic payment cards, have been expanded.

15/12/15 Wearable Technology to Be Highlight of CES 2016

Wearable tech is set to be a major draw at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, according to the Living in Digital Times technology advocacy firm.

15/12/15 Toshiba to cut up to 7,000 jobs

Toshiba Corp is looking to cut up to 7,000 jobs, as it looks to streamline operations in the wake of an accounting scandal, the Nikkei business daily reported.

15/12/15 US Department of Transportation launched "streamlined and user-friendly" online registration process for aerial drones

The US Department of Transportation has launched a "streamlined and user-friendly" online registration process for aerial drones.

15/12/15 Worldwide Security Appliance Market Continues on a Growth Path in the Third Quarter of 2015

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC ) Worldiwide Quarterly Security Appliance Tracker, the total security appliance market showed positive growth in both vendor revenue and unit shipments for the third quarter of 2015 (3Q15). 

14/12/15 Process of replacement of paper employment certificates with electronic employment certificates speeds up

The “Certificate of employment” electronic service, which plays an important role in the process of replacing paper certificates with electronic certificates, is one of the electronic services that are being used most often by the citizens of the country. 

14/12/15 Five major technology trends of 2015

This year was a turning point in many areas of technology. Here are five major trends in 2015 by expert laboratories of innovation CommBank Innovation Lab. 

14/12/15 Which country watches the most TV in the world?

The average person in the United States watches almost five hours of television a day, more than an hour greater than the average of people in the world's biggest economies, new research says.

14/12/15 Microsoft Released Record Number of Security Updates in 2015

Now that Microsoft has already released the December 2015 security updates, we can finally have a look at this year’s statistics to see how 2015 compares to the previous years as far as the number of patches is concerned, Microsoft Company reported. 

14/12/15 Tech giants pledge $1bn for 'altruistic AI' venture, OpenAI

Prominent tech executives have pledged $1bn (£659m) for OpenAI, a non-profit venture that aims to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to benefit humanity.

14/12/15 Scientists Teach Computer To Learn Like Humans

A major breakthrough in computer science could lead to smarter and more adaptable computer programs. This advancement could lead to better recognition software to be used in smartphones and robots, IFL Science reported. 

11/12/15 Smartphone with the biggest battery entered the world market

A long lasting battery life in a phone is a fainting memory as companies focus more on design and high-end specs. A Chinese smartphone maker named Oukitel is planning to change that by packing the world's biggest battery -10,000mAh - in a newly-released K10000 smartphone, International Business Times reported. 

11/12/15 Forbes announces the most successful billionaire of 2015

The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos became the most successful billionaire, managed to earn more in 2015 — $ 29.5 billion, according to Forbes. 

11/12/15 EU looking at forcing Google and Yahoo to pay for news

The European Union is looking into whether services such as Google News and Yahoo News should pay to display snippets of news articles, Tech Eye reported. 

11/12/15 Singapore's first self-driving vehicle trials take off

Singapore is charging ahead in its long-term efforts to deploy self-driving vehicles and mobility concepts.

07/12/15 Kazakhstan government to spy on internet users

As of January 1, Kazakhstan will require the presence of a "national security certificate" on every internet-capable device in the country, the Financial Express reported. 

07/12/15 IDC reports that IT leadership will focus on digital transformation

What will IT leaders focus on in 2016? The recently released “IDC FutureScape:Worldside CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions”report outlines what the research firms sees as the most significant predictions for the coming years.

07/12/15 US and China take first steps to crack down on cyber crime together

The first China-US ministerial dialogue on fighting cyber crime held in Washington last week yielded positive outcomes, Global Times reported.

04/12/15 1st meeting of Regional Group of 3rd Research Commission of Standardization Bureau of ITU held

The first meeting of the Regional Group for Eastern Europe and the CIS region of the 3rd Research Commission of the Standardization Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has been held in Baku within the exhibition and conference Bakutel 2015.

02/12/14 Bakutel celebrates its 20th anniversary

Exhibition of telecommunications and information technology Bakutel is one of the leading specialised exhibitions in the country.

27/06/14 “The Great Britain -Azerbaijan High Technologies” forum held in London

On 23-25 June 2014 the Azerbaijani delegation led by Minister of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ali Abbasov was visiting London  at the invitation of Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries of the UK and the Secretary General of the "Global Internet Governance Forum".

13/01/14 ITU announces vacancy

ITU announces vacancy for position of Training and Development Officer

02/12/13 19th Azerbaijan International Exhibition Telecommunication and Information Technologies

Bakutel 2013, the largest telecommunication and information technology exhibition in the Caucasus and Caspian region will take place at the Baku Expo Centre from the 2nd to th 5th of December.

02/12/13 First Azerbaijan-Italy ‘B2B’ forum to be held within ‘Bakutel-2013’ exhibition & conference

The first Azerbaijan – Italy “B2B” forum is expected to be held within the framework of the 19th international exhibition and conference “Bakutel – 2013”. The activity will start on the 4th of December 2013 in the conference room of the 3rd hall of the Ekspo Centre at 11 o’clock in the morning.

02/12/13 Memorandum of Understanding on ‘TASIM’ project to be signed within ‘Bakutel-2013’ exhibition & conference

A Memorandum of Understanding on “Trans Eurasian Information Super Highway” project (TASIM) is expected to be signed within the “Bakutel-2013” Telecommunication and Information Technologies exhibition & conference that will be held in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku on 2-5 December 2013.

02/12/13 Azerbaijan – U.S. ICT Business Forum to be held in Baku

The Azerbaijan – U.S. ICT Business Forum will take place on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at the Baku Business Center.

02/12/13 Baku to host international conference “Global Cyber Security Cooperation: Challenges and Visions”

Top speakers from around the world will debate ways and means to foster greater international cooperation on securing cyber space

02/12/13 Addressed to the Participants of Bakutel 2013, The 19th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference

I would like to congratulate you on the opening of BakuTel 2013, the 19th International Exhibition and Conference.

02/04/13 Action Plan in connection with the declaration 2013 “Year of ICT” in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Action Plan in connection with the declaration 2013 “Year of ICT” in the Republic of Azerbaijan

24/01/13 France Considering an 'Internet Tax' on Personal Data

France is considering a so-called "Internet tax" on data collection activities by Facebook, Googleand other technology companies.

16/01/13 65,000 students have been provided with discount cards

Within the framework of “Azerbaijan youth in 2011-2015” State Program 65,000 students have been provided with student discount cards.

04/12/12 "E-government” portal updated

The “E-government” portal has been updated again. Thus, the range of electronic services rendered by the portal was extended after the State Statistical Committee had placed its 2nd electronic service at the disposal of the public.

30/11/12 US piracy crackdown delayed until 2013

Plans for a US piracy crackdown have been delayed, with the group co-ordinating the programme blaming Hurricane Sandy. The controversial "six strikes" system, where illegal downloaders are sent a series of letters, was originally due to go live in 2011, the BBC reported.

28/11/12 Azerbaijan and Serbia sign protocol on trade and economic cooperation

Azerbaijan and Serbia signed a protocol by results of the second session of the intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation. The protocol was signed by Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal and

27/11/12 HP hit with civil securities lawsuit over Autonomy deal

Hewlett-Packard Co was sued on Monday by an investor who claimed the company knew statements about its Autonomy acquisition were misleading and led the stock to fall, according to lawyers representing the plaintiff, the Reuters reported. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed

27/11/12 Samsung to ship 19 million Windows 8 computers this year: executive

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will ship 19 million laptop computers and tablets operating on Microsoft Corp's new Windows 8 operating system this year, said Jin Park, vice president of the IT solutions business at Samsung, the Reuters reported. Microsoft, the world's largest software company,

26/11/12 Madad Presents Azerbaijan’s ICT in Education Programs at UNESCO International Conference

On November 13-14, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education hosted the international conference “ICT in Education: Pedagogy, Educational Resources and Quality Assurance” (IITE 2012). The biannual conference held in Moscow was supported by UNESCO, Moscow State

26/11/12 Interactive school desk 'boosts maths' claims research

Interactive hi-tech desks could help boost the maths skills of primary school pupils, researchers have said. The multi-touch, multi-user interactive 'smart' desks were designed, built and tested by Durham University, the BBC reported.The desks help children work together without any one individual dominating,

23/11/12 New government digital strategy launched in UK

On 6 November, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, UK, launched the new Government Digital Strategy, an action plan for redesigning government digital services around user needs, and to improve digital skills within government, the FutureGov reported.

23/11/12 The philippines launches twitter account to save homeless children

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is seeking to engage the public, via the popular microblogging site called Twitter, to help save the lives of homeless children in the streets of Metro Manila, the FutureGov reported. According to DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman,

23/11/12 Satellite technologies presented in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas sphere

Azerkosmos under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan has informed SOCAR's

21/11/12 IT Spending in Slovakia Will Return to Growth in the Coming Years

In 2011, the IT market in Slovakia declined 1.7 % year on year in constant U.S. dollar terms to $1.83 billion, as a result of the turbulent economic climate surrounding the European sovereign debt crisis. IDC expects the IT market in Slovakia to expand 5.3% year on

21/11/12 DC: Doubling of China's GDP to Fuel Demand for Consumer Goods; Boon for ICT Sector

The recently concluded 18th China Communist Party Congress, which saw outgoing President Hu Jintao deliver a report on China's economy and a roadmap for the next decade, will jump-start key industries including the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, where a

19/11/12 Panasonic to axe 8,000 more staff to cut costs

Japanese consumer electronics firm Panasonic is to axe 8,000 jobs by the end of March 2013 as it continues its restructuring plans, the Computing reported. The company has already axed 38,800 staff in a bid to return to profit, and the additional cuts will mean that about 13 per cent of its

19/11/12 Billion dollar Oracle ERP project shot down by US Air Force

The United States Air Force (USAF) has scrapped a troubled Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation after spending $1bn (£630m) over the past seven years – and concluding that it would still cost too much to finish, the Computing reported.

06/11/12 Annual international exhibition “BakuTel” is one of the important measures of this significant year”

Let me welcome You on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications (RCC) at the 18th

06/11/12 Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary-General ITU : “Azerbaijan has made tremendous progress in ICT development in the first decade of the 21st century”

I have pleasure in extending warm greetings to all participants attending the Bakutel International

05/11/12 Which filed of telecommunication sector brings most profit?

During the 9 months of 2012, the volume of revenues generated in the information and communication technologies and information and postal

05/11/12 ICT sector revenues increased

Over the past nine months 86 new jobs have been created at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MCIT). Besides, compared to the same period of last year the average salary of communication workers has grown by 11.5 percent to make up 326.9 manats.

01/11/12 AmCham meets Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies

On 31 October the US Commercial Chamber held a meeting with deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Elmir Velizadeh. The event is attended by heads and officials of the companies that are the members of the Chamber.

30/10/12 Apple's Scott Forstall and John Browett to leave firm

Apple has announced a major shake-up of its management, with two senior executives to leave the company. The announcement follows embarrassing problems with its new mapping software and disappointing quarterly results, the BBC reported.

19/10/12 Sales of TeliaSonera increases by 17 percent in Azerbaijani market

TeliaSonera's sales in the Azerbaijani market increased by 17 percent in January-September, the company said. Net sales increased from 2.521 million Swiss kronas to 2.950 million Swiss kronas compared to the same period in 2011. Sales in local currency increased by 11.3 percent in the

19/10/12 Mobile revolution, economy trip up tech giants

Mobile may be the future for technology, but even with the worldwide proliferation of high-powered devices like smartphones and tablets, some companies are struggling to maintain consistent revenue streams, the Reuters reported. Earnings disappointments this week from Intel Corp,

16/10/12 Panasonic wins $7.6 billion loan commitments from banks

Panasonic Corp has won $7.6 billion of loan commitments from Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and other banks, allowing the Japanese electronics conglomerate to sidestep fund-raising in the credit markets, the Reuters reported. Panasonic sought the financing framework to underpin its finances,

16/10/12 $72 million AZN contributed to modernization of Azerfon network

Some have been contributed to modernization of 'Azerfon' mobile network, head of the company Jurgen Peetz told journalists last week. In his words, this enabled provision of network's stable operation along with extension of coverage.

16/10/12 E-inventory of real estate property to be applied within a year

A project on the establishment of an electronic inventory and digital cartography in Baku will be implemented within 12 months; deputy chief of the state committee on property issues Rafig Jalilov reported this on Wednesday at a conference dedicated to the establishment of a project to

16/10/12 Bakcell intends to buy purchase controlling stake in Azertelecom

Azerbaijani mobile operator Bakcell intends to buy a controlling stake in the telecommunications company Azertelecom, the country's primary provider, the company informed media. The businesses are in negotiations, but no specific agreements have yet been made. Azertelecom began commercial expansion in Azerbaijan in 2009,

15/10/12 AZN 58.7 thousand worth of food products sold to customers via e-trade in last 9 months

During January-September of 2012 a 1,1% growth was observed in the production of Gross National Product (GNP) `compared to the same period

15/10/12 Currency Impact and Price Pressure Mutes Growth in the Western European Disk Storage Systems Market, says IDC

Enterprise-grade external disk storage systems (EDSS) factory revenues in Western Europe declined 0.3% to $1.26 billion in the second quarter of 2012 over the same period last year, according to IDC's EMEA Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker. When accounting for changes in

15/10/12 Currency Impact and Price Pressure Mutes Growth in the Western European Disk Storage Systems Market, says IDC

Enterprise-grade external disk storage systems (EDSS) factory revenues in Western Europe declined 0.3% to $1.26 billion in the second quarter of 2012 over the same period last year, according to IDC's EMEA Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker. When accounting for changes in

15/10/12 U.S. Datacenters Growing in Size But Declining in Numbers, According to IDC

The total number of datacenters (of all types) in the United States declined for the first time in 2009, falling by 0.7%. triggered by the economic crisis of 2008 and the resultant closing of hundreds and thousands of remote locations with server closets and rooms.

12/10/12 Bakcell and Azerfon to deploy 4G services in Azerbaijan till late 2012

A fourth generation 4G network from mobile operators Bakcell and Azerfon will be deployed till late 2012, the Deputy Minister of Communications and IT Iltimas Mammadov told media. "A comprehensive approach to the consideration of the operators' appeal

12/10/12 HTC profits slump 79 per cent in third quarter

Taiwanese smartphone company HTC has posted a third quarter profit drop of 79 per cent, as the gap between the company and market leaders Samsung and Apple grows ever wider, the Computing reported. HTC has reported a net profit of NT$3.9bn (£83m) from July to September 2012,

12/10/12 Media briefing on Internet governance in the context of the ongoing preparations for the IGF conference in Baku

Some thirty journalist and Internet experts took part in the press briefing on

09/10/12 Tech policy makers urge governments, operators to foster new digital opportunities through sharing and innovation

International delegates to ITU’s 12th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-12, 2-4 October) recognized the enormous potential of cloud computing for promoting wider, lower-cost access to information and communication technology (ICT),

09/10/12 ICT industry leaders to address ITU Telecom World 2012 in Dubai, 14-18 October

Major figures from the ICT industry will present their vision and strategic thought leadership at ITU Telecom World 2012, ITU's leading

08/10/12 Briefing in Washington discusses preparations for Internet Administration Forum

As we know, the 7th Global Internet Administration Forum will be held in Baku on November 5-9, 2012. In this connection, a briefing was held in

05/10/12 Oracle CFO: no acquisitions needed to compete in cloud

Oracle Corp has all the pieces it needs to compete in cloud computing but is always interested in looking at compelling M&A opportunities, Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz told investors. Speaking at Oracle's annual investor day on Thursday, co-founder and

05/10/12 Samsung posts $7.3 billion third-qurter profit, this quarter will be tougher

Samsung Electronics reported a record quarterly profit of $7.3 billion, nearly double last year's figure, as strong sales of high-end TVs and Galaxy smartphones more than offset reduced orders for chips and screens from Apple Inc, its main rival and leading customer, the Reuters reported.

02/10/12 Olympiads in Informatics to start soon

Olympiads in Informatics will start in a few days in Azerbaijan. Initially Olympiads will be held within secondary schools, then the city tournaments will start. Teachers of Informatics may use “e-olimp.az” web-site to prepare school pupils for the Olympiads.

28/09/12 Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘can be wiped’ using hidden web code

Attendees at a security conference were left stunned when a researcher demonstrated how a hidden web code could allow a Samsung Galaxy S3's data to be completely wiped. The code, which is currently available online and consists of 11 digits,

28/09/12 CIO of Groupama Insurances: CIO role set to disappear

The CIO role is set to disappear in the next 15 to 20 years, according to Groupama Insurances CIO Jem Eskenazi. In an interview with Computing, Eskenazi said that the CIO role that he currently performs is going through a transition that will soon see it become irrelevant.

28/09/12 EC launches cloud computing strategy in bid to create 2.5 million new jobs

The European Commission (EC) has outlined a cloud computing strategy that aims to boost European business and government productivity, the Computing reported.

28/09/12 Industrial park to be created at Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan

The Minister of Education Misir Mardanov, the Rector of Qafqaz University Ahmad Sanich and the Deputy Director of the Industrial Park of Orta Dogu Technical University Ufuk Bulut have met to discuss the issue of creation of an industrial park at Qafqaz University with

21/09/12 Sony to sell slimmer PlayStations to help boost sales

Sony is launching two slimmer versions of its PlayStation 3 console to boost sales of the ageing games machine. One version will feature 12 gigabytes of flash memory, allowing it to become the cheapest PS3 to date. The other has a 500GB hard disk and will

19/09/12 Baku to host meeting of Azerbaijani and Slovenian businessmen

On September 19, the delegation headed by the Slovenian Prime Minister, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Radovan Žerjav will pay visit to Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the visit, a presentation will be held in Baku for investment projects of Slovenia

18/09/12 Bakcell network is ready to launch MNP

Bakcell, the first mobile operator and the leading mobile Internet provider of Azerbaijan is pleased to announce that the network of the company is fully ready to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP), the company's press release says. The launch date depends on the decision of Ministry

18/09/12 Azercell awards winners of its Facebook fan-page

Azercell Telecom announced results of competition held among its Facebook users.Winners of this week long competition received valuable awards from the company. "7 gifts for 7 days" competition was held at Azercell's official Facebook page on 6th-12th September, 2012.

18/09/12 All departments and laboratories of Sumgait State University provided with computers

Certain measures have been implemented towards consolidating material and technical basis of the Sumgait State University. According to information provided to ICTnews by the Sumgait State University, all departments and laboratories of the university have been provided with

18/09/12 Azerbaijani schoolboy wins gold medal at International Computer Project Competition

A schoolboy from Azerbaijan performed successfully at the International Computer Project Competition held in Ashkhabad, the capital of Turkmenistan. According to information placed on “Sondakika.com” portal, 220 young talents from 41 countries tool part in this activity, during

15/09/12 MCIT will help to determine in advance coordinates of earthquakes

“The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev gives special attention to the development of information and communication technologies sphere in Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MCIT) also

15/09/12 19% increase in ICT services volume recorded in Azerbaijan

According to information provided to ICTnews by the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, during January-August of 2012,

14/09/12 Bakcell’s new “Wentto telecom” dealer opens its first store

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan stays loyal to its "Get closer" philosophy and keeps broadening its dealer network. "Wentto telecom" - the new dealer of Bakcell has recently celebrated the opening of its first store. The store, located at the address of Sharifzade str

13/09/12 Paper published by China's Huawei decries U.S. treatment

A paper published by China's biggest telecommunications equipment maker said the company's path into the United States had been blocked by unsubstantiated "allegations based on allegations" that threatened to harm ties between the world's two biggest economies. The complaint published by Huawei Technologies Co

11/09/12 Ultra company got the certificate of Data Center Design Awareness

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies gave the license ULTRA COMPUTERS company on forming the personal data information resources and the information systems, including services to them, according to official information of the company.License will be valid for 5 years.

11/09/12 Representatives of IT companies to take part in Azerbaijan-Netherlands business forum

The Azerbaijan-Netherlands business forum will be held on September 13, 2012 within the framework of the deputy prime minister and the minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Maxim Verhagen’s official visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

10/09/12 Korean representatives visit Azerbaijan Technical University

Head of the Center of international relations and cooperation at the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Kwak Hwan and investigator of the organization Mrs Soo-Jung Hwang have visited Azerbaijan Technical University. During the visit, the guests familiarized

10/09/12 Azerbaijan to host international conference on cybernetics

International Conference on cybernetics to be held in Baku. The event will focus on ICT development, intelligent systems, modeling and identification, numerical systems, etc, the Institute of Information Technology reported. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Communications

10/09/12 Azerbaijani-Dutch business-forum to be held in Baku

The Azerbaijani-Dutch Business Forum to be held on September 13 in Baku. A Dutch delegation will be led by Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Innovation Maxime Verhagen, Azpromo reported. The Azerbaijani-Dutch Business Forum is organized by Azerbaijan Export

08/09/12 Radio engineering courses to be held in AzTEST

A training centre has been created at the AzTEST Experimental and Testing Center of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to train specialists in the sphere of standardization and metrology. This information was provided

07/09/12 Meetings of 3rd section of IV International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics” to be held in Institute of Cybernetics in Baku

On September 12-14, 2012, meetings of 3rd section of IV International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics” will be held in Baku in the Institute of Cybernetics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science. According to information provided to ICTnews by the Institute of Cybernetics,

04/09/12 Citron founder: Condemnation from Chinese business leaders is ‘personal Jihad’

Innovation Works founder Kai-Fu Lee has been involved in a public war of words with Andrew Left, the founder of Citron Research, an investment analysis website with a history of shorting Chinese companies. Lee’s side of the dispute just gained some powerful allies, as 60 prominent

04/09/12 SCPI connects to e-Government portal

The State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been connected to the State Information System “e-Government”. According to information provided by ICTnews, two of SCPI’s electronic services called “Inquiry of information on e-application fees” and “Inquiry of information on processing of

31/08/12 China smartphone market to overtake U.S. in 2012: research firm

China will overtake the United States as the world's biggest smartphone market this year, according to research firm IDC, which expects demand to grow for lower-priced smartphones based on Google Inc's Android software. IDC forecast that China's share of the smartphone

31/08/12 Sony CEO says Vita gaming sales near expectations

Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said on Thursday that its new gaming device Vita was mostly selling in line with its expectations, though in some places it was off the pace. Vita hit the stores earlier this year, the latest in a line of mobile gaming gadgets in the spirit of Nintendo's Game Boy and Atari's Lynx,

31/08/12 Oracle fixes bugs in Java that expose PCs to hackers

Oracle Corp repaired bugs in its widely used Java software on Thursday, several days after several computer security experts found flaws that they said opened PCs to attacks by hackers, the Reuters reported. Warnings about the bugs began emerging over the weekend, unnerving

31/08/12 SCPI connects to e-Government portal

The State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been connected to the State Information System “e-Government”. According to information provided by ICTnews, two of SCPI’s electronic services called “Inquiry of information on e-application fees”

29/08/12 Bakcell sponsors National Book Award

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan had already announced that the company once again has become the main sponsor of the National Book Award (NBA), which is considered to be the most prestigious project in the area of modern Azerbaijani literature.

29/08/12 Azerfon develops strategy for LTE network introduction

Azerbaijani mobile operator Azerfon has developed a strategy for the introduction of the LTE network, Azerfon CEO Jurgen Peetz told reporters. Peetz said that unlike other players in the country's mobile market, Azerfon's main goal is the simultaneous launch of the network throughout the country.

29/08/12 Japanese companies study Azerbaijan's investment opportunities

The Japanese companies explore investment opportunities in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan reported. On Monday Baku hosted a meeting between the representatives of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and leading companies of Japan.

29/08/12 AZAL aircraft to be provided with mobile communication in September

The first airliner of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) will be equipped with on-board mobile equipment by late September, allowing the deployment of mobile communication services on board, Azerfon head Juergen Pitz told media. Azerbaijani mobile operator Azerfon LLC has a 10-year exclusive

28/08/12 Azerbaijan offers distant education to all social layers of population

Pupils, students and other representatives of different social layers of the population of Azerbaijan have been provided with a new opportunity to either upgrade their professional skills or receive professional training via the Internet. This information was provided to ICTnews by

28/08/12 IDC: iPhone wait cuts Apple's China phone share by nearly half, Lenovo seizes the opportunity

There's a lot of talk of a new iPhone coming soon, and the Chinese know it. IDC researchers estimate that Apple's share of smartphones in the country was sliced almost in half during the second quarter, to 10 percent, as expectations and rumors led the local population to wait for the big update.

28/08/12 Sony getting out of PC optical drive business due to 'fierce competition'

It's being reported that Sony is closing Optiarc Inc., its company subsidiary that manufactures optical disc drives for PCs. Officials are quoted as saying that "fierce competition" forced prices down, causing the business to operate at a loss despite controlling roughly 15 percent of the market.

28/08/12 Samsung teasing Series 5 Hybrid PC announcement at IFA

While we fritter away our hours sharing cat pictures on Facebook, Samsung prefers to issue forth teasers for its forthcoming products. The latest is the above snap, raising hopes that its Series 5 Hybrid PC will be formally announced a teutonic trade show IFA this week. The 11-inch Transformer-esque

28/08/12 Lenovo's nine-inch IdeaTab A2109 shows up at Best Buy, flaunts $300 price tag, Tegra 3 GPU

Lenovo's upcoming IdeaTab A2109 didn't drop in on the FCC with its seven-inch brother, but that hasn't stopped it from reaching stores. The nine-inch device appears to be in stock on Best Buy's online store, offering 16GB of storage, an NVIDA Tegra 3 processor and a standard serving of

27/08/12 Taxpayers get SMS-communication with Azerbaijan Taxes Ministry

The Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan has presented a dual SMS communication service for taxpayers. According to the Ministry, to connect to the service the taxpayer must register his cell phone number and for that to dial the user code *195*, *code# Yes (for example, *195*00000541*123456#yes).

27/08/12 Apple wins patent infringement case against Samsung

Apple has won its high-stakes intellectual property infringement suit against Samsung, the Computing reported. The court in the US state of California, where Apple is based, found that Samsung infringed six out of seven Apple patents, while backing Apple's claim that Samsung had breached US anti-trust laws by trying

10/08/12 State Customs Committee launches e-registration of foreign economic activity

The State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan calls on the participants of foreign economic activity engaged in import-export business, to register on the site of the committee. The committee said in a statement issued on Thursday. Participants must register on the web

09/08/12 German IT companies to be presented in Azerbaijani telecommunication market until the end of 2012

German manufacturers of ICT equipment are interested in expanding their business in Azerbaijan, IT Computing reported. According to the information of the company, three largest German vendors of telecommunications and IT-equipment, including telecommunications equipment manufacturer ADVA

09/08/12 Distribution of frequencies for mobile communications to be discussed at World Radio Communications Conference (WRC-15)

The distribution of frequency bands 694 MHz and 790 MHz L for mobile networks will be discussed at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in 2015, the State Management of Radio frequencies reported. The issue was discussed at the end of July

09/08/12 Discrepancy between equipment standards hampers development of optical access in Azerbaijan

The main reason hindering the development of fiber-optic broadband access in Azerbaijan is the discrepancy between standards of end-users' equipment and the main equipment installed at the service provider, Director General of Delta Telecom Ramadan Veliyev informed press.

08/08/12 Italian “Inteks” company seeks to establish cooperation with local entrepreneurs in IT field

Azerbaijani entrepreneurs have received a business offer from the Italian “Inteks” company, which seeks to establish cooperation with local companies in the field of information technologies. This information was provided to ICTnews by the Azerbaijan Export and

08/08/12 Paris meeting to accelerate work on ‘green ICT’ policies and standards

ITU’s second annual ‘Green Standards Week’ (GSW), to be held in Paris from 17-21 September, will stimulate the creation of international ‘green ICT’ standards with a view to further expanding the capabilities of information and communication technologies to boost

08/08/12 UK Government releases prior notice of plan to upgrade ICT platform

The government has released a prior information notice for the procurement of support, maintenance and development services for its electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS) platform. The e-PIMS platform currently hosts a number of live applications, which

07/08/12 Cabinet of Ministers approves rules for using electronic information system by customs administrations

Rules for using by customs administrations electronic information systems, information technologies and software supports for information systems and technologies have been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s orders No: 164 and 166 dated August 03, 2012.

07/08/12 Ministry of Economic Development expands application of e-services

“Presently, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan is rendering 7 interactive and 9 informative electronic services to the population”. According to information released by ICTnews, this statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Economic

06/08/12 “Electronic Crime” information system to be created at Prosecutor General's Office

Activities are now being successfully implemented towards the many-sided application of information technologies and creation of centralized information and communication system in the Chief Public Procurator's Office. “We need to further improve the “Documents Circulation” system

06/08/12 67,000 mobile phones disappeared since London Olympic Games began

Since the beginning of the Olympic Games in London, 67,700 mobile phones have been either lost or stolen from the people attending the London Olympics. According to information provided by ICTnews, security measures taken by English authorities in connection with the Olympic

06/08/12 Steve Jobs: 7-inch tablets 'DOA' -- yeah, right

The 7-inch tablet is dead on arrival. Oh, wait, let me take that back.Steve Jobs' slander of the 7-inch tablet was, in effect, a nice bait-and-switch. One problem: rivals didn't take the bait. Too much ink (yeah, me too) has been wasted on Job's proclamation against the viability

06/08/12 Apple reportedly in talks to buy small social commerce site

The goal of acquiring The Fancy, Business Insider reports, is better leverage the 400 million or so credit cards Apple has on file at its iTunes store. Apple is in talks to acquire social commerce site The Fancy to further entrench its position in the growing e-commerce arena, sources tell Business Insider.

03/08/12 India budgets US$102 mil for ICT projects in the north-east

India’s Union Minister of State for Communications and IT, Sachin Pilot, has announced that the government will spend INR 567 crore (US$102 million) on upgrading e-government infrastructure and IT services in eight states situated in the north-eastern parts of the country, the FutureGov reported.

03/08/12 Saudi Arabia to provide electronic municipal services

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will jointly set up a ‘comprehensive’ electronic system to provide municipal information and services. The ministers of both Ministries have signed a memorandum

03/08/12 Free minutes campaign from Nar Mobile

Nar Mobile extended its campaign of free minutes. Thus, starting from March of current year, the buyer of any new Nar number will receive free 30 minutes talk time for countrywide calls within 12 months as a gift. These bonus minutes can be used for both voice and video calls and will be valid within 30 days.

03/08/12 Ministry of Culture & Tourism to integrate in E-Government portal by September

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan will acquire more than 20 electronic digital signatures (EDS). The Ministry of Communications & IT informs that to date the MCTA has built and put into operation a new server room to be used for storage of servers, provision of e-services,

03/08/12 Bakcell to launch a new joint initiative with Junior Achievement Azerbaijan

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, is delighted to announce that it launches a new Bakcell-Junior Achievement Azerbaijan initiative to foster youth’s career mobility. The annual program called, ‘Careers in Mobile Telecom

02/08/12 HP prevails in Itanium case against Oracle

HP has won its lawsuit against Oracle over the software company's decision to discontinue development of its products on Itanium, the Computing reported. Judge James Kleinberg ruled that Oracle is contractually obliged to continue developing software for HP's Itanium-based servers,

01/08/12 Bakcell is successfully fighting against fraud

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, was pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan to detain Pulat Iskanderovich, a citizen of Uzbekistan, who had organized illegal

01/08/12 GT Solutions defined as supplier of computer equipment for monitoring service

GT Solutions has won the tender for the procurement of services in information technology, announced by the Financial Monitoring Service of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), the tender commission said. The tender was held in the frame of the improvement and support for

01/08/12 Customs payments transferred to e-form

The State Customs Committee in Azerbaijan has received 97 percent of the customs payments in electronic form, according to official statement of the Committee's Chairman Aydin Aliyev. "Today, the receipt of customs payments through banks or plastic cards

01/08/12 Automated electronic services system established in State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani State Securities Committee has established a system of automated electronic services and integrated it into the 'Electronic Government' (ehdis.az) portal, the committee reported. The committee has ensured the paying of fees in e-form in real time, as

01/08/12 SINAM introduces financial and accounting reporting system in Finance Ministry

SINAM company, which is one of the leading system integrators of Azerbaijan, South Caucasus and Central Asia in the field of e-government solutions, is realizing another challenging project. SINAM company won the tender for development and implementation of Financial and

01/08/12 Necessary conditions to be created for disabled persons to allow them to use ICT

The following laws, programs and regulations have been drafted in the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to insure efficiency of the implementation of measures aimed at improving conditions of persons with disabilities, increase the economic independence of disabled persons and

31/07/12 HTC shuts Seoul office, leaves Korea to the Koreans

Having already pulled out of Brazil and shut down a research building in North Carolina, HTC has now closed its office in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The move is part of the Taiwanese manufacturer's efforts to "streamline operations" and focus on selling One-branded

31/07/12 Samsung spills details on Odyssey and Marco Windows Phone 8 devices

If you thought the Apple and Samsung legal tussles weren't getting interesting enough, another filing has revealed that the father of all smartphones Galaxy has at least two Windows Phone 8 devices in the pipeline. According to the filing that's been unearthed by The Verge, both are

31/07/12 Mysterious 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook appears in Vietnam

The last we heard, all notions of a 10-inch PlayBook had been shelved, with rumors suggesting that RIM wanted to concentrate on its BB10 plans and next-gen smartphones instead. However, we've just received these images from Tinthe, showing off something that looks very much like the

31/07/12 Microsoft outs Bluetooth-enabled Sculpt Touch Mouse, matching Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

Lots of hardware news coming out of Microsoft today. No, not that kind of hardware; just a lot of mice (and keyboards, too). In addition to that spiffy Wedge mouse and keyboard, the company just announced two products as part of a new "Sculpt" line. First up, there's the Sculpt Touch Mouse,

31/07/12 Apple reveals 'Purple' phone prototype in court filing, to prove it didn't copy Sony

The previous batch of sketches revealed during Apple v Samsung suggested the iPhone may have actually borrowed ideas from Sony, but a new filing goes back even further into history to show that's not the case. The Verge spotted that the latest raft of paperwork includes a "Purple"

31/07/12 Steve Jobs biographer fights subpoena in e-books case

Judge says Walter Isaacson, the man who quoted Jobs allegedly throwing consumers under a bus on e-book pricing, doesn't have to turn over unpublished tapes or notes for now. A federal district judge has ruled that Steve Jobs biographer doesn't

31/07/12 Apple-Samsung trial gets its jury

The jury for the Apple v. Samsung patent trial has been picked. Tuesday brings opening statements from both companies. SAN JOSE, Calif.--The first day of the patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung wrapped up with a jury in hand. After whittling down a pool of prospective jurors,

31/07/12 Samsung 11.8 inch tablet revealed in court documents

Court filings in the Samsung vs. Apple patent battle show that the Korean manufacturer appears to be working on an extra-large tablet with a Retina display and LTE connectivity. Dozens of Apple and Samsung products are being leaked to the public in

31/07/12 Assigning pensions to be fully automated in Azerbaijan by late 2012

The State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan plans to fully complete assigning the pensions to automation by late 2012, official statement of the State Fund says. This function will be fully automated after the process of gathering information about those pensioners who retired before 2006 is completed.

31/07/12 Development of Azerbaijani language morphology module in server solutions ends

ABBYY company has finished development of morphology module for Azerbaijani language. ABBYY company- world leader in linguistics area, document detection and data introduction has finished development of morphology module for Azerbaijani language.

30/07/12 Mobile-cellular subscriptions reached almost 6 billion in 2011

According to ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database, released in June 2012, total mobile‐cellular subscriptions reached almost 6 billion by end 2011, corresponding to a global penetration of 86%, Growth was driven by developing countries, which accounted for more than

28/07/12 Ramadan gift for CIN subscribers!

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, offers a wide range of products to modern mobile communications users. Bakcell, the provider of class-leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the Sur@ brand name is pleased to congratulate the people of

27/07/12 Oracle delivers virtualisation and performance boost to Exalogic Elastic Cloud platform

Oracle has given its Exalogic Elastic Cloud platform a software overhaul, adding virtualisation and private cloud computing capabilities, along with impressive claims for performance gains over the first generation of the product. The Exalogic Elastic Cloud, introduced in 2010,

27/07/12 IDC : Strong Demand for Smartphones in Second Quarter Continues to Drive the Worldwide Mobile Phone Market

The worldwide mobile phone market grew 1% year over year in the second quarter of 2012 (2Q12), as Samsung and Apple shipped almost half of the world's smartphones. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vendors shipped 406.0

27/07/12 Electronic database called “Tourism in Azerbaijan”

An electronic database called “Tourism in Azerbaijan” has been created at the Central Scientific Library of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The e-catalog of the library contains materials on the tourism in Azerbaijan, which can be acquired through the Internet.

26/07/12 State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan established system of automated electronic services

The Azerbaijani State Securities Committee has established a system of automated electronic services and integrated it into the 'Electronic Government' (ehdis.az) portal, the committee reported. The committee has ensured the paying of fees in e-form in real time,

26/07/12 Apple's invincibility fades on iPhone miss, global woes

Apple Inc's biggest success has become its biggest risk factor.The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry, driving Apple's expansion into Europe and China and, after just half a decade, yields about half its annual $100 billion revenue haul. But the world's most valuable technology company

26/07/12 Nokia scraps new mass-market phone software: sources

Struggling Finnish cellphone maker Nokia has scrapped a software project which it had hoped would compete with mass-market Google Android phones, three sources with direct knowledge of the company's plans said. Nokia was hoping the Linux-based software platform, code-named Meltemi,

25/07/12 The new president of Azercell Telecom LLC has been appointed

In the frames of management rotation within TeliaSonera, one of the biggest telecommunication services provider in Europe and the first company that launched 4G network, Ali Agan will be moving from Azercell Telecom to take a role of the president of Ucell Company in Uzbekistan

24/07/12 Foxconn slated to open up shop in Indonesia

Apple's primary iPhone and iPad manufacturer confirms that it is opening a factory and investing at least $1 billion in the island nation. Indonesia is the next country on Foxconn's list to get a tech-manufacturing factory. According to The Next Web, the company has

24/07/12 Cisco to lay off another 1,300 employees

Networking-equipment maker's new job cuts come a year after the company announced plans to shed 14 percent of its global workforce. Cisco Systems plans to reduce its global workforce by about 2 percent, or 1,300 positions, as part of the company's continuing restructuring to cut costs and increase profits.

24/07/12 Bakcell awarded with Communications Ministry’s honorary diploma

Bakcell for the second time was honored for successful implementation of mobile communication services during Eurovision in Baku. Ministry of the Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MCIT) awarded Bakcell with Honorary Diploma for provision of

24/07/12 Revenues of ICT sector increases by almost 20 percent in Azerbaijan

Revenues in information and communication technologies in the information and the postal sector amounted to 673.74 million manat,

24/07/12 Bakcell has become the Main Sponsor of the National Book Award

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan is pleased to inform that the company once again has become the main sponsor of the National Book Award, which is considered to be the most prestigious project on the arena of modern Azerbaijani Literature. National Book Award has been established

24/07/12 Quality of cameral inspections improves after introduction of electronic tax invoices

This information was provided to ICTnews by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the Ministry, since the beginning of 2008 until now ADV deposit accounts have been used for the first time in Azerbaijan for carrying out VAT-related operations

20/07/12 Connect Americas Summit opens in Panama City

The Connect Americas Summit opened on July 18 calling for a surge in the roll out of broadband connectivity in the Americas region and ‘digital inclusion’ to enable universal, sustainable, ubiquitous and affordable access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and services

18/07/12 119 e-services integrated into ‘e-Government’ portal

During the first half of 2012 measures have been consistently implemented in Azerbaijan towards developing the information community and improving ICT skills of the population. State bodies accelerated the process of introduction of e-services following the instructions given

18/07/12 Apple gives iPhone 3GS owners some love, lets them taste Shared Photo Streams and VIP Mail in iOS 6

Anyone who's been scanning to see who gets what in iOS 6 has noticed that the iPhone 3GS is the red-headed stepchild of the family -- some features that really don't need a cutting-edge phone have been left on the chopping block. Apple is showing those owners some TLC,

18/07/12 Microsoft gives a tease of Office for Windows Phone 8, talks up Office 2013 integration

Microsoft may have told us a lot about Windows Phone 8 in June, but it left out much of what the Office component's update would entail. Thankfully, Partner Group program lead John Jendrezak has voluntered to let us peek under the hood, including our first real glimpse of the new Office Hub.

18/07/12 Intel reports Q2 earnings: rakes in $13.5 billion, pockets $2.8 billion

Intel is back to its old games in Q2 of 2012, raking in $13.5 billion during the second three month financial period of the year, up from $12.9 billion in the first quarter and a solid five percent year over year. Of that impressive pile of cash, Chipzilla was able to pocket $2.8

18/07/12 Microsoft intros new cloud app model for Office 365

Following all the Office news from Redmond in the last 24 hours, Microsoft's managed to take a quick breath before revealing some new dev tools and a cloud-based app model for its online iteration, Office 365. Apps made inside the model can be inserted directly into spreadsheets, as task panes,

18/07/12 German court rules Motorola Xoom doesn't violate Apple's iPad design patent

Apple filed a stealth lawsuit last summer alleging that the Motorola Xoom violated the design patent that underpins the iPad. While Apple has had some success leveling its big patent gun against Samsung, the same can't be said for Motorola: a German court just declared that the

18/07/12 Infortrend NAS server family ties up your network and storage needs, brings the cloud to suburbs

Infortrend is the latest to step up with a collection of new NAS servers pitched at both households and business and it's now announced. The EonNAS Pro Series offers from two to eight-bay tower systems, while the 1000 series gives you four bays to for cross-platform file-sharing for

18/07/12 Microsoft under investigation for not fulfilling browser choice pledge

You'd be forgiven for thinking this whole browser choice issue was resolved back in 2009, but no. European regulators are back on Redmond's back, following suspicions that the megacorp may not be complying with the deal it struck all that time ago. Specifically, the allegations focus on

17/07/12 T-Mobile makes the Samsung Galaxy Note official

The 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet/smartphone hybrid is coming to T-Mobile with Android 4.0. The rumors were true. T-Mobile has just revealed that it will offer the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note (reviewed here for AT&T) in "the coming weeks."

16/07/12 Nar Mobile offers chance to win car

Azerbaijani mobile communication operator Nar Mobile started another splendid lottery campaign 'Win with Nar'. Thus, the lottery will offer many money gifts and most importantly, Mercedes-Benz C180 Coupe, the company's press release says on Friday.

16/07/12 Azerbaijan posts almost 18% growth in communication services

In the first half of 2012 the communication facilities provided services to population, enterprises and organizations in Azerbaijan in the amount

16/07/12 Producer price for computers and other electronic equipment goes up 2.1% in June

Producer prises for manufacuring computers and other electronic equipment grew up by 2.1 pesent in June 2012. This information was provided to ICTnews by the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the Commettee, the index of producer prices

13/07/12 Analysis: Cisco's loss is Palo Alto Networks' gain

When Cisco Systems Inc decided years ago to drop a network-security project known internally as "Apollo," little did it know it had paved the way for a startup to blossom into a formidable competitor, reported Reuters. That company, Palo Alto Networks,

13/07/12 FBI probes China's ZTE over Iran tech deals: report

The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into Chinese telecoms gear maker ZTE Corp's sale of banned U.S. computer equipment to Iran and its alleged attempts to cover it up and obstruct a Department of Commerce probe, the Smoking Gun website reported.

11/07/12 Women account for more than half of computer users in Azerbaijan

There were 211,300 computer users in Azerbaijan at the beginning of 2012. This is 27,300 users more than in the previous year. More than half of the computer users are women. On the average, computer users account for 29,8% of the total number of

11/07/12 State Insurance Supervision Service predicts development of online insurance products sales

The State Insurance Supervision Service in Azerbaijan has predicted the development of online insurance products sales within 1-2 years, head Namig Khalilov said in an interview with Romanian PR-agency Media XPRIMM. "At present, most insurance products are sold through the agency and

10/07/12 ‘Electronic Nakhichivan – 7: capabilities for using ICT in local network’

An international symposium titled ‘Electronic Nakhichivan – 7: capabilities for using ICT in a local network’ has been held in the Nakhichivan State University. The plenary meeting of the symposium, attended by professors of the Batumi State University of Georgia and a

10/07/12 Patent governance system automated in Azerbaijan

The State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents is conducting patent digitalization, e-governance application, and e-services for intellectual property rights registration and protection, the committee reported. According to the information, the project is being

09/07/12 Samsung reportedly developing Windows RT tablet

The Korean hardware maker will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in the new tablet, sources tell Bloomberg. As Samsung's Android legal woes mount, the hardware giant appears to be showing more interest in Windows

09/07/12 RIM's BlackBerry App World hits 3B download mark

Research In Motion finally has some good numbers to offset its recent wave of bad ones.The handset maker announced Friday that its BlackBerry App World had reached the 3 billion download mark -- a billion of those in just the last six months. To reach that number, customers were

09/07/12 iPad Mini could take design cues from iPod

iPad Mini speculation is beginning to hint at a design that may be substantially different than the current iPad. Now that there is an increasing likelihood of Apple releasing an iPad Mini, speculation is starting to get more specific.

09/07/12 Amazon Worker Steals 726 iPods

The thing to do, apparently, when you’re bored at work is to just start stealing — that always leads to excitement. Between April and May, that’s allegedly what Todd Anthony Cofield, Jr. did while working at an Amazon distribution center in South Carolina. Authorities are saying

09/07/12 HP unveils four new business and consumer all-in-ones with Ivy Bridge insides

HP announced a raft of new Ivy Bridge desktops back in April, but it had a few more all-in-ones up its sleeve. Today the company is unveiling a mix of business- and consumer-targeted machines: the Compaq Elite 8300, Compaq Pro 6300, Envy 23 and Pavilion 23. Let's tackle the business models

09/07/12 Amazon's Kindle Smartphone Will Disrupt the Carrier Model

A smartphone from Amazon is an intoxicating prospect for those of us who watch the mobile world. Apple brought a huge amount of disruption into the space with the launch of the iPhone (arguably changing the definition of what a smartphone should do), Steve Jobs and his Jesus

09/07/12 RIM marks three billion BlackBerry app downloads, wants to set the record straight about App World

Not all of the numbers are bad around RIM headquarters. The company's celebrating the big three billion -- that's the number of app downloads it's seen since the launch of App World. According to RIM, that number amounts to 2.5 million downloads a day -- certainly nothing to sneeze at. Naturally, Research in Motion is using

06/07/12 HP's see-through screen proposals secure US patent

Hewlett Packard has been granted a US patent for its see-through screen technology. The firm describes a system to create transparent displays that would allow users to see both the screen's computer graphics and the backdrop of the room or an object behind the device.

05/07/12 Intel’s subsidiary joins Azerbaijani market

Intel's subsidiary McAfee, has announced its launch into the Azerbaijani consumer market through the retail network of ASBIS partners, ASBIS reported. Consumer solutions McAfee, including McAfee Anti-Virus Plus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection,

05/07/12 Azerbaijan to introduce e-licensing in insurance market

The State Insurance Supervision Service will carry out licensing for insurance market participants in the e-form, head of the State Service Namig Khalilov told reporters."Work is underway in this direction," Khalilov said. He added that work to prepare amendments

03/07/12 Kapital Bank launches 'Mobile Banking' service

Kapital Bank has launched “Mobile Banking” service, which allows its clients to pay – on a round-the-clock- basis - for utility and domestic and international mobile communication services, pay for cable TV and internet services, and get information on the banking account balance.

03/07/12 'Over 2,000 e-signatures have been obtained in Azerbaijan'

First six-month state social insurance reports will be received electronically.Chairman of the State Social Protection Fund Salim Muslumov has told the statement to a press conference. He said that according to data on 21 May, 6,205 persons were applied electronically

03/07/12 Bakcell offers an opportunity to win ticket to Opening Ceremony of FIFA U-17 World Cup tournament

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, offers a wide range of products to modern mobile communication users. Bakcell, the provider of class-leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the Sur@ brand

03/07/12 State Securities Committee of Azerbaijan established system of automated electronic services

The Azerbaijani State Securities Committee has established a system of automated electronic services and integrated it into the 'Electronic Government' (ehdis.az) portal, the committee reported. The committee has ensured the paying of fees in e-form in real time,

02/07/12 The Working Group, created for the execution of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s decree on ‘The State Program for promoting

The Administrative Board of the ‘AzScienceNet’ Science Computer Network (SCN) has held its next meeting in the Information Technologies Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS). The meeting was opened by a presentation, made by a corresponding member of ANAS,

02/07/12 Presentation of e-services for businessmen held in Guba

The presentation titled ‘e-Services for businessmen’ has been held in Guba region. The activity comes as a joint initiative taken by the Ministry of Economic Development, the National Confederation of Azerbaijan Employers Organizations and the International Financial Corporation.

02/07/12 Apple settles iPad trademark dispute in China for $60M

Apple had previously accused Proview of tricking it into signing a contract that would raise questions about the trademark's rightful owner.Apple's iPad trademark trouble in China appears to be behind it. The consumer electronics giant has settled its dispute over

02/07/12 Samsung appeals Apple's injunction against Galaxy Nexus

As expected, Samsung filed a motion today to appeal a preliminary injunction granted to Apple last week against its Galaxy Nexus phone. The motion, filed with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, seeks a stay of the injunction for the duration of the appeal.

30/06/12 Creation of IT sectors in institutes of ANAS promotes formation of e-science

The Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) has held its next meeting. This information was provided to ICTnews by ANAS. According to ANAS, the president of ANAS the academician Mahmud Karimov opened the meeting by providing participants with information

30/06/12 Trainings organized in foreign countries to promote ICT competence and skills

Taking into account the significant role ICT plays in the fields of state administration, ‘e-government’ and ‘information community’, the State Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan seeks to employ the citizens, who have basic computer and internet skills in state organizations.

29/06/12 ULTRA company began to implement Doclogix electronic document circulation system in NIKOIL Bank

The treaty was signed between NIKOIL Bank and ULTRA company about implementation of DocLogix electronic document circulation system for automatization of one hundred work places. Director of Strategy Development and Optimization of Processes Department of NIKOIL BANK

29/06/12 Azerbaijani State Social Protection Fund’s integration into e-government underway in accordance with schedule

The State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) of Azerbaijan has been working to integrate into the "e-government" in accordance with the schedule, SSPF Chairman Salim Muslimov told reporters. "We have connected our database to information system for identity card

29/06/12 List of tariffs, specialties asserted for ICT employees

By Order №06 Labor and Social Protection Minister Fizuli Alakbarov approved "Single Reference Book on official tariffs and specialties, relating to communication and information technologies services" (VTISK). Under the Order General Department of the Ministry is charged to inform

29/06/12 RIM delays new BlackBerry launch; sales crumble

Research In Motion Ltd delayed the make-or-break launch of its next-generation BlackBerry phones until next year, in a devastating setback to the once-dominant technology company whose sales are crumbling, reported Reuters. Shares of the company, which also announced a steeper

29/06/12 Nar Mobile acts as communication partner at picnic organized by American Chamber of Commerce

Nar Mobile will act as the Communication Partner at the picnic ceremony dedicated to US Independence Day on June 30 and organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AMCHAM), the company's press release says on Friday. In the framework of the Partnership Agreement,

28/06/12 Index of development of ICT sector increases from 4.89 to 5.12 in Azerbaijan.

Over the last year Azerbaijan recorded an increase in the index of development of the ICT sector by 0.21 points. The Ministry of Communications & IT reports that for the reported term the index increased from 4.89 up to 5.12. Today there are 65 Internet users aged

28/06/12 Otto Hauzer proposes to apply German model of professional education organization in Azerbaijan

The chairman of the Germany-Azerbaijan Forum, the honorary consul of Azerbaijan in Stuttgart city, Otto Hauzer met with the Minister of Education Misir Mardanov. During the meeting O.Hauzer proposed to realize a new project in the sphere of professional education in Azerbaijan.

28/06/12 Corporate espionage on 'an industrial scale' targeting the UK

Companies should not underestimate the level of corporate espionage – often backed by governments and their intelligence agencies – now taking place across the world. That is the message of security specialists following the revelation by Jonathan Evans, the head of the UK's intelligence service, MI5,

28/06/12 Microsoft loses EU antitrust appeal, faces £688m fine

Microsoft's appeal against a four-year-old antitrust ruling has failed. It sees the company facing a fine of €860m (£688m) for refusing to provide certain information about its products to its competitors, reported Computing. The case dates back to 2004, when Microsoft was

25/06/12 Samsung pegs LTE Galaxy S III for South Korea in July, quad-core quite possibly intact

Remember that dream version of the Galaxy S III that melded the Exynos 4 Quad, LTE-based 4G and 2GB of RAM all in one ultimate device? It now looks much closer to reality. Just as the 3G version is landing on the country's shores through SK Telecom, Samsung is sending word that the

25/06/12 Judge blocks Apple in Google smartphone war

A U.S. judge on Friday ruled that Apple Inc cannot pursue an injunction against Google's Motorola Mobility unit, effectively ending a key case for the iPhone maker in the smartphone patent wars. The ruling came from Judge Richard Posner in Chicago federal court. He dismissed the

25/06/12 HP may cut up to 1,000 jobs in Germany: magazine

Hewlett Packard, the world's largest personal computer maker, may cut as many as 1,000 jobs in Germany as part of planned European-wide redundancies, WirtschaftsWoche reported, citing an unnamed staff representative. HP is planning to cut about 8,000 positions in Europe by

25/06/12 RIM considers splitting business in two: paper

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is considering splitting its business in two, separating its struggling handset manufacturing division from its messaging network, The Sunday Times reported. RIM, which last month hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to look at its strategic options,

25/06/12 Successful Application of Subject Specific e-Resources

During the recent years, Azerbaijan took unprecedented steps toward integrating modern ICT into educational process, as a respond to the demand of the technical age. One of the main issues on the Government’s agenda is the informatization of educational system. The Ministry of Education has been

23/06/12 Ministry of Youth and Sports to present ‘Under Occupation’ computer game

A presentation ceremony for a new computer game called ‘Under Occupation’ will be held on June 23, 2012 at the ‘Guba’ hall of the ‘Hyatt’ hotel. The new computer game was developed in honor of the day of creation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. This information was

22/06/12 Representatives of Argentinean ICT companies to visit Baku

Representatives of Argentinean ICT companies will come to Baku. This information was provided to ICTnews by the Press Service of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the ministry, the Azerbaijan-Argentina business forum will be held on July 3-4, 2012 in Baku.

22/06/12 State Committee on Property Issues to acquire 30 e-signatures

The State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan has applied to the Ministry of Communication and Information technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan for acquiring electronic signatures. This information was provided to ICTnews by the head of the Press Service of

22/06/12 Analysis: Smart logic: Samsung chips away at Intel lead

Samsung Electronics, already a world leader in TVs and smartphones, is taking the fight to Intel Corp for the No.1 slot in semiconductors, betting on strong growth in so-called logic chips that are the brains inside today's fast-selling smart mobile devices. Intel dominates the market for computer processors (CPUs)

22/06/12 China telecom firms may be subsidized: U.S. lawmaker

Two of China's top telecommunications companies may be selling subsidized gear in the United States, and legislation could be proposed to deal with any related national-security threat, the head of the U.S. House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee said on Thursday.

22/06/12 Microsoft may be making own phone: analyst

Microsoft Corp is looking at making its own smartphone to kickstart sales of its Windows mobile software, according to a Wall Street analyst who has followed the company for many years. The talk - unconfirmed by Microsoft - comes a day after the company

20/06/12 President of Republic of Azerbaijan issues decree on measures to insure security of online data recourses of state bodies

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has issued a decree

20/06/12 Nar Mobile held a meeting and organised a karting race for the journalists

Mobile Operator “Nar Mobile” gathered journalists together in the "Rich Club & Lounge” at the Baku Karting and Event Center. The media representatives were briefed about the activities and perspectives of Nar Mobile brand. After the completion of the presentation,

19/06/12 Azerbaijanis learn Chinese experience in creation of special economic zones

The Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev has invited Chinese businessmen to take an active part in the projects implemented in various spheres of Azerbaijan economy, including construction of technology parks. This information was provided to ICTnews

19/06/12 IBM supercomputer overtakes Fujitsu as world's fastest

IBM's Sequoia has taken the top spot on the list of the world's fastest supercomputers for the US. The newly installed system trumped Japan's K Computer made by Fujitsu which fell to second place, according to BBC. It is the first time the US can claim pole position since

19/06/12 Bakcell honored with int’l award

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet provider of Azerbaijan is pleased to announce that the company was honored with "GTB Innovation Award 2012" for provision and successful operation of in-building mobile communications system at "Baku Crystal Hall" Palace,

19/06/12 Xəbərin BaşlığıTelcom market of Azerbaijan survives the global financial crisis relatively painlessly

The information technology market of Azerbaijan has survived the global financial crisis much less painfully than in Kazakhstan, IDC reported. According to information, today the market as a whole has recovered and reached the volume of the pre-crisis period.

19/06/12 Nar Mobile presents unique tariff plan

Azerbaijani mobile operator Nar Mobile presents a unique tariff plan, the company's press release says on Thursday. According to the offered tariff, the subscribers will pay 4 kopecks only for all-net countrywide calls. In addition to this, a subscriber using a Unique Tariff Plan,

19/06/12 International Data Corporation (IDC) plans to open representative office in Azerbaijan

International Data Corporation (IDC) plans to open representative office in Azerbaijan, IDC Central Asia and Azerbaijan head Andrei Beklemishev

19/06/12 Azerbaijan to fully switch to electronic format in 2013

On 13-14 June, 2012, UNECE, USAID, and the Government of Georgia held the 2-nd regional conference titled ‘Trade facilitation, ‘One Window’ concept and harmonization of trade data requirements in the South Caucasus’ in Tbilisi. The 2 day activity discussed issues connected

18/06/12 U.S. military unveils mobile devices strategy

The U.S. military on Friday released a new strategy aimed at tapping the full potential of smartphones and other mobile devices while maintaining adequate security and reliability, according to Reuters. Details must still be worked out, but the policy lays the groundwork for big battles between Research in Motion,

18/06/12 Motorola Solutions to buy computing pioneer Psion

(Reuters) - Motorola Solutions Inc said on Friday it had agreed to buy Psion Plc, the British company that pioneered portable computing with its "Organiser" device in the 1980s, for $200 million to expand its business with industrial clients. The U.S. maker of two-way radios and public safety

18/06/12 Microsoft to buy Yammer for more than $1 billion: WSJ

Business software company Yammer Inc has agreed to sell itself to Microsoft Corp for more than $1 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person familiar with the matter. It was not certain when the deal would be completed and formally announced, the Journal said.

16/06/12 Statistic publications can be obtained via electronic applications

The process of applying for statistical publications and getting copies of payment receipts has been digitalized. This interactive electronic service sells statistic journals, bulletins and other statistical publications on social, economic, environmental and demographic

16/06/12 New technologies allow to make more investments in production of alternative energy

The volume of the capital invested made in the production of alternative energy amounted to $222 billion in 2011. According to information provided by ICTnews, by the end of 2015 this figure will reach $420 billion. The ‘Pike Research’ company, conducting research activities in this connection,

16/06/12 Minister of Economic Development calls on Chinese businessmen to take part in construction of industrial parks in Azerbaijan

The Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev called on Chinese businessmen to take an active part in the project implemented in different spheres of Azerbaijan economy. This information was provided to ICTnews by the press-service of the Ministry of Economic Development

14/06/12 Bakcell subscribers to be able to receive detailed information about European Football Championship games

Bakcell, the first mobile operator and leading mobile internet provider of Azerbaijan offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications users, the company's press release says. Bakcell, provider of the class-leading 3G mobile internet experience in

14/06/12 ICT sector of Azerbaijan demonstrates high rates of growth

The sector of information and communication technologies in Azerbaijan demonstrates high rates of growth, IDC manager for Central Asia &

14/06/12 Cloud technology to be widely used in Azerbaijan

Cloud technologies will be widely used in Azerbaijan in the future, IDC manager for Central Asia & Azerbaijan Andrey Beklemishev told reporters. He said today the world is moving toward cloud technologies

13/06/12 Increase observed in production of computers in Azerbaijan

According to State Statistic Committee, GDP was 15.0 billion manat in January – May of 2012. 8.8% increase was observed in the non-oil sector, and 5.1% decline - in the oil sector. 77.5% of GDP was generated in the industry, respectively it was 17.1% in the processing,

11/06/12 Process of presentation and examination of state budget execution reports fully digitalized

The process of presentation and examination of the state budget execution reports made by the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finances of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been fully digitalized. This information was provided to ICTnews by the Ministry of Finance. According to the ministry, the software,

11/06/12 iOS 6 to dump support for original iPad, 3rd-generation iPod Touch?

Both devices missing from a purported full list of developer releases for Apple's next-generation mobile OS. It's not unusual for Apple to drop iOS support for hardware a couple of generations old, and that is the rumored fate of the original iPad or third-generation iPod Touch.

11/06/12 The State of Personal Democracy: Is Government Really More Secretive?

Kicks off the ninth annual Personal Democracy Forum in New York City, a yearly confab of geeks, digital philosophers and policy wonks that plumbs the connection between technology and how we govern ourselves in the modern world. I’ve been to all but one and and here’s what I’d tell

11/06/12 Apple's WWDC 2012 keynote is tomorrow -- get your liveblog right here!

Crave's Eric Mack kicks off WWDC week by imagining a world where Apple never revolutionized digital music and finds it might not be that bad a place, in fact it could be an improvement. As another Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in San

11/06/12 Does Apple's use of famous stars in ads show weakness?

It's rare for Apple to lean on famous people to sell its wares. Does its current use of John Malkovich, Samuel L. Jackson, and Zooey Deschanel show a certain populist crassness? Or even a lack of ideas? While watching LeBron James attempt to finally justify

11/06/12 Intel takes on cities and supersonic cars

From cities to mobile phones, chipmaker Intel is aiming for ubiquity and backed by Number 10. Matt Warman reports. Never mind the billions of chips sold since Intel was founded in 1968: it’s two words - Intel Inside - and a five-note jingle that turned the company into one of the world’s most valuable brands.

08/06/12 Samsung Electronics names Kwon oh Hyun as new boss

Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest electronics makers, has named a new chief executive officer. Kwon Oh-hyun was head of the firm's component business and is credited with turning it around. Choi Gee-sung, the current chief executive, will become head of

08/06/12 Reports on state budget execution to be received in e-form in Azerbaijan

The State Treasury Agency under the Azerbaijani ministry of finance will receive and consider the reports on the state budget's execution in electronic form, the ministry reported. The organisations will get a user code and

08/06/12 Reactivated Bakcell number gets 300 minutes every month

Bakcell, the first mobile operator and the leading mobile internet provider of Azerbaijan, offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers, the company's press release says. Bakcell, provider of the class leading 3G mobile internet experience in

08/06/12 Azercell introduces innovations for subscribers

Azercell Telekom LLC provides two more new campaigns for its subscribers. The first one will last from May 30, 2012 till November 30, 2012. "Double Mobile Internet" ("İkiqat Mobil İnternet") campaign is intended for all Azercell Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. Campaign is valid for all Internet tariffs.

08/06/12 E-form of reporting on state budget execution to be applied

The State Treasury Agency of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Finance will hold the admission and consider reports on execution of the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan in electronic order. According to Finance Ministry of Azerbaijan, for the admission of

08/06/12 E-trade nears AZN 0,5m

In January-May 2012, retail trade network sold AZN 6.8bn worth consumer products to the population. The commodity market gas increased by 9.2% against the similar period of 2011,

07/06/12 Ellison debuts Oracle Cloud – rebadged strategy of 100+ hosted apps

"We're eating a lot of our own dog food and it tastes great," said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (pictured) as he presented "Oracle Cloud", which he has trailed as a comprehensive B2B and B2C cloud computing strategy for the enterprise vendor. The "announcement" of what Oracle says is 100+,

07/06/12 Samsung to build $1.9 billion logic chip line

Samsung Electronics Co, the world's No.2 chipmaker, said it will spend $1.9 billion to build a new logic chip line to make processors for mobile devices as demand grows for smartphones and tablets.Samsung, which makes application processors for Apple's iPhone and iPad - which rival its own Galaxy and Note devices

07/06/12 HTC shares slide as company lowers revenue forecast

Shares of Taiwan's HTC have fallen 7% on the Taiwan Stock Exchange after the firm lowered its sales and profit forecast for the second quarter. HTC said it now expects a revenue of NT$91bn ($3bn; £1.9bn) for the period, 13% lower than its initial projection.It also cut its projection

07/06/12 Vodafone and Telefonica team up over 4G

Mobile phone giants Vodafone and 02-owner Telefonica, have announced plans to create one shared grid in the UK. The move is designed to improve existing coverage and to speed up the roll-out of superfast 4G services. The firms say it will mean 4G mobile services,

05/06/12 Now citizens can make online applications to Ministry of Defence Industry

‘Citizens can now make online applications to the Ministry of Defence Industry of . ‘Electronic application’, which is one of the e-services rendered by the Ministry, has been partly automated’ said spokesman from the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan in his interview to ICTnews.

05/06/12 Azerbaijan to introduce restrictions on the purchase-sale operations

The Azerbaijani government plans to introduce restrictions on the purchase-sale operations within one transaction and one month in cash to promote non-cash payments in the country. The draft amendments to the Tax Code will limit physical entities' cash transactions within one transaction at the level of 5,000 manat,

05/06/12 U.S. carriers gear up for a Samsung summer

Summer is here and with it a hot new smartphone – but this June it’s not an iPhone that will have consumers lining up outside retail stores. While Apple is widely expected to delay its new iPhone launch until fall as it did last year, Samsung is hitting the U.S. market hard with the new Galaxy S III.

05/06/12 Exclusive Analysis: Nokia looks to consolidate on its early lead in MEA

Ovum recently attended a Nokia-hosted analyst event in Dubai, where the vendor explained its current business and future prospects in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Nokia has traditionally been strong in MEA, and is now looking to consolidate on its lead. One of the recurring themes

05/06/12 TiVo countersues Cisco as DVR patent battle heats up

TiVo Inc countersued Cisco Systems Inc in a court over alleged infringement of four patents relating to digital video recorder (DVR) technology, days after Cisco filed a lawsuit against TiVo to void those same patents, according to BBC. TiVo, which sells set-up boxes that record and play back TV programs,

05/06/12 State Land and Cartography Committee expands e-services

The State Land and Cartography Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan set up the Single Electronic Cartographic Base for Geographic Information Systems. This information was provided to ICTnews by Chavid Abdullayev, the head of the Information Technologies Sector of the State

05/06/12 State Social Protection Fund automates provision of reference services to pensioners

The State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) of Azerbaijan has fully automated procedures for providing information and referral services to pensioners, the fund reported. The service is integrated into the electronic government portal. It allows pensioners to obtain personal

05/06/12 Smart Systems Technology updates automated systems in four banks

Smart Systems Technology has completed the main stage of work for the integration of an updated version of an automated Smart Bank banking system in four financial institutions of Azerbaijan, company reported.

04/06/12 SLCC automates its service related to publication and electronic sale of thematic maps and atlases used for different purposes

The State Land and Cartography Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SLCC) has partly automated its electronic service connected with publication and e-sale of maps and atlases used for different purposes. This information was provided to ICTnews by SLCC. According to SLCC,

04/06/12 Someone help this designer get his iPhone alarm clock design on Kickstarter

The rise of smartphones and music players has made standalone alarm clocks a thing of the past for many. While there is a dearth of alarm clock-type stands already on the market, design student Robert Bye has come up with his own sleek effort in response to a lack of a “nicely

04/06/12 Mario Cuomo's three wishes for US: education, immigrants, tech

Former New York governor who turned down a run at the White House and was called "Hamlet on the Hudson," spent a few minutes talking tech with CNET. If you're old enough to remember the 1984 Democratic National Convention and you were among those that didn't buy into Ronald Regan's

04/06/12 HP takes EliteBook W-series on a trip to Ivy Bridge, throws in Z220 Xeon workstation for good measure

it's the turn of the pro-oriented EliteBook W-series to get the long-awaited upgrade. The 8470W, 8570W and 8770W draw on Intel's faster dual Core i5 and quad Core i7 chips with respective choices of 14-, 15.6- and 17.3-inch screens. All of them pack AMD's FirePro for video duties,

04/06/12 Samsung Galaxy S III coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and US Cellular this month

Official is as official does... right? In a bid to one-up the Galaxy S II's launch here in the States, Samsung has just announced that five carriers will soon have their own customized versions of the Galaxy S III. And by "soon," we mean "beginning in June." AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and

02/06/12 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II getting ICS June 11th

If you've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more for Ice Cream Sandwich to show up on the US variants of the Galaxy S II, it looks like the upgrade is ready to begin trickling in. T-Mobile is the first to announce an official date for its flavor of last year's

01/06/12 29 investment projects to be implemented with use of new technologies for development of entrepreneurship

The National Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan has held its next activity, titled ‘State support for the development of entrepreneurship in Baku settlements,’ in Ramana settlement in Sabunchu district in Baku.

01/06/12 Corner Office to Oval Office; Apple After Steve Jobs

Unemployment numbers out today are expected to remain a disappointing 8.1%. With slow growth and modest job creation, the economy is sure to dominate the presidential race. Mitt Romney argues his business experience has prepared him to turn the economy around. But how does

01/06/12 Samsung’s Galaxy S and SII pass 50m combined sales, Galaxy Note reaches 7m

Just days after the release of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, Samsung has released sales figures for earlier models of its Galaxy line, announcing today that combined (channel and distributor) sales of its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones have exceeded the 50 million mark globally.

01/06/12 Analysis: RIM's new woes seen speeding loss of BlackBerry users

Research In Motion's appointment of bankers to advise on drastic options, including an outright sale of the BlackBerry maker, may only hasten moves by major customers to offer their employees smartphones produced by rivals. An increasing number of top companies and government departments that

01/06/12 Electronic base to be created for Azerbaijani dictionaries

According to information provided by ICTnews, the electronic base will be soon created for the materials, which have been accumulated for Azerbaijani dictionaries so far. On May 29, 2012, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order on strengthening the material and

30/05/12 Storage capacity slowdown can be buffered by virtualisation, says HDS’ Yoshida

The key to weathering the storage pricing fallout caused by last year's floods in Thailand doesn't lie in expanding memory, says Hitachi Data System's CTO Hubert Yoshida (pictured), but in using what's already available more effectively. Speaking to Computing at HDS's Europe,

30/05/12 Nar Mobile presents Mobile English Language Project

Nar Mobile elated its subscribers by the new Mobile English Language Project implemented jointly with the British Council. The Mobile English Language is a project that facilitates the process of learning the English language and makes it more entertaining.

29/05/12 Special offer with HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V from Bakcell

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers. Bakcell, provider of the class leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the brand name

29/05/12 Azerbaijani GSM operators to deploy LTE network

All three GSM operators in Azerbaijan are permitted to use necessary frequencies for the deployment of the network LTE (Long Term Evolution), the regulation department of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies reported. According to information it allows all three players of the mobile

29/05/12 “Cloud computing” technology to be provided in Azerbaijan’s education system from 2013

Introduction of 'cloud computing' is provided for in Azerbaijan's education from 2013, the Office of informatization of education system of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan reported. The use of "cloud computing" is provided under the regular state program

25/05/12 Representatives of Azerbaijani state bodies receive e-Government training in Estonia

On 13-17 May, 2012, in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, the Civil Service Affairs Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan jointly with the Estonian Eastern Partnership Centre conducted a training course, titled ‘The legal framework of the

25/05/12 Bakcell’s special offer with Nokia 100, C1-01, C2-01 and 300 models

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan offers a variety of products for modern mobile communications customers. Bakcell provides class leading 3G mobile internet experience in the country under the brand name is

25/05/12 Nar Mobile presents English Language Project

Nar Mobile belated its subscribers by the new Mobile English Language Project implemented jointly with the British Council. The Mobile English Language is a project that facilitates the process of learning the English language and makes it more entertaining.

25/05/12 Azercell Telekom deploys 4G network

Azerbaijani mobile operator Azercell Telekom announced the deployment of the 4G network Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Baku. LTE technology has been chosen as a core technology of the fourth generation. Company head Ali Agan said that it is important to render this service during the Eurovision-2012 Song

22/05/12 Azerbaijani state agencies to render online-payment services

Several Azerbaijani state agencies will render online-payment services through its Internet resources soon, GoldenPay reported. Azerbaijani GoldenPay, operating as a system integrator, has been chosen as an agency which will deal with the technical side of the system.

21/05/12 Mass computerization allows citizens to become full-fledged members of information society

Azerbaijan pursues the ICT policy, which has a positive influence on the development of the internet. Today, 65% of the population in Azerbaijan is using the internet, and this index is 1,5 – 2 times higher than the world average. This information was provided to ICTnews

21/05/12 Bakcell resumes Free Night Calls campaign

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, has reactivated its "Free Night Calls" Campaign, which had a huge positive feedback of customers in the past. This the real summer gift for Bakcell CIN customers who wish add joy and fun to the long summer nights.

21/05/12 Azerbaijani State Committee for Land and Cartography adopted administrative regulations for nine types of e-services

The Azerbaijani State Committee for Land and Cartography has adopted administrative regulations for nine types of e-services, the committee reported. Among them are getting information about the State Committee for form number, on a plot of land on the number of the inventory,

21/05/12 Nar Mobile subscribers will receive compensation with the accident at its network

Nar Mobile has completely sorted out technical problems caused by the accident at its network, company reported. The company expresses its deep gratitude to its subscribers for understanding the situation despite all difficulties and challenges they faced.

21/05/12 Apple pledges clean power for datacentre following Greenpeace protest

Apple is promising to use renewable energy sources following a high-profile protest from environmental group Greenpeace. The company has outlined a plan which will see its Maiden, North Carolina facility powered by up to 20 megawatts of electricity generated

21/05/12 HP’s Whitman to Announce Restructuring Plan Wednesday; 30,000 Jobs Targeted

The daunting task of restructuring Hewlett-Packard will begin in earnest next Wednesday when the company reports its quarterly earnings. Sources familiar with the company’s plans say that CEO Meg Whitman will discuss the opening steps of a company-wide restructuring plan that will include

19/05/12 China Mobile 'in talks' with Apple to offer iPhone

The world's biggest mobile phone network, China Mobile, could soon offer its customers Apple's iPhone. The Chinese carrier's chairman has confirmed the two firms are in talks. Compatibility issues between the iPhone and China Mobile's 3G network

19/05/12 Met Police to extract suspects' mobile phone data

The Metropolitan Police has implemented a system to extract mobile phone data from suspects held in custody, BBC reported. The data includes call history, texts and contacts, and the BBC has learned that it will be retained regardless of whether any charges are brought.

18/05/12 Nar Mobile conducts technical works to improve quality of network services

On May 18, 2012, Nar Mobile informs its subscribers on technical problems in the network due to the upgrade works. During the upgrade works subscribers might experience difficulties and problems while using phone calls and some other services.

18/05/12 Bakcell announces investments plans for 2012

Bakcell (the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan) company's volume of investments in the Azerbaijani network development will hit 70 million manat by late 2012, the company's technical director Yigit Berktas told media. "About five million manat has been transferred

18/05/12 Number of boys and girls who want to became ICT specialists grows

The issue of preparation of the national ICT cadres has always been under the focus in Azerbaijan. The ‘Human recourses fund for the development of ICT ‘ was created in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan to this regard.

18/05/12 Verizon data fans to pay more in service or phones

Verizon Wireless plans to make its data-hungry customers pay a lot more, either in service fees or smartphone prices, as it tries to cut costs and boost revenue from data services, Reuters reported. The No. 1 U.S. mobile provider said it will eliminate unlimited data

17/05/12 Azerbaijan marks World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

On 17 May 2012 the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a solemn ceremony

17/05/12 Azerbaijan presented at Intellectual Property Rights Protection workshop

Azerbaijani customs representatives participated in three-day workshop devoted to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), ENPI Info Center reported. A workshop which took place on 14, 15 and 16 May in Odessa with participation of customs

17/05/12 Azerbaijan develops cooperation with South African Republic in television and radio broadcasting

On 16 May ambassador of Azerbaijan to South African Republic Elkhan Polukhov met general director of the South African Broadcasting Corporation Limited (SABC) Mmabato Ramagoshi. According to the news service for the Azerbaijani embassy in the South African Republic,

16/05/12 KUR Plant supplied DVB-T-decoders for digital broadcasting to the Nakchivan Autonomous Republic

KUR Plant for the production of computer equipment has supplied its first DVB-T-decoders for digital broadcasting to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, KUR reported. Deliveries of equipment to the autonomous republic, the total number of which is 500 units, are carried out under a contract signed with the Azerbaijani cable operator,

16/05/12 ICT sector accounts for 1.7% of GDP

In January-April of 2012, the GDP volume of Azerbaijan made up AZN 16.6 bn, which is 0.3% more than in the same period of last year. The State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan announced that the volume

16/05/12 Car owners can electronically apply for technical inspection of their cars and trailers

A decision has been made to introduce amendments to the ‘Regulations on state technical inspection of motor vehicles and their trailers’, which were approved by the Cabinet of Ministers’ order No: 40 of 15 March 1999. According to information provided by ‘ICTnews’, the Cabinet of Ministers

16/05/12 ICT sector accounts for 1.7% of GDP

In January-April of 2012, the GDP volume of Azerbaijan made up AZN 16.6 bn, which is 0.3% more than in the same period of last year. The State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan announced that the volume of added value generated by non-oil sector of the economy constituted AZN 7.1 bn.

15/05/12 Incomes from ICT and postal services up over 8%

the first quarter of 2012, revenues from the information and communication technologies and postal services sphere made up AZN 303,4m. According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies,

15/05/12 Azerbaijani university held seminar on ICT development in Azerbaijan

Qafqaz University has hosted the seminar on “Development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Azerbaijan.” Rector of the University, Professor Ahmet Sanij underlined National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s good turns on development of the ICT in

15/05/12 Azerbaijan cuts mobile phones import

By results of the first quarter of 2012 Azerbaijan imported 30,020 mobile phones in the amount of $1,517,700. According to the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan, this is a drop of 2,75% over the same period of 2011,

15/05/12 SMS information service in car compulsory insurance

By using 9707 SMS service citizens may acquire all information about the contact for compulsory liability insurance of car owners. All they need is to send a SMS message with the state registration number of the car from their mobile phones to 9707 number. In case the car owner has

14/05/12 Administrative projects related to e-services rendered by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been presented to the public for discussion

Administrative projects related to e-services rendered by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been presented to the public for discussion. According to information provided by ‘ICTnews’, these electronic services include

11/05/12 Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses to increase number of e-services

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses of the Republic of Azerbaijan is taking measures towards improving electronic services it renders to the population. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by Irada Ibrahimova, the head of the Press Service of the Ministry.

11/05/12 Microsoft releases critical security update

Microsoft's latest monthly patch release includes three critical software fixes, including one for a vulnerability in Microsoft Office that the firm said could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted RTF file. "An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the current user," the bulletin said.

11/05/12 Three signs £18m contract for IBM business intelligence platform

Mobile operator Three is deploying an £18m managed business intelligence platform in a bid to increase customer retention. IBM will be providing the cross-channel marketing campaign management solution and will include Unica Campaign software to help Three gain a

11/05/12 Apple reasserts tablet dominance despite slump in global sales

Global tablet sales dropped by 38.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2012 to 17.4 million units, from a total of 28.2 million units in Q4 2011, although Apple's iPad sales bucked the trend by remaining strong. Apple shipped 11.8 million iPads in the first three months of the year,

11/05/12 Endsleigh selects IBM Coremetrics to improve online sales

UK insurance provider Endsleigh has selected IBM's Coremetrics Web Analytics solution in a bid to improve its online sales. The web analytics tool tracks how long people spend on web pages, which pages they prefer and how effective the online application process for the insurer's products is.

10/05/12 Producer prices on computers drop by 6.1% in Azerbaijan

In April, the producer prices index in processing industry made up 101.1%. Producer prices on computer and other electronic devices cheapened by 6.1%, tobacco products by 4.7%, in textile industry by 3.1%, food production by 2.1%, electronic devices by 1.1%, jewelry, music, sport

08/05/12 Bakcell: 4G launch date depends on license availability

4G Launch date depends on license availability, so the Azerbaijani mobile operator, Bakcell, can start pilot service when license is available, the company reported. "Bakcell has already demonstrated pre-commercial LTE last November at BakuTel Exibition.

05/05/12 Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone unveiled

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S3. The handset has a 4.8 inch (12.2cm) screen, an increase on the 4.3 inch screen of its predecessor. The device is perceived to be critical to how people view both Samsung's brand and the Android system it runs.

04/05/12 Baku digital real estate map to be prepared for next 2-3 years

The Azerbaijani State Property Committee will prepare an electronic data base of real estate cadastre and digital cadastral map of Baku for the next two to three years, committee chairman Karam Hasanov said at the public presentation on 'E-services in the management and property

04/05/12 Nokia wades into patent wars, targeting HTC and RIM

Nokia has filed claims against rival handset manufacturers HTC, RIM, and US firm Viewsonic, alleging that they have each infringed its patents. Louise Pentland, chief legal officer at Nokia, explained that the firm has already agreed deals with other companies to use its designs, but

04/05/12 IBM to buy customer experience specialist Tealeaf Technology

IBM is to buy customer experience analytics software provider Tealeaf Technology for an undisclosed sum. The technology giant is set to build on its February acquisition of cloud-based analytics provider DemandTec as part of its wider Smarter Commerce initiative. The initiative was launched in March

03/05/12 E-services enter active phase in Azerbaijan

E-services of the Azerbaijani State Property Committee have been integrated into the 'Electronic government' portal, Azerbaijani deputy minister of communications and IT Elmir Valizade said at a public presentation on 'E-services in the management and registration of

03/05/12 E-services essential for diversification of Azerbaijan’s economy, World Bank

Azerbaijan has come a long way in its development for over the past 10 years and now it is in a group of the countries with high average incomes, the head of the World Bank (WB) representation in Azerbaijan Joseph Owen said at a public presentation on 'E-services in the

03/05/12 B & BTV Communications choose the Dutch Irdeto conditional access system

The operator of cable television in Azerbaijan B & BTV Communications has chosen the Dutch Irdeto conditional access system, marketing manager for B & BTV Communications reported. A conditional access system will be used to view the commercial package

03/05/12 Motorola Mobility reports wider Q1 loss, device sales slip

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. posted a wider first-quarter loss after selling fewer mobile devices in this year's first three months. Motorola Mobility, which is awaiting approval to be bought by Google Inc. for $12.5 billion, reported 8.9 million total sales

03/05/12 Flashback 'hijacked' Google keyword searches

The Flashback Trojan that infected Apple Mac computers could have made more than $10,000 (£6,200) a day for its creators, suggests research. Analysis of the malicious software by security firm Symantec showed it was built to hijack Google searches. On infected machines the malware

01/05/12 2nd final of Republican Olympiad in Informatics among university students comes to end

The 2nd final of the Republican Olympiad in Informatics, which comes as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Ministry of Education has come to an end. The activity is held among university students at the AMEA Information Technologies Institute,

01/05/12 Ultra company becomes Sharp official distributor

Ultra company, one of the leading IT companies of Azerbaijan, got the official distributor status of Sharp. Japanese corporation Sharp is known as developer and manufacturer of LCD-technology, the copier, the computer and the consumer electonics all over the world. The main direction of the companies' joint activities in

30/04/12 Nar Mobile presents New Mobile Application

Nar Mobile always pioneering innovations elates its subscribers by presenting the new mobile application. From now on owners of Android powered phones shall be able to use Nar Mobile services and inquiry their balance via the application. They will also receive information

27/04/12 Bakcell supports RedBull BC1 cypher Azerbaijan-2012

Bakcell, the first mobile operator and the leading mobile internet provider of Azerbaijan, is keen on investing more in young, creative people in Azerbaijan. In light of this, Bakcell is delighted to announce that it supports Red Bull BC 1 cypher Azerbaijan-2012 event held in Baku.

27/04/12 Nar Mobile to provide entire spectrum of mobile services in subway stations soon

"Nar Mobile" mobile operator in addition to 2G services will shortly provide 3G services at all metro stations of the capital. Currently services provided by the company are accessible at the following metro stations: "Sahil", "Nizami", "28 may", "Memar Ajami", "Azadlıq". The services will include voice communication,

27/04/12 International Competition titled ‘Cooperation in Education: Microsoft Forum 2013’ starts

The ‘Microsoft Azerbaijan’ company has began the selection process in Azerbaijan in connection with the ‘Cooperation in Education Forum 2013’ competition. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the ‘Madad Azerbaijan’ organization will provide their support for

26/04/12 Digital database created at Science Development Foundation

‘A powerful database has been created at the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan’, said the Executive Director of the Foundation Elchin Babayev during his interview to ‘ICTnews’. ‘The database will help us to find out whether the certain

26/04/12 Nokia and HTC win European patent ruling against Ipcom

The European Patent Office has revoked a patent which threatened to halt sales of HTC and Nokia phones in Germany.Intellectual property licensor Ipcom had demanded a ban on the two smartphone makers' handsets after they refused to meet its terms. The dispute centred on rights to a wireless technology

26/04/12 O2 mobile wallet app launches text message payments

Mobile network O2 has launched a smartphone app that allows users to transfer up to £500 via text message. It also allows customers to "digitise" their debit and credit cards to speed up purchases from online stores. The firm also intends to allow users of phones with near-field communication (NFC)

26/04/12 Women buy 70% of ‘people’s computers’

So far, 17,888 computers have been sold within the implementation of the ‘People’s Computer’ project. Out of this figure 2,842 computers have been sold in Baku, and 15,046 – in regions. The second largest number of computers (1,685 pcs.) has been sold in the Nakhichevan AR, and the third (795 pcs.)

26/04/12 ‘Caspian Telecom’ expands its fiber-optic network

The ‘Caspian Telecom’ LLC (CASTEL), the leading company in the Information and Communication sphere in Azerbaijan, is expanding its fiber-optic technology based network. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by the deputy director of the ‘CASTEL’ company Mahizar Tagiyeva.

24/04/12 Facebook buys AOL patents from Microsoft in $550m deal

Facebook is paying Microsoft $550m (£341m) for some of the patents it recently bought from AOL, reported BBC.Microsoft paid more than $1bn for most of AOL's patents, beating rivals reported to have included Facebook. Facebook was sued by Yahoo for patent infringement earlier this year.

24/04/12 Application of ICT widens in all persecution agencies

Activities are now being conducted in Azerbaijan in order to introduce modern information technologies in persecution agencies. As part of these activities, the Information Technologies Application Service of the General Prosecutor Office has prepared the ‘Digital Documents

23/04/12 Ministry of Internal Affairs to speed up introduction of e-services

The Ministry of Internal Affairs held an extended board meeting dedicated to the realization of ‘the International Cooperation Development Concept of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan’, implementation of activities towards solving crimes committed against private property and

23/04/12 Azerbaijani scientist elected a member of the Advisory Board of China

Director of the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS, corresponding member of ANAS Rasim Alguliev has been elected a member of the Advisory Board of China's international journal "Convergence Computing". The Journal aims to provide high-quality scientific research results,

23/04/12 Azerbaijan’s prosecution, Russian Investigation Committee boost ICT cooperation

A delegation of the Russian Investigation Committee visited the General Prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan on 16-19 April as part of the cooperation program signed between the two structures on 28 September 2010. According to the news service for the General Prosecutor’s Office,

23/04/12 4G mobile communication services to be launched in Azerbaijan

The mobile operator of Azerbaijan, Azercell Telekom plans to launch 4G technology services in early May. The statement came from Ulviya Hasanzade, chief of the Department for Corporate Ties and Public Responsibility of Azercell Telecom. She said the 4G network will be launched in Baku on the initial stage.

23/04/12 Blind-spot safety technology should be mandatory, report says

All buses and lorries in the UK should be fitted with collision-avoidance technology by 2015, a report has recommended. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) said more could be done to protect those in drivers' blind-spots. The report suggested the adoption of available technology,

23/04/12 Mozilla smartphone to go on sale in 'late 2012'

Mobile phones running an operating system developed by makers of the Firefox web browser will go on sale in late 2012, according to BBC.
The first handsets running Mozilla's "Boot to Gecko" (B2G) software will be available in Brazil on Telefonica Vivo's mobile network.

23/04/12 Unused e-waste discarded in China raises questions

A massive e-waste landfill in Guiyu, in southern China's Guangdong province, is much more than a graveyard for old computers, says an investigative US writer based in Shanghai, reported BBC. Electronic waste can be highly toxic and needs to be disposed safely.

21/04/12 Apple users warned malware-free days at an end

New research reveals that the number of targeted attacks and malware plaguing mobile devices and the Mac OS has significantly increased, v3.co.uk. Alienvault's "State of the Threats" report predicted the trend would continue, with criminals being

21/04/12 Samsung pegged for 3 May S-Cloud unveiling

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch a cloud storage service aimed at taking on Apple's iCloud platform, according to v3.co.uk. Korean newspaper Maeil Business originally reported that the company was targeting its 3 May event in London as the launch date for the service.

21/04/12 LightSquared aims to stay afloat following Inmarsat deal

Embattled wireless broadband firm LightSquared has agreed to a deal which will extend its deadline for making payments to its satellite communications partner Inmarsat, v3.co.uk reported. The two firms said that they have agreed to defer the $29.6m payment

21/04/12 U.S.-Azerbaijan Economic Partnership Commission Joint Statement

The Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Azerbaijan convened the third meeting of their bilateral Economic

20/04/12 Bring your own device-related spending to top £2bn by 2016

A new report from analyst first TechMarketView predicts that by 2016, 9.5 million employees in the UK – about one-third of the workforce – will be using their own computing devices for work, as the trend dubbed "bring your own technology" (BYOT) gathers pace. When computers first became mass-market items,

20/04/12 Francis Maude promises to release more government data

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has pledged to open up more government data to the public in a bid to make the UK government more open and transparent.Maude was speaking at the Open Government Partnership conference (OGP) in Brazil just as the UK takes

20/04/12 Smartphones to make cash and card redundant by 2020 - report

Smartphones with "paytags" will make both cash and credit cards redundant by 2020, according to a survey of 1,200 technology experts polled for a report by

20/04/12 State Customs Committee launches new e-service

According to information provided by ‘ICTnews’, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan has launched a new electronic service titled ‘Passenger Declaration’. The new e-service allows physical persons to electronically declare goods, including currency

19/04/12 IDC «Datacenters Transformation and IT Security Roadshow 2012» Conference to be held in Baku

IDC «Datacenters Transformation and IT Security Roadshow 2012» Conference will be held 14 June in Baku. The event is a part of IDC IT Security and Datacenters Transformation Roadshow, a regional series of conferences focused on a variety of issues associated with today's IT

18/04/12 State Committee for City Building and Architecture expand e-services

Large amount of work has been done in the 1-st quarter of this year in order to introduce electronic services in the State Committee for City Building and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. These activities are still continuing now as part of the implementation of the

18/04/12 Minister: POS-terminals to be installed in Baku within 20 days

POS-terminals will be installed in Baku within 15-20 days, Azerbaijani Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2012 and the upcoming challenges, chaired by the Azerbaijani President.

18/04/12 Mobile operators unconvinced by Nokia's revival bid

Nokia's bid to challenge the dominance of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android has failed to convince telecom operators in Europe, depriving it of powerful allies in its fight to regain the top spot in the mobile market. Four major telecom operators in Europe,

17/04/12 Number of mobile phones imported to Azerbaijan grows

The State Statistical Committee recorded increase in import of mobile phones to Azerbaijan. 23,251 mobile phones with the total value of $10,843,000 have

17/04/12 Nar Mobile is Communication Partner of Iteca Caspian

Being the first mobile operator to offer 3G technology in Azerbaijan, the Nar Mobile has become the Communication Partner of Iteca Caspian, which is the important exhibition and conference organizer in the Caspian region. International exhibitions and conferences held

17/04/12 Azerbaijan and US to discuss ICT related issues

The 3-rd meeting of the Azerbaijan-US Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation is expected to be held in Washington on April 18, 2012. From the Azerbaijani side the Commission will be co-chaired

17/04/12 Queensland Rail spends US$34 million on data centre consolidation

One of Australia’s largest rail network operator, Queensland Rail, is consolidating its data centres under a US$34 million (AUD$33 million) infrastructure management initiative. Queensland Rail, which split from the privatised freight arm QR National last year,

17/04/12 Apple releases tool to combat Flashback malware

Apple has released a fresh Java update that it says removes the Flashback Trojan on infected Macintosh computers. The malware installs itself if a user visits a malicious website, exposing the computer to control by hackers. The update's release comes two days after Apple

17/04/12 IBM may raise full-year software demand forecast

IBM Corp (IBM.N) reports earnings after the bell on Tuesday and investors are hoping strong software demand will make for a repeat of last year's first-quarter performance, when the company raised its full year forecast. After Oracle Corp's (ORCL.O) strong first-quarter software sales and

17/04/12 Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon

The Pentagon has put in an order for prototype contact lenses that give users a much wider field of vision. The lenses are designed to be paired with compact head-up display (HUD) units - glasses that allow images to be projected onto their lenses. Much bulkier HUDs are already deployed by

17/04/12 Republican Olympiad on informatics among university students started

Republican Olympiad on Informatics among university students, dedicated to 17 May – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day started. The Olympiad is organzed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, Heydar Aliyev Foundation,

17/04/12 Azerbaijan’s young scientists to participate at Intel® International Science and Engineering Fair®

Young scientists of Azerbaijan will present their scientific work at an international fair of scientific and technical creativity. The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), will be held in Pittsburgh (USA) from May 13 to 18, the organiser's report said on Monday.

17/04/12 Message from ITU Secretary-General on the occasion of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

ICTs play a catalytic role in creating opportunities for people in every walk of life, especially for those among us who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, while providing the framework for long-term sustainable development. This year, on World Telecommunication and Information

16/04/12 Taiwan in talks with foreign tech firms on cloud data centers

Taiwan's government hopes foreign technology firms will build their Asian cloud computing centers on the island, and it is wooing firms including social-networking giant Facebook Inc. with incentives such as lower tax rates and cheaper land, Technology Minister Simon Chang said in a recent interview.

16/04/12 EU opens investigation into UK mobile payments JV

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed creation of a joint venture in the U.K. between Vodafone Group PLC, Telefónica SA and Everything Everywhere in the field of mobile commerce. The commission's preliminary investigation indicated potential

16/04/12 Number of mobile phones imported into Azerbaijan increased by 11,6 percent

Roughly 23,251 mobile phones worth $1,084.3 were imported into Azerbaijan in January and February, according to the State Committee on Statistics.

14/04/12 Single electronic base of normative legal acts of Azerbaijan modernized

Azerbaijan updates regularly its single electronic base, in which normative legal acts are accumulated. Presently, the ‘http://e-qanun.az/’ web-site, where the electronic database of the single internet information recourse is located, is updated on a daily bases by

13/04/12 Nar Mobile subscribers to stay tuned on mobile communication services in subway stations

Nar Mobile announces its full spectrum communication services to start for subscribers in subway stations. These services will include voice calls, text messaging, data transmission, internet access and other functions. Several days ago, Nar Mobile made public the start-up of

13/04/12 Bakcell made a presentation at 15th Eurasian Economic Summit in Turkey

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan is pleased to be one of the sponsors of the 15th Eurasian Economic Summit, to be held on 11-12 April in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey. The Eurasian Economic Summit is one of the most prestigious

13/04/12 Nokia Siemens reiterates €1bn cost saving target

Finnish-German network equipment vendor Nokia Siemens Networks reiterated its EUR1 billion cost cutting target, rebuffing a media report that it had doubled that target. "We have always stated that we're looking for an annualised operating cost reduction

13/04/12 Microsoft wins restraining order in Motorola patent case

A U.S. court has granted Microsoft Corp. a restraining order to prevent Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. from taking action based on a ruling expected from a German court later this month, the latest twist in a year-and-a-half old transatlantic dispute. On Wednesday, the U.S. District Court in Seattle granted a restraining

13/04/12 Mobile operators ignore advertising opportunity

The mobile channel is taking an increasing share of advertising dollars, with advertisers rolling out more sophisticated campaigns to hold consumers' attention, but mobile operators are noticeable in their absence from the party, according to one mobile advertising platform provider. "We don't work with mobile operators,"

12/04/12 Nar Mobile subscribers to use mobile network services in subway stations

Nar Mobile announces its full spectrum communication services to start for subscribers in subway stations. These services will include voice calls, text messaging, data transmission, internet access and other functions. Several days ago,

12/04/12 State program on development of space industry prepared in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry has prepared the state program on the development of space industry and presented it to the government for confirmation. The statement came from Director General of the National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defense Industry Alchin Shirinzade.

12/04/12 Georgian e-map included in Azerbaijani online navigator

The Azerbaijani online-navigator GoMap.az includes Georgia's e-map, SINAM reported. The GoMap.az extended electronic map will be officially presented on the eleventh Azerbaijani Tourism and Travel International Exhibition in Baku Expo Center on April 12-14.

10/04/12 Amazon company to move into Tech City

Pushbutton TV, a company acquired by Amazon in July last year, will move in to London's Tech City, the area affectionately known as 'Silicon Roundabout' and which is intended to hothouse IT startup talent. According to a report in the Independent, Amazon will move Pushbutton

10/04/12 Microsoft buys and licenses AOL patents in $1bn deal

A statement said the agreement covers the intellectual property rights to more than 800 innovations. Microsoft will also be granted licensing rights to about 300 patents that AOL is keeping, according to BBC. It is the latest in a series of such deals as technology firms act to bolster their chances in related lawsuits.

07/04/12 Process of application to ethics officers by citizens has been fully digitalized

In connection with the transition to the e-Government certain measures have been implemented in Azerbaijan in order to simplify for citizens the process of making electronic applications to ethics officers of public bodies. As part of these measures ethics sections have been

06/04/12 Increase in production of computers observed in Azerbaijan

The total value of products manufactured in the industrial spheres in Azerbaijan in January-February 2012 amounted to 6.0 billion manat.

06/04/12 ICT skills of teachers will be improved

The rector of the ‘Kavkaz’ University Ahmed Sanich says that universities have three responsibilities: education of students, hard work and social responsibility. ‘As far as social responsibility is concerned I would like to mention the fact that although schools are provided with computers,

05/04/12 ‘IRELI’ Information Technologies Center organizes ICT trainings for young people

The Information Technologies Center ‘IRELI’ has begun conducting ICT trainings in Baku within the framework of the ‘IT Academy’ project. According to information provided by ‘ICTnews’, the project aims at educating young people on the ICT sphere, including using of various types of ICT equipment and internet

05/04/12 Samsung holds onto top spot in US handset market

Samsung Electronics Co. remains the top handset manufacturer, maintaining a 25.6% share of total U.S. mobile subscribers for the three-month period ended in February, according to comScore Inc. The market-research firm's survey of 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers found that LG Electronics Inc.'s share

05/04/12 Sony Mobile names Kunimasa Suzuki new CEO

Sony Corp. tapped one of Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai's top deputies to run its newly formed mobile phone business, a key facet of the company's efforts to regain its footing in the consumer electronics industry. Sony picked Kunimasa Suzuki, who oversees planning and design for all of Sony's consumer products and services,

05/04/12 IT services provider CSC claims politics is behind stalled NHS deal

Guy Hains, CSC president of healthcare, has suggested that the government's plan to devolve more NHS decision-making to primary care trusts is “the backdrop” to the stalled relationship between the company and the NHS, rather than the failure to agree new contract terms, according to Computing. Progress on the Lorenzo project is currently at an agreed standstill until 1 June,

05/04/12 Report: Big data to add £216bn to the UK economy

Analytics for big data could contribute £216bn to the UK economy and create 58,000 new jobs over the next five years, according to a study by research firm The Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) and business analytics provider SAS, reported Computing. The report, entitled Data Equity: Unlocking the value of big data,

04/04/12 Results of activities implemented in ICT sector analyzed

The Azerbaijan Marketing Society has conducted marketing research titled ‘Assessment of the actual situation in the sphere of application of information and communication technologies in Azerbaijan Republic’. A presentation ceremony dedicated to the results of the marketing research will be held in the ‘Hilton’ hotel.

03/04/12 Acceptance of applications for Long-term Nano-Satellite Technologies Scholarship Program announced in Azerbaijan

The Government of Japan and the United Nations Office for Outer Space

03/04/12 Nar Mobile launches full range in-flight communication services

On April 2, Azerfon, the telecommunication Company, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) and OnAir Company of Switzerland announced the launch of the joint

02/04/12 Mobile customs offices created in Azerbaijan

Mobile customs offices equipped with modern computers and other equipment have been created in order to reveal facts of smuggling and other crimes and offenses perpetrated within Azerbaijan’s customs territory. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by the State

02/04/12 Public enquiry show that role played by ICT in Insurance and Pension System should be increased

The poll organized on the State Social Protection Fund’s web-site (www.sspf.gov.az, www.dsmf.gov.az) has come to an end. This time respondents were asked ‘In which direction reforms in the Insurance and Pension System must be continued?’ question. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by

02/04/12 New multimedia payphones to be installed in Baku prior to ‘Eurovision-1012’ song contest

New multimedia payphones will be installed in Baku city by April 20, 2012 in connection with the ‘Eurovision-1012’ song contest.

31/03/12 Ministry of Taxes to carry out introduction of ICT in five directions

The Ministry of Taxes, which constantly improves the application of information technologies, will conduct its policy in this field in the main five directions. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by the Ministry’s analytic information department. According to this information,

31/03/12 Australia goes digital with government records

The Australian Government is fast-tracking moves to digital information management – with whole-of-government reforms requiring federal agencies to move from paper to digital record-keeping. This change-over, led by National Archives Australia (NAA), is being rolled out under the Federal

31/03/12 Report: UK pubic sector IT lacks disaster recovery

The public sector is the UK industry with the least infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery (DR), according to a survey published this week. The UK findings of the global survey showed that nearly 61 per cent of respondents in the public sector say their DR is not well managed, and a similar proportion

31/03/12 Bakcell becomes author of several significant innovations in 2011

Bakcell - the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan continues to gladden its customers with novelties and became the author of several innovations in the year 2011. These innovations are very important from the aspect of promoting the company's brand and marketing strategy,

30/03/12 Apple, Foxconn set new standard for China work conditions

Apple Inc and its main contract manufacturing Foxconn agreed to tackle violations of conditions among the 1.2 million workers assembling iPhones and iPads in a landmark decision that could change the way Western companies do business in China. Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group, whose subsidiary

30/03/12 Mobile firms bleed billions to fraud and bill errors

Mobile phone firms are losing $58bn (£36bn) a year worldwide to billing errors and fraud, a report says. Juniper Research found operators were "leaking" revenue because the complexity of networks made fraud

30/03/12 Blackberry-maker RIM reports $125m loss

Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has reported a quarterly loss, due in part to falling revenues on the back of weak smartphone shipments. The Canadian company made a net loss for the three months to 3 March of $125m (£78m), compared with a profit of $934m a year earlier.

30/03/12 Azerbaijan considers scientific network integration in EGI project

The Institute of Information Technology (IIT) of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan is considering the possibility of integrating the AzScienceNet scientific computer network in the EGI project, the IIT said. The opportunity to become a full member is considered within

30/03/12 Azerbaijan studying Dutch and Canadian experience to build e-government

The State Commission on Public Service under the President of Azerbaijan has studied the e-government experience of the Netherlands and Canada,

30/03/12 Every year tax administrations in foreign countries increase ICT spendings by 20%

Every year tax administrations in foreign countries increase ICT spendings by 20% According to information provided by ‘ICTnews’, the increase in ICT spendings was observed in foreign countries even during the world financial crises. The Minister of Taxes’ Adviser on relations with international

30/03/12 Trainings to be organized to train teachers to efficiently use learning technologies and electronic recourses

With the introduction of information and communication technologies in the sphere of education the education process shifted from a lecture based teaching to ICT based interactive and constructive learning. The ‘Chevron Xəzər’ company jointly with the ‘Mədəd-Azərbaycan’ company

29/03/12 Two Thirds of UK Telcos Expect to Create New Jobs This Year

­The UK telecoms sector is upbeat about its plans to create new jobs with 63 percent of businesses stating that they plan to do so this year compared to a national average of 58 percent, according to the Barclays Job Creation Survey 2012. Of those, all expected to create jobs for skilled workers

29/03/12 Mobile Industry Lost over $58 Billion in 2011 Due to Inadequate Billing Systems

­A new report from Juniper Research finds that the mobile telecoms industry lost more than $58 billion last year -- over 6% of global revenues -- due to inadequate FM (Fraud Management) and RA (Revenue Assurance) processes. The report suggests that under a 'nightmare scenario' whereby operators fail

29/03/12 Nearly 1 Billion Smart Connected Devices Shipped in 2011 - to Double by 2016

The universe of smart connected devices, including PCs, media tablets, and smartphones, saw shipments of more than 916 million units and revenues surpassing $489 billion dollars in 2011, according to IDC. These numbers reflect the combined total from IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker,

29/03/12 Manager arrested for keeping lost iPad

A store manager in East Naples, Florida falsely told a customer she did not have her lost iPad. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said the victim phoned the cops and told deputies she left her iPad at the Family Dollar store in Gulfgate Plaza and store manager Veronica Damaso, 23,

28/03/12 Buy Nokia C2-01 together with free CIN number and get free on-net weekends

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet provider of Azerbaijan is pleased to announce the launch of a new limited time campaign. Now by getting 3G capable Nokia C2-01 handset at exclusive price with free ELACIN/DOGMACIN number our customers will

27/03/12 Ministry of Education develops electronic text-books for new curriculums

Azerbaijan, like many other courtiers in the world, intends to switch to a 12-year general education system. In this connection, certain activities have been undertaken in order to update the existing curriculums. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

27/03/12 John Lewis to recruit more than 50 IT specialists in 2012

Retailer John Lewis aims to recruit more than 50 IT specialists in 2012 as it looks to fully integrate its multi-channel customer service offering. Thirty of the roles are newly created. The firm is looking for project managers, business analysts, systems analysts,

27/03/12 Microsoft moves to disable Zeus botnet

A global operation has been undertaken to disable a number of botnets believed to be responsible for the theft of millions of pounds, Microsoft has said. The company is working in collaboration with financial services to disable botnets powered by Zeus malware. Microsoft described the action as its "most complex effort to disrupt botnets to date".

27/03/12 Europe’s new data protection laws will cause conflict with the US, warn legal experts

The EU's proposed changes to its privacy regulations will cause fresh clashes between European data protection authorities and US law enforcement agencies, warn legal experts. "The General Data Protection Regulation raises the stakes in the ongoing privacy-versus-security debate

27/03/12 Government selects 12 companies to build public sector infrastructure

The Cabinet Office has announced the winning bids to supply the multi-million pound Public Service Network (PSN) connectivity framework. The PSN, first mooted by the previous Labour government, aims to cut the cost of delivering services by interconnecting disparate local government networks with each other, central government,

19/03/12 State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations to render new five e-services to population

The State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations will render new five e-services to the population. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by head of the financial department of the committee, Gunduz Mammadov. According to him, a shared server has been created in

19/03/12 Goldman person leaked Apple, Intel secrets: lawyer

A person at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, who has not been identified or charged in a broad U.S. insider-trading probe, was caught on a wiretap leaking secrets about Intel Corp and Apple Inc, a lawyer for former Goldman board member Rajat Gupta said in court. Lawyer Gary Naftalis, in a heated exchange with

19/03/12 Apple to decide on its $98 billion cash pile

Apple Inc, the world's most valuable company, will discuss on Monday what it plans to do with its $98 billion cash hoard, raising expectations it may meet demands to pay a dividend for the first time since 1995, reported Reuters. Just days after its stock touched $600 per share, Apple issued a short

19/03/12 Lithuanian expert visits Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan

The Director of the Network and Information Security Department at Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania Rytis Rainys has visited the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). As is reported, the event was dedicated to the security of the internet,

19/03/12 Azerbaijan establishes State Information Technology Development Fund to finance IT projects

The establishment of the State Information Technology Development Fund will create a favorable atmosphere to expand innovative bodies' activity, Director of the Institute of Information Technologies Rasim Aliguliyev informed press. The order on the establishment of the State Information Technology

16/03/12 UK may get 4G network in 2012 via Everything Everywhere

The UK's first mainstream 4G mobile service may launch later this year, says Ofcom. The regulator says it has received an application by Everything Everywhere to use its existing spectrum to offer the higher-speed service. It says it does not believe the move by the owner

16/03/12 Volume of communication services grows by 14.1%

The State Statistics Committee has revealed macroeconomic indicators of economic and social development of Azerbaijan Republic for January-February of 2012.

16/03/12 Business and innovation forum 'Oracle Day' held in Baku

Baku hosted annual business and innovation forum “Oracle Day”.The forum discussed world trends in program solutions for business and government sector, the ICT Centre reported. Experts from Turkey, Switzerland and Azerbaijan spoke about successful application of IT technologies at the event.

16/03/12 E-services to raise efficiency of public administration

The system of electronic registration of real estate will contribute to the development of e-government in Azerbaijan. The statement came from head of the group of the Real Estate Registration Project in Azerbaijan Malcolm Childress while speaking at the presentation of the e-registration system.

16/03/12 Bakcell to install communication system in Eurovision venue

First mobile operator of Azerbaijan Bakcell Company will install a mobile communication system inside the building to host Eurovision-2012 Song Contest to ensure high quality mobile services during the event. Other two operators will also be able to use this system to be installed in Baku Crystal Hall.

16/03/12 2 million IMEI-codes of mobile phones registered in Azerbaijan

About two million mobile phones imported to the republic for the last 2-2.5 years were registered in the database of IMEI-codes of mobile phones, Azerbaijani RCom company reported. Azerbaijani company Rcom, performing the functions of a system integrator,

16/03/12 The Government of Azerbaijan plans to invest $3,5 billion in ICT projects

The Government of Azerbaijan plans to invest in the coming decade in projects in the field of information and communication technologies $3.5 billion,

15/03/12 Bakcell to install in-building equipment at “Baku Crystall Hall”

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan is pleased to announce that its network infrastructure is ready to render high-quality mobile services to its customers and visitors during Eurovision-2012 in Baku. “Our network capacity is enabled to handle high volume

14/03/12 Nar Mobile welcomes Novruz Holiday with “Welcome” Campaign

On the Eve of Novruz Holiday Nar Mobile extends the "Welcome" campaign. As of March 12 the popular "Welcome" campaign of Nar Mobile will be extended. Launched in December 2011 the campaign used to provide 30 minutes free calls monthly in all directions for every new subscriber of

14/03/12 1,8 % of people working for hire work in information and communication sphere

In January 2012 an average number of people working for hire in Azerbaijan constituted 1,361,700 people. 844,700 of them worked in the public sector, and 517,000 in the private sector of the economy. At the same time, 36,400 people were employed in the oil sector, and 1,325,300 people worked in non-oil sector of the economy.

14/03/12 1,6% of Gross Domestic Product produced in information and communication sphere

The size of the Gross Domestic Product (GPD), produced in Azerbaijan in January – February of 2012 exceeds the size of GPD produced in the same

14/03/12 Demand for ‘Kur’ computers increases

Azerbaijani ‘Kur’ plant is currently producing computers in large numbers in Azerbaijan. Demand for these high quality computers is increasing day by day. According to information provided to ‘ICTnews’ by director of ‘Kur’ electron equipment plant,

13/03/12 Intel eyes Internet-based TV service: WSJ

Chipmaker Intel Corp is developing an Internet-based TV service for consumers and has been promoting it with media companies, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the effort. The world's top chipmaker plans to create a "virtual cable operator" that would offer media companies' TV channels in a

13/03/12 Apple, Motorola held cross-licensing talks late 2011: EU

Apple Inc and Motorola Mobility held talks on a cross-licensing deal to settle smartphone patent infringement lawsuits, a move that could have benefited all of the companies that use Google's Android software, according to the European Union. The two companies also discussed the "scope of any potential settlement"

13/03/12 Demand for ‘Kur’ computers increases

Azerbaijani ‘Kur’ plant is currently producing computers in large numbers in Azerbaijan. Demand for these high quality computers is increasing day by day. According to information provided to ‘ICTnews’ by director of ‘Kur’ electron equipment plant, Rizvan Osmanov, demand for these computers is especially

12/03/12 Azerbaijani Nar Mobile attends international exhibition CeBIT Eurasia

The Azerbaijani operator - the Nar Mobile was represented at the CeBIT Eurasia - International Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference held on March 6-10, 2012 in the German city of Hannover, the company's press release says. Being very prestigious in the field of information technologies,

12/03/12 Advance experience to be learned for creating new economic model based on innovative technologies

Azerbaijan takes another step towards the formation of competitive industrial production based on innovative and high tech technologies. Works are continued in the country towards creating special economic zones, industrial areas and business incubators in which economic models

12/03/12 Media tablets to be fourth largest market for semiconductors by 2014

Media tablets are set to become the world's fourth-largest application for semiconductors by 2014, led by Apple Inc.'s iPad, said industry researcher IHS iSuppli. Sales of semiconductors for tablets are expected to surge to $18.2 billion in 2014, up from $2.6 billion in 2010,

12/03/12 Smartphones account for 96% of South Korea handset revenues

Smartphones have come to dominate South Korea's mobile industry, accounting for 96% of the revenue generated by overall handset sales in the last 12 months, according to a report by GfK published on Friday. The market research firm revealed that during that time smartphone sales

12/03/12 Ericsson plans US staff reduction

Telefon AB LM Ericsson, the Swedish wireless network company, is planning a reduction of staff in North America, a company spokesman said Friday. "We continuously make sure that we have the right competence in the right places in our organization. In North America this review means some employees will be made redundant,

12/03/12 £170m schools cloud contract awarded in Northern Ireland

IT services firm Northgate Managed Services (NMS) has won a £170m contract to provide a cloud environment for schools in Northern Ireland. NMS will deliver the networks and telecommunications infrastructure necessary to implement the project in partnership with its subcontractor Eircom.

10/03/12 Demand for ‘HTC’ smart phones increases in mobile phone stores

Taiwan based ‘HTC’ company supplies smart phones to Azerbaijan market. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by ‘Pro-Vision Communications’ company. It was mentioned in the information that these high tech gadgets are famous in the world, and favorable economic

09/03/12 Construction of Azerbaijani segment of optic backbone EPEG nearing completion

Work on the construction of the Azerbaijani segment of the Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) project is nearing completion,

09/03/12 Azerbaijan ranked 96th in the UN world ranking for e-readiness, the UN report on its

Azerbaijan ranked 96th in the UN world ranking for e-readiness, the UN report on its 'E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People'

09/03/12 State authorities conduct monitoring activities in Azerbaijan’s mobile devices market

State authorities are currently conducting monitoring activities to ensure the implementation of existing legislation in the mobile devices market. This information was provided to ‘ICTnews’ by Director of the ICT Information Center, Farid Kazimov. According to him, the monitoring activities are being jointly

07/03/12 Nearly 600,000 families will be able to buy decoders at discount prices

Nearly 600,000 families will be able to buy decoders at discount prices. Director of ‘Peyk’ plant, Siyavush Aliyev, told that the National Television and Radio Counsel had addressed an appeal to the State Government to this end. ‘The Ministry of Defense Industry received a manufacturing order for decoders.

07/03/12 Azerbaijan and Tajikistan discuss ways of expanding cooperation in ICT sphere

Ways of strengthening cooperation and promoting business relations between Azerbaijan and Tajikistan in all spheres,

05/03/12 Customs Administration implements ‘e-Customs’ project in Heydar Aliyev International Airport

The Central Administration of Customs on Air Transport of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan has installed "e-Customs Declaration - Electronic Customs Service" information kiosks in the zone of customs control at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport. This information was provided on the official website of the State

05/03/12 Apple and Samsung patent cases dismissed

Apple and Samsung have both had patent lawsuits - taken out against each other - thrown out by a German court. A spokesman for the Mannheim state court said judges had dismissed both cases involving ownership of the "slide-to-unlock" feature used on their respective smartphones.

02/03/12 Notary agencies’ activity to be automated

The activity of notary agencies in Azerbaijan will be fully automated, Ultra reported. He said the so-called "Electronic Notary" project is under development now. The project includes the complete automation of all notarial offices in Azerbaijan. The project is scheduled for completion this year.

02/03/12 Consortium establishment to promote Azerbaijani IT products abroad

Ultra Company has initiated a consortium to promote Azerbaijani IT production on Western markets, company reported. He said the consortium brings together 11 countries, including the Baltic states, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

02/03/12 Azerbaijan trading standards’ e-database expands

The State Committee on Standardisation, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan continues to work on the formation of an electronic database which includes standards, certification regulations and other normally used documents, chairman of the Committee Ramiz Hasanov said in an

02/03/12 ITU examines Azerbaijan’s proposal for new orbital position

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is considering a request by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of

01/03/12 Bharti selects Nokia Siemens to build 4G network

Bharti Airtel Ltd. said Wednesday it has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to build and operate fourth-generation mobile broadband network to offer high-speed Internet services in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. A statement from India's largest mobile phone company by users didn't provide any financial terms.

01/03/12 Brazil to drive move to LTE in Latin America

Brazil is getting ready to auction off spectrum suitable for LTE services, a move that could encourage rollout of the technology in the Latin American region as a whole. Brazil will ″catapult LTE, because they need it,″ Erasmo Rojas, director of Latin America and Caribbean at 4G Americas,

01/03/12 Telekom Austria targets more than 10m M2M connections by 2015

Telekom Austria aims to connect more than 10 million machine-to-machine (M2M) SIM cards to the group's network by 2015, according to chief executive Hannes Ametsreiter. "[10 million] is the official target, the internal one is a little bit higher," he revealed during a reception hosted by the company in Barcelona on Tuesday.

24/02/12 Digital real estate cadaster maps to be prepared for Ganja city and Sheki region

Measures are being taken in Azerbaijan towards creation of the data base for real estate cadaster and preparation of digital cadaster maps. The tender was announced for creation of the data base of real estate cadastre for Sumgait city and preparation of digital cadastre maps.

24/02/12 India court rules telecom tribunal has jurisdiction to hear 3G roaming dispute

An Indian court Thursday ruled that the country's telecom tribunal has the authority to hear a dispute over mobile phone companies offering third-generation roaming services in each others' service areas. The Delhi High Court ruling came after India's Department of Telecommunications had challenged the

24/02/12 Turkcell net profit falls mainly due to Belarus operations

Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS, Turkey's largest cell phone operator, late Wednesday posted a 9.9% fall in its fourth-quarter net profit, mainly due to one-off items stemming from its Belarusian operations. Turkcell, which has 56% of the Turkish cell phone market,

24/02/12 Deutsche Telekom faces challenges in US, Europe

Deutsche Telekom AG U.S. wireless unit T-Mobile USA showed Thursday it remains the company's problem child after the division suffered a steep loss in customers in the fourth quarter. T-Mobile USA, which contributes roughly 20% of the telecom giant's operating profit,

24/02/12 Operators hesitating over new charging models - study

One of the biggest challenges still facing mobile operators is how to drive additional revenues from new services, according to the findings of a report published by wireless network specialist Radisys on Thursday. Conducted by consultancy Senza Fili, the survey of 33 operators split across North America,

24/02/12 Shipments of dual-core smartphones reached 60m units worldwide in 2011

Preliminary data from Berg Insight show that sales of high-end smartphones equipped with dual-core application processors reached 60 million units worldwide in 2011. The first smartphones with dual-core processors were unveiled at the beginning of 2011 with sales starting in February 2011.

24/02/12 Ministry of Transport to install digital traffic lights in Baku

Installing digital traffic lights in Baku will be considered during the second phase of the intellectual transport management system, Azerbaijani Transport Ministry spokesman Namig Hasanov informed press. He said all traffic lights in Baku meet modern requirements.

24/02/12 Azerbaijan to take part at GSMA Mobile World Congress

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan will participate in the conference and exhibition of mobile

24/02/12 ‘AzeriCard’ processing center upgrades ‘MobileBank’ service

The ‘AzeriCard’ processing center has upgraded the ‘MobileBank’ service. Now, it is much easier for subscribers to connect to this service. According to information received from ‘AzeriCard’, subscribers don’t need to visit mobile operators’ offices to change their Sim-cards and they don’t need to apply

23/02/12 Bakcell has frequencies for 4G deployment

Bakcell is the only mobile operator in Azerbaijan that has frequencies to deploy a 4G network, CEO Richard Shearer told media. He added that the company has appealed to the Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry to get permission to use these frequencies for LTE deployment.

23/02/12 Winners of ‘Innovative Teachers Contest’ to be announced soon

The ‘Innovative Teachers Contest’, which was initiated by the ‘Microsoft’ company and is now being conducted in more than 100 countries of the world, has come to the final stage in Azerbaijan. The winners of the contest will be announced within the next few days. This information was provided to ‘İCTnews’ by head of ‘the Program

22/02/12 2011 has been a year of accelerated growth for Bakcell

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, is pleased to announce that 2011 has been a year of accelerated growth for the company. With significant investments in the last years to provide customers with the best network experience,

21/02/12 Azerbaijan, Russia expand ICT cooperation

Russian Trade Representative to Azerbaijan Yuri Shedrin and chief expert of the office Dmitry Akulenko visited the Institute of Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). The sides discussed cooperative relations in the information and communication technologies (ICT) field,

20/02/12 Azerbaijani mobile operator has 600,000 3G users

The total number of Azercell's 3G users is 600,000, Azercell General Director Ali Agan told media. The total number of subscribers is 4.2 million. He said the daily information transmission volume on the network is 2.5 terabytes. In terms of rendering 4G services, Azercell intends to begin by late May.

20/02/12 Bakcell 3G subscribers exceed 700,000

The number of Bakcell 3G subscribers has exceeded 700,000 after the network was launched into commercial operation on November 23, 2011, Bakcell informed. Today, 2G Bakcell voice communication covers 99 per cent of the population and the 3G network

20/02/12 DATA-Center of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan created

Institute of Information Technology of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan has completed the technical work to create a DATA-center, the institute reported. The installation of necessary technical equipment of DATA-center, cooling systems,

17/02/12 Apple's Q4 global tablet market share falls to 57%

Amazon.com Inc.'s Kindle Fire and other low-priced tablets cut into Apple Inc.'s media-tablet market share in the fourth quarter, but Apple's newly introduced iPhone 4S was the strongest competitor for the iPad, according to market researcher IHS Inc. The firm said Apple's fourth-quarter iPad shipments were 15.4 million,

17/02/12 Cisco challenges European approval of Microsoft's Skype deal

Cisco Systems Inc. challenged the European Commission's approval of Microsoft Corp.'s $8.5 billion Skype acquisition, seeking to prevent Microsoft from tightening its grip on Web-based video calling. Wednesday, Cisco said the commission should have placed conditions on

17/02/12 Deutsche Telekom looking to exit UK mobile business

Deutsche Telekom AG is in the early stages of considering whether to sell its half of U.K. mobile operator Everything Everywhere as it looks to raise cash after a sale of its T-Mobile USA unit didn't go ahead, Bloomberg News reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

17/02/12 Brazil January mobile phone subscriptions up 1.22% from December

Brazil's mobile-phone subscriptions increased to 245.2 million in January, up 1.22% from December, according to figures released Thursday by telecommunications regulator Anatel. New subscriptions in January totaled 2.9 million. Telefonica Brasil SA, also known as Vivo,

17/02/12 Australia escalates US$2.56 billion digital education revolution

Australia’s foray into a “Digital Education Revolution” has picked up momentum with nearly one million computers already installed in Australian schools. Computers will soon outnumber students. This latest tally exceeds the national target of 786,000 computers aimed

16/02/12 Bill on e-signature on insurance market to gain effect in late 2012

The draft bill prepared by the Ministry of Finance on use of “electronic signature” (“e-signature”) in the insurance market of Azerbaijan is expected to come into force until the end of this year. The statement came from press secretary of the Finance Ministry Mais Piriyev.

16/02/12 E-document management system to work in two ministries

The e-document management system will operate in two Azerbaijani ministries by the end of the first quarter, Ultra Company reported.

14/02/12 ‘E-school’ forms National Education Model at level of leading states

‘The technologies, being introduced in Azerbaijan’s educational institutions within ‘E-school’ project, facilitate the formation of The National Education Model that relies on information and communication technologies’, told İCTnews head of Education System Informatization

14/02/12 Azerbaijan monitoring authenticity of mobile devices

Monitoring has started of the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) codes of mobile devices using Azerbaijani networks. The monitoring will reveal mobile devices with fake IMEI codes.

14/02/12 Number of 3G services users tops two million in Azerbaijan

Though 3G services were launched in Azerbaijan just a few months ago, there are more than 2,000,000 users there. The statement came from Minister of Communication and Information technologies Ali Abbasov. He said the number of users continues to grow.

14/02/12 Azerbaijan’s mobile phone market grows by 33 percent

In 2011, over 148,480 mobile handsets worth more than $8630.5 have been delivered to Azerbaijan, the State Statistical Committee reported. The imported mobile handsets grew by 32.9 percent in quantity and by 16.5 percent in value compared with 2010, the committee reported.

13/02/12 Best TV commercial of 2011 in Azerbaijan

The "3G Sür@ - beyond speed limits" TV commercial of Bakcell was selected as the winner of "The Best TV commercial of the year" contest organized by mak.az online marketing magazine. A total of 15 TV commercials participated in the contest. The results were calculated based on 50/50 principle,

13/02/12 Intel settles NY antitrust case for just $6.5 million

Intel Corp agreed to pay just $6.5 million to resolve an antitrust lawsuit in which New York's attorney general accused the world's largest chipmaker of threatening computer makers and paying billions of dollars of kickbacks to maintain its market dominance. The settlement ends a November 2009 Delaware case brought by Andrew Cuomo,

13/02/12 Steve Jobs' FBI files question his honesty and morality

The FBI files of Steve Jobs have been released, showing a man who commanded respect as an innovator but was questioned on his honesty and morality. The file was prepared on the Apple founder as he was considered for a presidential appointment in 1991 during George H W Bush's time in office.

13/02/12 Australia spends US$ 672 million on satellite broadband services

The Australian Government will expand the reach of its broadband services under moves to deliver services to outlying communities — using high-bandwidth ka-band satellite communications, and associated tracking, telemetry and control systems.

10/02/12 Azerfon mobile operator tests mobile communications in aircrafts

The Azerbaijani Azerfon mobile operator has successfully completed several tests to launch mobile communications on board of Azerbaijan Airlines aircrafts, company reported. The project will be completed in May. The service will be available to Azerbaijan Airlines passengers from August.

10/02/12 Foreign firms’ e-registration to be available in Azerbaijan soon

Electronic registration of joint ventures and companies with 100 percent foreign capital will be possible in Azerbaijan in the future, Deputy Tax Minister Sahib Alakbarov told media.“At present, it is possible to register limited liability companies with local capital,” Alakbarov said.

08/02/12 Nar Mobile premiers its most reasonable prices for mobile internet packages

Starting from February 01, Nar Mobile rolls out its all new and the most reasonable prices for the new year in the Azerbaijani mobile internet market. From now on, the Nar Mobile subscribers will get a good opportunity to benefit from the most reasonable prices in mobile internet.

07/02/12 Indian state extends local e-service delivery

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has decided to extend its ‘e-District’ project, successfully piloted in six districts, to the remaining 26 districts. The e-District project is one of the key initiatives under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) by the central government.

07/02/12 Australia spends US$5.3 billion on ICT

The Australian Government remains a major consumer and producer of information technology and communications (ICT) – with annual expenditure reaching AUD$5 billion annually (US$5.3 billion) says a new report. The report, released by Special Minister of State, Gary Gray,

07/02/12 UK Government looks to set up £4bn hardware framework

The Government Procurement Service (GPS) is putting in place a pan-government framework for use by a wide selection of public-sector bodies to purchase IT hardware. An online tender says the two-year agreement is estimated to be worth £4bn.

07/02/12 Bakcell launches Zero Facebook service for CINeration customers

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, announces that beginning from February 7, 2012 the Company will introduce zero.facebook exclusively for CINeration customers. CINeration customers using zero.facebook.com on mobile phones will be completely free.

06/02/12 “1 pupil – 1 computer” trainings to end by early March

Trainings that are conducted in selected secondary schools within “1 pupil – 1 computer” conception will be completed by early March. In three of the secondary schools the trainings have already been completed. Currently, the trainings are being conducted in five schools.

06/02/12 University entrants and bachelors can obtain virtual payment cards via SMS

“University entrants and bachelors can use virtual payment cards for submitting their applications. They can obtain virtual payment cards by sending SMS to Azercell’s 7725 number” told head of the Public Relations Sector of The State Students Admission Commission, Elnur Nagizade. According to him,

06/02/12 Apple overturns Motorola's iPad and iPhone sales bans

Apple has been granted a temporary suspension of a sales ban imposed on some of its products in Germany.Motorola Mobility had forced Apple to remove several iPad and iPhone models from its online store earlier today after enforcing a patent infringement court ruling delivered in December.

06/02/12 Kodak wants name off LA home of Oscars broadcast

Eastman Kodak Co. wants to end its contract for naming rights to the glamorous Los Angeles theater that hosts the Academy Awards as it tries to improve its financial position enough to move out of bankruptcy. The photography pioneer's financial advisers say the benefits of having the

06/02/12 Motorola makes Apple pull iPhones in Germany

Apple says it has withdrawn several iPhone and iPad models from its Internet store in Germany because of a dispute with Motorola. The move is in response to a court ruling sought by Motorola that Apple should not be using its mobile technology in the devices without a license.

06/02/12 Azerbaijan to get acquainted with the experience of attracting foreign investment in ICT

Azerbaijan will get acquainted with the experience of communication administration of the Regional Commonwealth of Communications (RCC) to attract foreign investment in the ICT sector for the further development of telecommunication networks, the introduction of new services and technologies,

04/02/12 Cleaning up with Windows: Leaked video claims Microsoft's new phones could run the same apps as PCs

Leaks from within Microsoft have revealed a suite of hi-tech new features for Microsoft's Windows Phone - including new software that will let the phones share apps with Windows PCs. A video, of Windows Phone chief Joe Belfiore, and supposedly for

04/02/12 Apple forced to stop selling iPhones and iPads in Germany over row about patents

Apple was temporarily told to remove the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 from sale in Germany today after a court row broke out with rival Motorola. The technology giant was told this morning it had to stop selling the products on its online store because of an on-going patent issue.

04/02/12 Apple, with iPad, is top PC maker

Hard to believe, maybe, but according to the latest analysis from Canalys, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company shipped 120 million PCs last year, if you include the iPad. But it had some unsuccessful ones too.

03/02/12 Payment of fines for violation of traffic safety rules to be available through payment terminals

Within few next days service on payment of fines for violation of traffic safety rules in Azerbaijan will be available through Paypoint payment terminals, Komtec company (technical assistance center on installation and service backup of payment systems) told.

03/02/12 32 schools join e-school project in Azerbaijan

About 32 schools are to join the e-School project in Azerbaijan, the head of the department at the Education Ministry Samir Mammadov told. "Today the main task is to provide every classroom with at least one computer with internet access," he said.

03/02/12 Top gear: China's Huawei outmuscles Swedish rival

When Huawei Technologies posts its annual results in April, they will likely show the unlisted Chinese firm has overtaken Sweden's Ericsson as the world's top-selling telecoms equipment maker. As with solar panel maker Suntech Power, another Chinese manufacturer that is a world beater

03/02/12 Panasonic headed for record $10 billion annual loss

Japan's Panasonic Corp forecast a record annual net loss of $10.2 billion on Friday, joining beleaguered rivals Sony and Sharp in a sea of red ink as they struggle to fix their broken TV businesses and overcome criticism that they have lost their way. Panasonic said it was headed for a loss of 780 billion yen ($10.24 billion)

03/02/12 Scotland publishes digital infrastructure plan

The Scottish government has released its Digital Future: Infrastructure Action Plan, outlining how it plans to implement a "future-proofed digital infrastructure across all of Scotland by 2020". The plan takes a two-tiered approach, where the government hopes to introduce a step change by 2015,

03/02/12 Scottish government awards £2.2m smartcard contract to Novacard

The Scottish government has awarded German company Novacard a £2.2m contract to supply three million smartcards over the next four years to local authorities. The Scottish public sector has implemented a National Entitlement Card (NEC) scheme,

03/02/12 IT salaries increased at fastest rate for three years in 2011

Permanent IT salaries improved at the fastest rate for three years in 2011, according to data from recruitment website CWJobs.co.uk.

02/02/12 Kinect for Windows gesture sensor launched by Microsoft

It joins a previous version which was designed for the company's Xbox 360 games console. The new hardware features a "near mode" which allows it to track movements as close as 40cm away, compared to 50cm on the original model.

02/02/12 IBM planning major job cuts in Germany: union

International Business Machines is sounding out plans to cut thousands of jobs in Germany and other countries to reduce costs and raise earnings, a German union official said. "We have been aware of IBM's plans to cut jobs for some time," Christine Muhr, a labor representative on IBM Germany's supervisory board,

02/02/12 Angelic "Steve Jobs" loves Android in Taiwan TV ad

He may have derided Android devices in real life but in the afterlife Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs is glad he can use one - or at least that's the story a Jobs look-alike tells in a recent TV commercial for a Taiwanese electronics company's new product. In the ad,

02/02/12 Sony sees $2.9 billion loss, new CEO says to move fast

Ailing Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp warned it was heading for a bigger-than-expected $2.9 billion annual loss, presenting a daunting task for incoming CEO Kazuo Hirai, who vowed to move quickly to turn things around. Overtaken by more innovative rivals such as Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics

31/01/12 Motorola Solutions adds $1bn to buyback program, brings total to $3bn

Motorola Solutions Inc.'s board approved the addition of up to $1 billion toward the company's stock buyback program, bringing the total authorized for repurchase up to $3 billion. After repurchases of roughly $1.1 billion through Dec. 31,

31/01/12 Nokia Siemens reportedly plans 1,200-1,300 job cuts in Finland

Finnish-German network equipment vendor Nokia Siemens Networks plans to cut between 1,200 and 1,300 jobs in Finland as part of a massive restructuring effort announced in November, Finnish broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat reported Saturday, citing anonymous sources.

31/01/12 Indian IT outsourcers see temporary uncertainty over Europe

India's information technology outsourcers have seen a slowdown in business because of the European debt crisis, but one of the largest, Infosys Ltd., is optimistic that revenue growth will accelerate again once the clouds of uncertainly are lifted. "When we talk to our clients, we are definitely seeing a slowness in the

30/01/12 E-services revive sphere of state registration of real estate rights

“The Real Estate Registration Project” continues for the improvement of the process of state registration of real estate rights in Azerbaijan. This project that is supposed to be completed till 2013 consists of the following 4 components: provision of more effective and efficient

30/01/12 Government urged to speed up ICT provision reform

The government has been criticised by the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) for not sufficiently addressing problems in public sector ICT provision. The Civil Service watchdog said in its latest report that the government has failed to address more than

30/01/12 World Economic Forum: Governments should collect information to improve urban areas

As the World Economic Forum draws to a close in Davos, Computing spoke to Gartner analyst Bettina Tratz-Ryan about the key technology trends that are

27/01/12 Apple CEO faces first test with cash mountain

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a problem, a $98 billion problem. Just 18 months ago, Apple's $46 billion mountain of cash - while huge by most standards - attracted only muted complaints from investors, who did call for a dividend or share buyback,

27/01/12 Motorola posts loss, awaits Google deal approval

Mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility Inc posted a fourth quarter loss on weak revenue on Thursday in what could be its last report before a planned takeover by Google Inc. Some Google investors have worried about the search company's decision to buy Motorola Mobility since

27/01/12 AT&T reports $6.7 billion loss on hefty charges, iPhone costs

AT&T Inc posted a $6.7 billion quarterly loss as it was weighed down by a hefty break-up fee for its failed T-Mobile USA merger and other big charges on top of costly subsidies for smartphones such as Apple Inc's popular iPhone. While the No. 2 U.S. wireless provider beat analysts' expectations

27/01/12 Samsung posts record quarterly profit powered by smartphones

Samsung Electronics Co, the world's top technology firm by revenue, reported a record quarterly profit on Friday, aided by its best-ever sales of smartphones and one-off gains. The South Korean firm reported a 5.3 trillion won ($4.72 billion) operating profit for the October-December quarter, broadly in line with its earlier

26/01/12 Conference on issues connected with switch from analog to digital TV broadcasting to be held in “Europe” hotel

Starting from January 1, 2012 a number of measures connected with the transition of broadcasting of TV channels from the analog to digital format will be implemented in the country, in accordance

26/01/12 Azerbaijan proposes commercialization of Teleradio services

Teleradio production association of the Azerbaijani ministry of communications and IT to expand services of digital television all over the country, the ministry told on Monday. The aspirant for expanding services in digital format across the country is B&BTV Communication Company and it is expected that contract will be signed with this company.

26/01/12 Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan make progress on construction of underwater cable line

Progress has been made on the construction of the Trans-Caspian segment of fiber-optic cable line, the head of the working group on the TASIM (Transnational Eurasian super informational highway) project Ilyas Naibov-Aylisli told. The project will be implemented jointly by Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan,

24/01/12 New ICT related Public Association is established in Azerbaijan

A new Social Association on information and communication technologies is being created in Azerbaijan. Last year, necessary measures were implemented and normative and legal documents were prepared for establishing “Azerbaijani Association of Information & Communication

23/01/12 Azerbaijan sees 11% rise in mobile phone users number

The number of mobile phone users increased 11.1% in Azerbaijan.Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies told that the number of mobile phone users increased by 1 009 965 to 10,120 million in the beginning of 2012. “Currently every 100 people in Azerbaijan have

23/01/12 Cost of cell phone services has fallen 30%

The switch from “kontur” to “manat” payment system in the country’s mobile network in 2011 resulted in a decrease in the cost of cell phone services. Last year, the cost of cell phone services decreased by 30%, and the cost of roaming services fell by 20-50%. At the same time, the volume of the incoming traffic from foreign countries

21/01/12 Analysis: IBM's plain vanilla flavor leaves investors satisfied

While IBM's rivals have suffered through earnings misses, massive executive upheaval or seismic strategic shifts, Big Blue has been the technology world's most consistently performing company since narrowly avoiding bankruptcy 19 years ago. Sure, IBM lacks an obvious wow factor. Indeed,

21/01/12 Microsoft Q2 net slips 0.2% as Windows sales fall

Microsoft Corp.'s second-quarter profit was flat compared with a year earlier, but was two cents ahead of analysts' expectations, as strong sales of its Office suite of programs and Xbox gaming system offset weakness in the flagship Windows operating system.

21/01/12 Vodafone wins India tax case

India's Supreme Court Friday backed mobile giant Vodafone Group PLC's appeal against a INR112.18 billion ($2.2 billion) tax bill on its 2007 purchase of a majority stake in India's Hutchison Essar Ltd., saying that local authorities can't tax the deal, in a landmark ruling which is

19/01/12 Azerbaijan sees growth in communication services in 2011

Communication structures provided services worth AZN 1.245bn to the population, enterprises and organizations of Azerbaijan in 2011.

19/01/12 The Azerbaijani IT-company SINAM automates work of Kyrgyz tax service

The Azerbaijani IT-company SINAM has launched the main modules of the Integrated system of the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) of the State tax service of Kyrgyzstan in five Kyrgyz regions, SINAM informed. The company's specialists are carrying on work to prepare an implementation

19/01/12 ICT services up by 12 per cent in Azerbaijan

Volume of ICT services rendered to organizations and population in Azerbaijan amounted to $1.2 million in 2011 or 11.8 per cent more compared to 2010, the State Statistics Service informed. 

19/01/12 Sony Ericsson seen improving in Sony hands

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson will deliver its final quarterly report as a joint venture on Thursday, before pinning its hopes on the consumer clout of its new sole owner Sony Corp to claw its way back into the top tier. Sony Corp, with $85 billion in annual sales, announced it was to take full

19/01/12 Analysis: BlackBerry licensing seen RIM's likeliest scenario

Research In Motion may still see software licensing as an important part of its turnaround plan, even though Samsung has denied that it might pay to use the BlackBerry maker's technology or even buy the company. RIM has likely held talks with several handset makers about using its new QNX platform,

18/01/12 Kerimov looking to sell Rostelecom stake

Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov is in the process of selling his nearly 6% stake in Russian state-owned telecommunications giant Rostelecom, reports Russian daily Vedomosti Monday, citing unnamed people close to Rostelecom and Kerimov's acquaintances. While it is unknown who would purchase Kerimov's stake,

18/01/12 Telecom Egypt announces new CEO

Telecom Egypt has appointed company insider Tarek Aboualam as its new chief executive, replacing acting CEO and managing director Mohammed Abdel Rehim Hassanein. Aboualam who joined Telecom Egypt in May 2009, will take up his new post on 19 January.

18/01/12 France Telecom in talks to sell Orange Austria stake

France Telecom SA is in advanced talks to sell its 35% stake in Orange Austria to Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, according to people familiar with the matter, as the French telecom group continues to scale back its presence in Europe. The deal, which could be finalized in the coming

18/01/12 Motorola Mobility welcomes ITC ruling against Apple in patent suit

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. on Friday welcomed a ruling from the U.S. International Trade Commission that denied patent-infringement allegations raised by Apple Inc. The ruling comes after Motorola filed its own complaints of patent infringement against Apple in late 2010,

18/01/12 Under pressure, China company scraps Steve Jobs doll

A China-based company has scrapped plans to market an action figure made to resemble the late Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs, following "immense pressure" from lawyers. "Unfortunately, we have received immense pressure from the lawyers of Apple and Steve Jobs' family,"

18/01/12 YouTube tops US video users in December

Led by YouTube, Google Inc.'s websites maintained their stranglehold on the top spot in U.S. online video users last month, according to data issued Tuesday by comScore Inc. Google sites generated 157.2 million unique viewers in December,

18/01/12 Brazil mobile subscriptions rise 19.36% in 2011

Brazil mobile phone subscriptions rose to 242.2 million in 2011, up 19.36% from the previous year, according to figures released Tuesday by telecommunications regulator Anatel. New subscriptions totaled 39.3 million in 2011,

18/01/12 In brief: Apple has started production on iPad 3

Apple Inc. began production on the iPad 3 tablet this month, Bloomberg Television reported, citing a source. Production on the new iPad, which is said to include a faster processor and a higher-resolution screen, will reach full volumes in February, Bloomberg said.

18/01/12 The growth of Hewlett-Packard (HP) company's business for corporate and government segment in Azerbaijan amounted 20 percent

The growth of Hewlett-Packard (HP) company's business for corporate and government segment in Azerbaijan in 2011 amounted to about 20 percent, HP director general in the CIS countries Rudi Kozak said journalist.

18/01/12 New head of Azerbaijani representation of HP is appointed

New head of Azerbaijani representation of HP is appointed. According to information of the company, Inara Guliyeva, who previously headed the department of strategic projects of AZEL company, became CEO of HP in Azerbaijan. HP engaged in a number of large IT-projects in Azerbaijan,

17/01/12 The cabinet of ministers of Azerbaijan approves new rules of using inter-departmental information search system

The cabinet of ministers of Azerbaijan approved rules providing operation of 

17/01/12 Bakcell offers new mobile dial-up service for Azerbaijan

The use of 10-digit dialling phone numbers by Azerbaijani mobile operator Bakcell Ltd is a step toward the introduction of number portability (MNP - Mobile Number Portability) into the network infrastructure, the company Bakcell informed. A new method of dialling will be used subsequent

17/01/12 ICT revenues grew by almost 12%

Revenue in the information technology and communications sector grew by almost 12% in 2011 compared to 2010, the ICT minister has said.

17/01/12 New rules on application of interagency data-search system were approved

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has approved new rules on application of the automatic interagency data-search system (IAMAS) and

17/01/12 Rostelecom to install polling station cameras

Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom will be the only company to install web cameras at polling stations for the presidential elections on March 4, deputy communications minister Ilya Massukh told journalists Friday, Interfax reported.

17/01/12 Nokia sells mobile patents to Italy

Finland-based Nokia Corp., the world's largest handset maker, said Italian patent company Sisvel International has acquired more than 47 of its mobile communications patent families, comprising more than 450 granted patents and applications.

17/01/12 Apple publishes supplier details for the first time

Apple has published a list of its suppliers for the first time as it looks to head off criticism over how workers are treated. The company also said it has increased its inspection of factories in a bid to ensure proper working conditions for suppliers' employees.

16/01/12 State Fund for ICT development to be created in Azerbaijan

Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan proposes to create a state fund of information and communication technologies.

16/01/12 Biometric identification system is developed in Azerbaijan

Institute of information technology (IIT) of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (NASA) has developed system of biometric

16/01/12 Bakcell network able to handle high volume calls in busy hours

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, is pleased to report that 2011 has been a year of accelerated growth for the company. With huge investments in the entire network over the last years,

13/01/12 Ofcom boosts 4G coverage plan in rural 'not-spots'

Ofcom has revised proposals for its fourth-generation mobile spectrum auction, adding measures that could bring coverage to 98% of the UK. The regulator said the winning bidder will have to provide the high-speed coverage to current "not-spot" areas.

13/01/12 LG Electronics Inc in talks on phone partnerships: executive

LG Electronics Inc is engaged in talks with various parties on possible partnerships, the head of LG's mobile business said on Wednesday, as the world's No.3 handset maker seeks to turn around its struggling handset operation. The South Korean firm, however,

13/01/12 Exclusive: Microsoft Web TV subscription plan on hold

Microsoft Corp has put its talks with media companies about an online subscription service for TV shows and movies on hold, according to people familiar with the discussions. The technology giant had been in intense talks with potential programming partners for over a year and was

13/01/12 School ICT to be replaced by computer science programme

The current information and communications technology (ICT) curriculum in England's schools is a "mess" and must be radically revamped, the education secretary has announced. From September it will be replaced by a flexible curriculum in computer science and programming,

12/01/12 Mammadov is most widespread surname among subscribers of stationary telephones

The Data-Processing Centre has conducted statistical study in order to identify the surname, which is most common among phone subscribers. The results of the study indicate that Mammadov is the most widespread surname among users of stationary telephones.

11/01/12 Apple's Cook gets $378m in compensation

Apple Inc. said Monday it gave Chief Executive Tim Cook compensation worth nearly $378 million last year, drawing a sharp contrast to the $1 salary traditionally earned by former CEO Steve Jobs as the company gears up for its first annual shareholder meeting since Jobs's death in October.

11/01/12 French antitrust authority to continue Oracle probe after HP complaint

The country's antitrust authority said Tuesday it will continue to probe whether Oracle Corp. improperly leveraged its strength in software to squeeze Hewlett-Packard Co. out of certain parts of the hardware market, but said no immediate action will be taken against Oracle.

11/01/12 Vimpelcom shareholder sells 28.5% of preferred shares

Oleg Kiselev, a shareholder in VimpelCom Ltd., sold 28.5% of the company's preferred shares, or nearly 6% of the company's charter capital, to Cypriot company Bertofan Investments Ltd. after signing an agreement on Dec. 30, Russian daily Vedomosti reports Tuesday.

11/01/12 Samsung to sell Google TV from 2H

Samsung Electronics Co., the world's largest flat-screen TV maker by revenue, plans to launch a Web-connected TV using Google Inc.'s operating system in the second half of this year targeting high-end customers in the U.S. first, an executive said in an interview,

11/01/12 Brazil studies ways to curb Chinese cellphone imports

Brazil's government is studying ways to curb a growing flood of cheap cellphone equipment from China that enters the country well below local manufacturing costs, a local industry official told Dow Jones Newswires. The official said the Brazilian electronics manufacturers association,

11/01/12 Partnerships key to Microsoft's phone, entertainment strategy

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Monday the software giant was partnering with a broad range of PC and phone makers as it scrambles to generate traction in the expanding consumer and mobile markets. Microsoft is attempting to outflank both Apple Inc

11/01/12 Mozambique's third mobile operator starts test phase

Mozambique's third mobile phone operator Movitel has launched a test phase of its network one year after it was awarded an operating licence, the company said. "The Movitel network actually covers all the provinces and cities in the country with infrastructure implemented at a national level,

11/01/12 Free Mobile becomes France

Free Mobile on Tuesday became France's fourth mobile network operator, launching an unlimited voice, messaging and data plan that it claims undercuts the country's existing operators by some margin. In addition, the company has brokered a deal with Apple and will be able

11/01/12 Global mobile gaming revenue set to reach $18.3bn in 2016

Mobile operators could take advantage of the growing mobile gaming market, including taking a share of revenues from in-game purchases, according to Juniper Research, which on Tuesday predicted that total mobile gaming revenues will reach $18.3 billion in 2016.

10/01/12 Motorola predicts modest Q4 adjusted profitability

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. predicted it was modestly profitable excluding one-time items in the fourth quarter on sales of about $3.4 billion, saying mobile-device competition increased along with its legal costs. The preliminary results from the period estimated shipments of about 10.5 million mobile devices,

10/01/12 Huawei drops plan to set up India plant

Huawei Technologies Co. has dropped its plan to set up a factory in India for now and has contracted a unit of Flextronics International Ltd. to manufacture telecommunications equipment for local supplies, said a top executive at the Chinese company's Indian operations.

09/01/12 China Unicom to offer iPhone 4S free on $45 monthly plan

The state-owned parent of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. will offer users Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4S smartphone for free when bundled with a three-year mobile service package priced as low as CNY286 ($45) a month, the company said.

09/01/12 Nokia, Microsoft may enjoy smartphone upside

Nokia Corp. and Microsoft Corp. may be able to ride each other's coattails into a strong spot in the smartphone market this year, Credit Suisse analysts said Thursday. In a pair of reports, the broker cited research among wireless carriers that are hoping Microsoft's Windows

09/01/12 Taiwan handset maker HTC Q4 net profit down 26%, Q1 outlook uncertain

Taiwan handset maker HTC Corp. said Friday its unaudited fourth-quarter net profit fell 26%, its first quarterly decline in two years, as a result of intensifying competition and slower demand for smartphones amid the uncertain global economic outlook.

06/01/12 Yahoo's new CEO brings affable nature to turnaround job

When Yahoo Inc. board members started their search last year for a new chief executive, they were expected to tap an executive with online media experience to help the struggling Internet company compete against Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.

06/01/12 Verizon sees margin hit from record iPhone sales

Verizon Communications Inc. said profit margins for its wireless venture dropped by about five percentage points in the fourth quarter due to record high sales of the Apple Inc. iPhone, the wildly popular smartphone that typically costs

06/01/12 Nokia board to propose Siilasmaa as new chairman

Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia Corp.'s board of directors will propose Risto Siilasmaa as the company's new chairman, according to a report in Finland's largest daily Helsingin Sanomat. Siilasmaa, a Finnish engineer born in 1966, has been a member of Nokia's board since 2008.

05/01/12 4G services to be launched in Azerbaijan

In order to launch 4G services in Azerbaijan the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies together with mobile operators realizes planning of frequency resources. The ministry said that technical aspects are examined to prepare the infrastructure to launch 4G.

30/12/11 Azerbaijan starts to plan frequencies for 4G launch

The Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry together with mobile operators started to plan frequency resources to launch 4G, the ministry told. The ministry said that technical aspects are examined to prepare the infrastructure to launch 4G. At present, one of GSM operators (Azercell Telekom)

30/12/11 Azerbaijani citizens buy over 5,400 computers on preferential terms

Official data on the sale of personal computers and notebooks within the framework of the People’s Computer project in Azerbaijan have been made public. According to the official website of the project, since the moment of its launching and until 29 December 2011, the citizens of the country brought 15,955 PCs and notebooks on preferential terms.

30/12/11 Azerbaijani section of the Europe Persia Express Gateway project to be launched in a test mode in 2012

The Azerbaijani section of the Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) project to be launched in a test mode in January-February 2012,

27/12/11 Growth of computer production observes in Azerbaijan

According to data of State Statistical Committee in January-November 2011 production of computers, electronic and optic goods made up AZN 151.9m

26/12/11 IT recruiters upbeat about 2012 jobs outlook, says REC

IT recruiters are "relatively upbeat" about the jobs outlook in 2012 according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

23/12/11 Oracle's weak Q2 raises fears about IT spending slowdown

Oracle Corp.'s weak earnings results are raising questions about enterprise spending on technology and hitting shares across the sector, with jittery investors questioning how resilient the industry is. Oracle, one of the technology industry's bellwethers, late Tuesday reported fiscal second-quarter results that fell short of expectations.

23/12/11 Total Access mobile services disrupted Wednesday

Mobile phone services of Total Access Communication PCL, Thailand's second-largest mobile phone operator by subscribers, were disrupted Wednesday due to technical problems, but the issues have been resolved and services are now operating normally.

23/12/11 India telecom official says 3G roaming services illegal

India's telecommunications department has decided that the agreements signed by some telecom operators for third-generation mobile-roaming services are illegal, dealing a blow to their attempts to boost revenue by offering such higher-paying services to more customers.

23/12/11 Apple buys Israeli start-up for $400m

U.S. giant Apple Inc. has finalized its first Israeli acquisition, agreeing to buy flash memory maker Anobit for about $400 million, local financial media reported Wednesday. "The deal was closed on Friday and yesterday the company's staff were notified," business daily TheMarker reported.

23/12/11 Germany leans toward allowing Samsung to sell its 10.1N tablet

A regional court in Duesseldorf Thursday said it is leaning toward permitting the German unit of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to distribute the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet computer in the European Union,

22/12/11 Payment kiosks to be installed in regions

Today, the driver, who has been penalized by police, can pay a fine at bank or post offices. Starting from the new year they will be able to make their payments by using new ”Paypoint” kiosks. “The works on introducing a new fine payment service will be completed within a few days|”, told “İCTnews” head of the commercial department of ”Komtec” company, Farid Ismailzade.

22/12/11 Emergency satellite communications platform bolsters global humanitarian intervention

ITU and the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg have agreed to cooperate on strengthening emergency telecommunications and rapid response in the event of natural disasters. ITU and Luxembourg are members of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC),

22/12/11 Momentum in Thailand’s PC Market to Lose Steam, IDC Reports

According to IDC’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly PC Tracker, Thailand’s PC market continued to gain traction in 3Q 2011 with an impressive 33% growth over the same period last year. Better than expected consumer spending and demand from enterprises and government agencies helped push the market,

22/12/11 Bakcell provides high-quality services in remote regions of country

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan provides the population living in remote regions of the country with high-quality communication services. The Company continues implementation of works aimed at the improvement of quality of communication services provided in the front-line areas.

21/12/11 Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences to participate in European Union’s ICT Program

The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Cybernetics will take part in the EU's Seventh ICT FP7 Framework Program, Regional Academy of Information Technology (RITA) Director Tofig Babayev told. The programme is the main financial instrument to support international

20/12/11 Dell resurrects venture arm as part of corporate transformation

More than a decade after winding down its corporate venture arm, Dell Inc. is about to resume venture investing and has hired a long-time Silicon Valley venture capitalist and a female entrepreneur to help. Jim Lussier, a former general partner at Norwest Venture Partners in Palo Alto, Calif.,

20/12/11 Telekom Austria cuts dividend

Telekom Austria on Friday became the latest European telecoms operator to lower planned dividend payments on the back of a deteriorating macro-economic situation. The Austrian incumbent halved its planned dividend payment for 2011 and 2012 to €0.38 per share, noting that as of 2013 its payout ratio remains at 55% of free cash flow.

20/12/11 Next generation of employees doesn't respect IT rules

The youngest generation of enterprise professionals aged between 18 and 30 have little respect for their company's IT policies, and many feel that breaking them is necessary to perform their jobs well. This is one of the findings of a new report from Cisco called Cisco Connected World Technology Report.

20/12/11 IBM acquires Emptoris to boost Smarter Commerce initiative

Technology giant IBM is to acquire cloud and on-premise analytics software provider Emptoris as part of its Smarter Commerce initiative.The initiative launched in March and aims to help enterprises respond to customer shifts in buying patterns. Emptoris has a suite of supply chain management tools 

20/12/11 Telecom giant BT signs £100m telecoms deal with European Parliament

Telecoms giant BT has revealed the details of a £100m deal with the European Parliament, where it will provide networked IT and professional services. The five-year contract will service the European Parliament's three main sites in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, where 6,000 EU officials will be using the technology.

19/12/11 Bakcell launches new lottery for customers

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan, is continuing to surprise its customers on the New Year 's Eve. Now, Bakcell customers should not throw used scratch cards away, without thinking of it that even the used cards may bring them additional benefits. The Company launched the new Scratch Card Puzzle Lottery for its CIN,

19/12/11 Cable television operator in Azerbaijan ready to launch digital TV in Baku

Cable television operator in Azerbaijan B&BTV Communications is ready to launch digital broadcasting of DVB-T standard in Baku, Marketing and Sales Manager Samir Mahmudov told. Mahmudov noted that a UHF frequency range (from 470 to 862 MHz) is required for deployment of digital TV in Baku and regions.

15/12/11 Volume of information services ups by 12.4 per cent in Azerbaijan

The volume of information and communication services rendered to organisations and to the general public amounted to 1.1 billion manat

15/12/11 Azerbaijani mobile phone market ups by 40.9 percent

In January-October Azerbaijan imported over 116,700 mobile phones worth more than $6.9 million, the State Statistics Committee's report on 11 months told on Wednesday.

14/12/11 Europe green lights satellite tracking system

The European Commission has unveiled plans to establish a cross-border surveillance system which will allow border guards to share information and intelligence, helping in the fight against crime. 

14/12/11 European data watchdog rejects passenger data arrangements with US

Europe's data watchdog has raised “a number of concerns” over the controversial data sharing arrangement between the EU and the US over

14/12/11 Government ready to fork out for mobile coverage extension

The government has confirmed it will pay telecoms firms to extend mobile coverage into rural areas where mobile reception – and particularly 3G coverage – is patchy or non-existent. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has alerted suppliers to the fact that it will pay to extend

14/12/11 Brazil iPad delayed by local investment details

The planned construction of facilities to produce Apple iPad tablet computers in Brazil remains delayed as local officials continue to settle details related to local investment in the project, Brazilian Science and Technology Minister Aloizio Mercadante said Tuesday.

14/12/11 Australians hungry for on-demand TV services

The number of Australian consumers streaming catch-up TV in June this year almost doubled compared with the same month in 2010, according to new figures published by the Australian regulator on Tuesday. 1.1 million Australians used catch-up TV in June, up 94% on-year

14/12/11 Google, Motorola merger review in Europe delayed

European antitrust review of Google Inc.'s planned $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. has been suspended while regulators seek more data on the proposed deal from Google. Google had filed its notification of the merger with the European Commission on Nov. 25, with a provisional deadline to issue a decision on the matter set for Jan. 10.

14/12/11 Android dominates US smartphone market, Apple gains market share

Google Inc.'s Android mobile software system dominated the U.S. smartphone market in 2011, representing a share of about 53%, according to research firm NPD Group. Android phones and Apple Inc.'s iPhone continued to take market share from former market leader Research In Motion Ltd. and others this year. Apple's share reached 29%,

14/12/11 Nar Mobile supports prestigious Business Case Contest among students

On December 11, the final stage of the Business Case Contest took place with the support of the first 3G operator of Azerbaijan - the Azerfon Company and the organizational support of the Azerbaijani Alumni of US - the Public Association. During the contest, the students of our Universities have worked on real

13/12/11 French-U.S Company forecasts significant sale increase in Azerbaijan

The market share of telecoms giant Alcatel & Lucent increased by 50 per cent in Azerbaijan in 2010-2011, a spokesman for the company's office in Azerbaijan Levent Ozbilgin told. He said that the company expects at least a 20 per cent increase next year.

13/12/11 Bakcell supports youth mobile entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan, is pleased to be a partner of the international conference titled "Business incubators' activity and support of youth mobile entrepreneurship: The world experience and perspectives for development of this field in Azerbaijan" on December 13-16, 2011.

12/12/11 Azerbaijani, Bulgarian academy of sciences to cooperate in IT sphere

The Institute of Information Technologies of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences discussed the aspects of cooperation in the field of information technologies, the institute said on Friday.

09/12/11 Great offer for young people– CavanNar tariff

Join CavanNar tariff right now and monthly get free talk time, SMS and internet. Youngsters who join the tariff will receive 300 minutes within TP, 300 SMS on net and 300 MB of internet traffic bonus every month. CavanNar tariff customers will talk to each other just for 2 kopecks per minute.

08/12/11 Azerbaijani mobile operator presents sales and service centers for Baku residents

Opening ceremony of new concept "Nar Dunyası" sales and service centers was held in Baku city on December 07, 2011 by Nar Mobile. Opening ceremonies of "Nar Dunyası" sales and service centers took place at 24 Bul-bul Avenue, 19 Azadliq Street and later at 74 G. Garayev Avenue, Nizami region.

08/12/11 Azerbaijan ups investments on nanotechnology

Azerbaijan is developing a state program on nanotechnology, investments in this sphere increase year after year.

05/12/11 Information kiosks to be installed in regions

Besides Baku, information kiosks will be installed at railway stations and bus terminals of big cities. According to information provided by the Ministry of Transportation, after putting into operation “the Intellectual Regulation System” in Baku, the project will be also carried out in other regions of the country.   

05/12/11 Azerbaijan to apply online admission to schools, kindergartens next year

The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan has established information database of all school pupils of the country. Deputy education minister Gulu Novruzov informs that currently work is under way to create database of those pupils. "The Ministry has created the country’s richest web resource, which includes details of all secondary

05/12/11 Azerbaijan initiates development of educational content

Azerbaijan has reached a new level of the educational process, based on information and communication technologies (ICTs). Deputy Education Minister Gulu Novruzov says that in countries of Africa, South and East Asia where the question of ICT education of teachers is a big problem in the absence of ICT infrastructure and financial resources for its creation,

02/12/11 Azerbaijani IT company develops 3D model

Azerbaijani IT-company IDRAK Technology Transfer operates to create three-dimensional model of Baku, Vice President Ayaz Jafarov told.

02/12/11 Azerbaijani section of EPEG project to be launched in test mode by end-2011

The Azerbaijani section of the Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) project will be launched in test mode by the end of the year,

28/11/11 Azerbaijani mobile operators gradually reduce tariffs for roaming services

Azerbaijani mobile operators are gradually reducing tariffs for roaming services to their subscribers,

28/11/11 Minister: Azerbaijani mobile operators to receive frequency to deploy 4G network

Azerbaijani mobile operators in accordance with the Communications and IT Ministry's instructions,

25/11/11 Number of payment terminals to increase in Baku

The number of Paypoint payment terminals will be increased by half to 600 units in Baku, Komtec project manager Sabina Mirzoyeva told media. She said that at present, the total number of payment terminals installed in the country is about 300 units.

25/11/11 Lithuania ready to offer solutions for Azerbaijani e-government

Lithuania is ready to provide Azerbaijan with solutions to render e-services while creating e-government,

25/11/11 Azerbaijani mobile operator to invest $80 mln in network expansion

The volume of Azerbaijani mobile operator - Azerfon's investments will hit $ 80 million for the next eight months, Azerfon Chief Executive Officer Juergen Pitz told media. He said that the funds will be used to improve the quality of the network, including 4G network.

25/11/11 Number of Bakcell 3G network clients reaches 200,000

The number of clients of Bakcell mobile link company's 3G network has reached to 200,000 over the past 24 hours since the network was put into commercial operation on November 23, Bakcell Commercial Director Vladimir Genov told on Thursday. Since the network's launch,

25/11/11 Services on the Azerbaijan portal to reach 300

The number of electronic services available on the Electronic government portal in Azerbaijan reached 49 units, Elmir Velizadeh Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan said

24/11/11 Azerbaijani mobile operator prepares base to get license for 4G

Azerbaijani mobile operator Azerfon invested $ 80 million to expand 3G network coverage across the country during this year and to construct base stations to deploy 4G network, Azerfon Corporate Communications Department head Elshad Farzaliyev told media today.

23/11/11 The President “to push the button” of Bakcell 3G “Sür@” Service

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator of Azerbaijan, announced the commercial launch of its 3G services with participation of the President of the Republic of

21/11/11 Vodafone to focus on cost controls

Vodafone Group PLC will focus on controlling costs amid bleak expectations for the economy next year, the company said Thursday. "The economy I don't think is going to be fantastic next year," said Chief Executive Vittorio Colao at the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference in Barcelona."I will take a big look at costs now for next year,

21/11/11 India's Bharti, Aircel to launch iPhone 4S next week

Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Aircel Ltd. said Friday they will start selling Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4S on Nov. 25 in India, a fast-growing market where the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is far behind its major global rivals in smartphone sales. Bharti will price the 16 GB model of iPhone 4S at $867 with booking starting Friday,

21/11/11 Would-be iPhone buyers still face weeks-long waits

More than a month after the Apple Inc. iPhone 4S went on sale, the three largest U.S. wireless carriers are still struggling to keep up with customer demand for it. Customers of Verizon Wireless may have to wait more than three weeks for the device, according to the carrier's website. This compares with as much as 21 days at AT&T Inc.

21/11/11 Apple App Store starts accepting payments in Chinese yuan

Apple Inc. is now accepting payment in Chinese yuan for users' App Store downloads, the company's latest move in what has become a key growth market. Customers of more than 20 Chinese banks can now make payments to an App Store account to buy games and other software applications for their iPhones,

21/11/11 Azerbaijani mobile operator Bakcell to subsidize smartphone and Apple tablet PC sale

Azerbaijani mobile operator Bakcell will subsidize smartphones and Apple tablet PCs sale, Bakcell Chief Commercial Director Krassimir Genov told. He said that the company plans to make them more reasonable to users by subsidizing the sale of these devices. "Today, the whole market moves in this direction," he said.

21/11/11 Azerbaijani regions covered by Azercell 3G

Not only Baku, but also many other Azerbaijani regions are covered by the 3G network, Azercell President Ali Agan said. He said the access speed to the network is 7.2 Mbit / s, and in some places 21 Mbit / s. It is 20 times more than the data transmission speed in 2G network. The data transfer speed 21 Mbit / s was fixed in Baku,

21/11/11 Azerbaijan’s mobile operators develop proposals to launch 4G network

Mobile operators are developing proposals to launch the 4th generation network (4G), Iltimas Mammadov, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan, said at the 3G presentation by Azercell. According to Mammadov, this decision was made at the last meeting of the Board of the Ministry,

18/11/11 In brief: Nokia ends talks on Finland job cuts

Finnish Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker by volume, Thursday said it had ended talks with employee representatives on cutting 1,700 jobs in Finland, 300 more than it announced in april. Nokia said it expects to make the 1,700 job cuts by the end of 2012.

18/11/11 Apple's content revenue share to shrink - Axel Springer

German publisher Axel Springer AG expects Apple Inc.'s share of the revenue generated when it sells third parties' digital content to decline as more competitors emerge, Chief Executive Mathias Doepfner said Thursday.Amazon.com Inc. charges publishers less for content sold via its Kindle tablet than Apple does

18/11/11 Raising sales volumes a top priority for Nokia CEO

With its new Windows smart phones just hitting the market, Nokia Corp. said Wednesday its top priority now is to drive up sales volumes. "We want to see volumes begin to move. We need to get developers recognizing there is a growing opportunity here, so that we attract applications,"

18/11/11 World Radiocommunication Conference opens January 2012

The World Radiocommunication Conference will open in Geneva, 23 January - 17 February 2012. The outcome of this international treaty-making conference will

18/11/11 International conference “The scientific innovation role in the development of the country’s economy” to be held in Baku

The international scientific-experimental conference will be held on the 24-25

18/11/11 Azerbaijani envoy meets Jordanian ICT minister

Envoy to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Elman Arasli met with the country`s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Bassem Al Rosan.

17/11/11 China Mobile says iPhone deal likely after 4G launch

China Mobile Ltd. is still in talks with Apple Inc. to offer the iPhone in China, but any deal would likely happen after the company launches next-generation wireless services, an executive said Wednesday. "It's more likely that we'll see a deal after our 4G service is launched,"

17/11/11 North Korea sees big jump in mobile phone use

Secretive North Korea has seen a sharp rise in mobile phone use, with more than 800,000 subscribers as of the end of September, according to the Egyptian company which provides the service. Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. said the figure represents a 169% increase year-on-year.The company, in a quarterly earnings report seen on its website Wednesday,

17/11/11 Vice president for the digital agenda at European Commission Neelie Kroes encourages mobile users to roam

As the functionality of mobile devices has grown, so have user expectations, according to Neelie Kroes, vice president for the digital agenda at the European Commission. And key among those expectations at present is the ability to use mobile applications and services

17/11/11 IMEI code registration to be launched in second quarter of 2012

The registration system of mobile phone IMEI-codes is expected to be launched in Azerbaijan in the second quarter of 2012, head of the Azerbaijani company RCom Seymur Mammadov informed. He said that the project was supported by state agencies and will be implemented within the fight against terrorism.

16/11/11 Government's immigration changes lead to IT skill shortages

The government's overhaul of the UK immigration system earlier this year has already led to skills shortages in the IT sector, according to reports from university course leaders and private sector organisations. The government introduced changes to student and skilled migrant visas in a bid to lower the number of immigrants

16/11/11 Western European PC shipments fall 11% in third quarter

PC shipments in Western Europe fell 11% in the third quarter, according to the technology research firm Gartner. A total of 14.8m units were shipped by

16/11/11 Apple names Arthur Levinson as chairman

The world's most valuable technology company, Apple, has named long-serving director Arthur Levinson as chairman of the board.The post had been vacant since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in early October. Mr Levinson is chairman of Genentech and has been co-lead director on Apple's board,

16/11/11 Australian court to hear Samsung Apple dispute in March

An Australian court has set a March date to consider Samsung's claim that Apple infringed its 3G patents. Samsung is seeking to ban sales of the iPhone 4S in the country although the court has ruled that the handset can continue to be sold until that time. Apple's lawyers had wanted the hearing to be held in August but the judge rejected the idea.

16/11/11 Azerbaijani mobile phone market ups by 33.3 percent

In January-September Azerbaijan imported over 102,869 mobile phones worth over $6.1 million, the State Statistics Committee informed.

16/11/11 Volume of ICT services jumps in Azerbaijan

The volume of ICT services provided to organizations and people amounted to 997.2 million manat in Azerbaijan in January-October,

15/11/11 The launch of initial satellite will help Azerbaijan to achieve internal benefits through strengthening and protection of information security of the country

The story about creation of the space industry in Azerbaijan named “Up and coming in the satellite industry” has been published recently in the Satellite

15/11/11 Azerbaijani communications operator prepares to launch CDMA mobile services

Aztrank has started to prepare telecommunications infrastructure to provide mobile services in CDMA standard, the company told. According to the report, after the preparatory work ends in the near future, the company plans to appeal to the Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry for a license.

14/11/11 UK government should combine network infrastructure plans, urge telecoms groups

Senior representatives of telecoms companies and public network interest groups today called on government departments to co-operate on the development of network infrastructure, pulling together broadband, e-health and smart meter networks. "Here's [the Department for Energy and Climate Change] DECC calling for the rollout of smart meters,

14/11/11 Telecom Italia profits rise on strong Latin American growth

Telecom Italia SpA, Italy's largest telecommunications company, Friday said its net profit rose 33% in the third quarter, helped by robust growth in Latin America and as revenue fell less sharply at home. Net profit was EUR807 million, up from EUR608 million in the third quarter of 2010,

14/11/11 Former India telco minister, others go on trial in corruption case

An Indian court Friday started trial in a case in which a former federal minister and several others including a lawmaker and corporate executives are accused of depriving the government several billion dollars of potential revenue by rigging a sale of telecommunication bandwidth.

14/11/11 Romanian tax authority impounds Nokia assets for $10m in unpaid taxes

Romania's tax authority ANAF impounded Nokia Corp.'s assets in Jucu, northwestern Romania, after an investigation revealed the Finnish telecommunications giant owed $10 million in unpaid custom taxes, ANAF chief Sorin Blejnar told news agency Mediafax Friday. Blejnar added:"The measure is preventive and does not affect the company's activity."

14/11/11 Azerbaijan, Hungary defined cooperation directions in IT sphere

Azerbaijan and Hungary have defined the main directions of cooperation in ICT sphere. The sides' future cooperation in communication services, outsourcing services, data transmission, system integration, hardware and software developments are consolidated in a protocol signed on Friday

04/11/11 Azerbaijan creates intellectual transport management centre

An intellectual transport management centre was registered with the authorised capital of 100 manat on October 28 at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes, the ministry's official website said. The founder of the centre is the State Property Committee and the legal representative is Elnur Abdullayev.

03/11/11 New EATS to be built in Hokmali settlement

“New EATS will be built in Hokmali - the largest settlement of Apsheron”, told head of the Apsheron telecommunication hub, Eyub Ismailov. “More than 1,000 families live in the settlement, but there are only 150 telephone lines here”, he said. The Apsheron telecommunication hub constructed a building for the new EATS

03/11/11 Purchase high-speed 3G Internet bundle only for 6 AZN per month and get Nar 3G + modem for free

Starting from November 1, 2011 you will get Nar 3G+ modem for free by purchasing internet bundle for just 6 manats per month. To benefit from this campaign it is enough to come to Nar Dünyası Sales and Service Centers and official dealer shops. Internet bundle provided for a period of 5 months includes 250 MB data traffic per month.

03/11/11 Azercell: Launching 3G by all operators to increase number of DATA-service users in Azerbaijan

After Azercell and Bakcell receive a license to launch 3G, a significant part of mobile subscribers will be able to take advantage of 3G network, Azercell Telekom LLC President Ali Agan told. According to Agan, the new communication standard is oriented, primarily, to transfer data at high speeds,

02/11/11 The World in 2011: ICT Facts and Figures

The world is home to 7 billion people, one third of which are using the Internet. 45% of the world’s Internet users are below the age of 25. Over the last five years, developing countries have increased their share of the world’s total number of Internet users from 44% in 2006, to 62% in 2011.

02/11/11 Cost announced for Azerbaijani section of EPEG cable line

The cost of constructing the Azerbaijani section of the Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) cable line, according to preliminary calculations, will be approximately $3 million, Azerbaijani Deputy Communications and IT Minister Iltimas Mammadov said at the EPEG Consortium meeting in Baku.

02/11/11 Mobile communication operator receives frequency to develop 3G network in Azerbaijan

The State Radio Frequencies Commission of Azerbaijan has allocated Azerbaijani-based mobile operator Azercell LLC a frequency for the deployment of telecommunications services in the 3G standard, head of corporate affairs department of Azercell, Ulviya Hassanzadeh, told.

01/11/11 Nokia's Q3 smartphone market share drops to 14%

Finland-based Nokia Corp.'s share of the global smartphone market fell to about 14%, or about 16.8 million units, in the quarter ended Sept. 30, from 33% in the same quarter last year, according to data from market research firm Canalys.

01/11/11 Motorola to cut 800 jobs at cost of $31m

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. approved a plan to cut 800 jobs, weeks ahead of its expected acquisition by Google Inc. The Libertyville, Ill., maker of mobile and set-top devices said the job cuts will cost $31 million and result in a charge of that amount to the current quarter's earnings.

01/11/11 New project for young specialists at BakuTel 2011

For the first time, the annual BakuTel international exhibition, which takes place on 23-26 November in Baku Expo Centre, will feature the Smart Zone project.

01/11/11 Star offer from Bakcell – 5 copecks per minute to whole Azerbaijan with no conditions

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator in Azerbaijan, is pleased to introduce the new "Star Calls" Campaign that provides the most beneficial offer for calls in the market. The Campaign offers an advantageous price of 5 qepicks per minute for calls in all directions within Azerbaijan, with no additional conditions or restrictions.

31/10/11 Northern Ireland broadband service criticised

Northern Ireland has some of the lowest broadband speeds in the UK and also has the highest percentage of households running low-speed broadband. It has also been revealed that Belfast internet users can expect a much faster broadband speed than a consumer in counties Fermanagh or Down.

31/10/11 London Underground seeks advice on its future communications infrastructure

London Underground (LU) has asked companies to provide it with information about how it can best implement a communications infrastructure that will not be outdated ahead of its plans to implement a new railway system. LU is planning to progressively upgrade seven of London's tube lines,

31/10/11 Global law firm Eversheds demands higher standards from Computacenter

Global law firm Eversheds has renewed its IT services contract with Computacenter for a further five years. The deal was initially signed in 2007, and Paul Caris, CIO at Eversheds, told Computing that the extension incorporates higher service level agreements. "The scope of the services are essentially going to be the same

31/10/11 Azerbaijan to attend Caspian Telecoms 2012

Azerbaijan will be presented at the 11th Regional Turkey, Caspian, Central Asia, Russia, Black Sea Telecommunication and IT Conference & Showcase, Iteca Caspian told. Main telecommunication conference Caspian Telecoms 2012 will be held in Istanbul on April 19-20, 2012. The organizers are the international companies ITE Turkey / EUF (Turkey),

27/10/11 Azerfon attends int’l exhibition

Azerfon demonstrated its latest 3G products and services at ITU World Telecom 2011 International Exhibition held in Geneva. The first 3G operator of Azerbaijan - Azerfon LLC participated at the ITU Telecom 2011 International Exhibition dedicated to global telecommunication and IT technologies held in the

26/10/11 Global CTOs call for faster progress on e-health standards

A meeting of 21 CTOs from leading companies in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry has urged ITU to accelerate

26/10/11 ITU Telecom World 2011 launches debate to global audience

The 40th anniversary edition of ITU Telecom World opened its doors to over 250 top leaders from government, the private sector and the global technology community.

25/10/11 Azerbaijani state communication enterprises to be restructured till 2015

A pre-privatization restructuring of the communication enterprises are planned to be conducted in 2012-2015 within the Azerbaijani ICT sector development,

25/10/11 Number of mobile subscribers to reach 9.719.7 million in Azerbaijan

The number of mobile subscribers in Azerbaijan will be 9.719.7 million by late 2011, the draft budget for 2012 and the following three years reads.

25/10/11 Bakcell joins first in Azerbaijan

Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan, is pleased to be the Official Partner of Mobile Monday (MoMo) in Azerbaijan in collaboration with Caspian Investment Center (CIC). During the MoMo Baku official Kick-off ceremony held at Hilton Hotel in Baku on Monday, October 24,

25/10/11 Communication for Nar Mobile subscribers is unlimited again!

Unlimited Intranet package has been updated starting from Oct. 21, 2011, the company said on Monday. Now Nar Mobile subscribers connecting to this tariff will be able to talk to each other as much as they wish and send SMS in all directions within the country in for 3 kopecks.

24/10/11 Digital broadcasting covers southern region of Republic

10 programs are broadcasted digitally in the southern region of the country, including Gazakh, Agstafa, Tovuz and areas bordering Georgia. This information has been provided to “ictnews” by technical director of “Teleradio” PA Mikail Abbasov.

21/10/11 Azerbaijani computer producing plant's production capacity hits 3,000 units per month

The production capacity of the Azerbaijani KUR Computer-Producing Plant has reached 3,000 units per month, KUR head Rizvan Osmanov told on Thursday. He said this figure changes dynamically. KUR plans to increase the maintenance service centers produced at the plant.

21/10/11 Azerbaijani IT company develops new module for Kyrgyzstan

Azerbaijani SINAM IT-Company has completed work on the development of a module "Personal card of taxpayer" within the project on automation of the Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan, the company told on Wednesday. SINAM won an international tender announced by Kyrgyzstan's tax service.

20/10/11 Azerbaijani mobile phone market ups by almost 27 percent

In January-August Azerbaijan imported over 87,500 mobile phones worth over $5 million, the State Statistics Committee said on Wednesday.

20/10/11 Volume of ICT services jumps in Azerbaijan

The volume of ICT services provided to organizations and people amounted to 883.1 million manat in Azerbaijan in January-September,

20/10/11 RCC agrees to ensure electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means

A Working Group on the study of use of radio frequency resource of synchronous sound broadcasting within the range of medium and long waves of the Regional Commonwealth of Communications (RCC) has reached an agreement to ensure conditions of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic

20/10/11 Bakcell to launch MMS interconnection with Azerfon

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator in Azerbaijan stays loyal to its philosophy of "Get closer" and presents new possibilities to its customers for ever closer communication. Starting from October 19 customers of Bakcell, who want to share the memorable moments of life with their family and friends,

20/10/11 ITU asks schoolchildren around the world: How can technology make the world a better place?

10,000 young people invited to join the global debate at ITU Telecom World 2011 and imagine the innovations that could make a real difference ITU is calling on schoolchildren across the world to join a global metaconference at ITU Telecom World 2011 (24-27 October,

20/10/11 Steve Jobs' friends gather for memorial service

Politicians, celebrities and friends gathered on Sunday to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono and Stephen Fry were among those attending the memorial service, held at Stanford University. The charismatic co-founder of Apple died on 5 October as a result of pancreatic cancer.

20/10/11 Intel shares boosted by 17% rise in quarterly profits

Intel's net income for the three months to September was $3.47bn (£2.2bn) compared with $2.96bn last year. The figures beat market expectations and defied concerns that global demand for PCs and laptops has been hit by growing sales of tablets. Intel's chips are used in four-fifths of the world's PCs but the firm has yet to succeed in the mobile market.

20/10/11 Apple full-year profits rise 85%

The world's biggest technology company Apple has reported full year results, showing net profit for the year to 25 September at $25.9bn (£16.5bn), up 85% from the previous year. Even that was not enough to satisfy Wall Street, with the shares falling nearly 5% in after-hours trading.

19/10/11 Economic worries cloud IT spending priorities

There is increasing uncertainty over the future of IT budgets, with conflicting signals over whether businesses are set to ramp up investment in IT and what types of project - if any - will get the green light. Analyst firm Gartner is bullish about the prospects of IT budgets.

19/10/11 Third state program on ICT introduction in education to be adopted in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is actively introducing information and communication technologies in education. The statement came from Education Minister Misir Mardanov, noting that so far the country has implemented a state program for the introduction of ICT in education, while the second one continues.

19/10/11 Azerfon announces the results of its Summer Internship Program for 2011

Students who have successfully completed Azerfon Internship Program received full time employment. In September 2011, Azerfon finalized its Summer Internship Program for 2011. On this occasion an event dedicated to the outcomes of Internship Program was held at Azerfon Head Office

18/10/11 Azerbaijani ministry representative appointed RCC commission deputy chairman

Head of the Azerbaijani Communication and IT Ministry regulation department Aliyar Tamirov was appointed deputy chairman of the commission for coordination the regulatory agencies' activity in the area of the Regional Commonwealth of Communications (RCC), RCC said on Monday.

18/10/11 Head of Microsoft Azerbaijani representation replaced

Head of Microsoft Georgian representation David Asatiani will temporarily oversee the activities of the Azerbaijani office, Microsoft Azerbaijan told. Former Microsoft Azerbaijani representation head Teymur Akhundov transferred to a new position in the Canadian office of Microsoft. The office did not specified Akhundov's new position.

18/10/11 Russian Federation increases financial contribution to ITU

The Russian Federation announced a significant increase in its financial support to ITU, raising its ‘contributory units’ from ten to fifteen, amounting to CHF 4,777,000, or about USD 5.32 million at current exchange rates. Each ‘contributory unit’,

17/10/11 Apple launches alternative messaging service in Azerbaijan

Messaging iMessage is now available for Apple users in Azerbaijan, Executive Director of the Alma Store Ramin Musayev told on Friday. "The application iMessage will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners to exchange text messages and files in Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G networks free of charge," Musayev said.

14/10/11 ITU launches World Summit on the Information Society Project prizes

The International Telecommunication Union has launched a series of prizes recognizing excellence in the implementation of projects and initiatives which further the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) goals of improving connectivity to information and communication technologies (ICTs),

14/10/11 ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure ranked number one in the global ICT industry

Global Telecoms Business has decided to name Hamadoun Touré, the secretary general of the International Telecommunication Union,

14/10/11 Russian instant payment system enters Azerbaijani market

The Russian instant payment system QIWI presented an opportunity to replenish "QIWI Wallet" in Azerbaijan, said in a statement posted on company's website on Thursday. Replenishing "QIWI Wallet" with cash is possible in any payment admission station CONTACT.

14/10/11 Azerbaijani IT company SINAM implements e-government project in Kyrgyzstan

The Azerbaijani IT company SINAM has won a tender to build an e-archive of documents for the Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Department in Kyrgyzstan, the company said on Tuesday. The tender was held by the Kyrgyz government.

13/10/11 Ericsson chairman sees risk of credit freeze in Europe

The European debt and banking crises risk turning into a credit freeze if leaders don't take decisive action, the chairman of L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co., Leif Johansson, said Wednesday. Johansson said there are "considerable downside risks" of a credit freeze.

13/10/11 Nokia to ship Windows Phone in time for holiday sales

Finland's Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker by volume, will ship Nokia Windows Phones in time for Christmas holiday sales, analysts expect, but they are divided on the numberof smartphones based on Microsoft Corp.'s

13/10/11 UK Mobile joint venture Everything Everywhere axes 22 middle managers

Everything Everywhere confirmed on Wednesday it has cut 22 middle management jobs as part of the U.K. mobile joint venture's plan to become more agile. A spokesman for Everything Everywhere told Total Telecom that the company's senior management team was instructed

13/10/11 Indian IT outsourcing company Infosys to create 200 jobs in UK

Indian IT outsourcing company Infosys will create between 150 and 200 IT jobs in the UK over the next 15 months, according to vice president BG Srinivas. He revealed details of the new roles in conversation with Computing following the release of the company's second-quarter results today.

13/10/11 One in three SMEs to use cloud in next 12 months

A study has found that nearly one in three small and medium enterprises (SMEs) plan to use cloud computing in the next year, more than for any other emerging technology. CompTIA, an IT industry non-profit trade association,

13/10/11 Gartner: Multitouch sways users away from the keyboard

Multitouch on media tablets has swayed users away from the keyboard and mouse due to its great simplicity and interaction with other devices, according to Gartner. Gartner analysts examined how the iPad has affected the hardware industry and how users' expectations have changed in the report iPad and Beyond:

13/10/11 Bilateral cooperation in the field of ICT discussed within the frameworks of Azerbaijani-Austrian business-forum

An Azerbaijan-Austrian business forum was held yesterday in Baku by the organization of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Fund (AZPROMO). The business-forum was held within the framework of Austrian President Heinz Fischer `s visit to Azerbaijan.

13/10/11 “Klass 7” – another innovation from Bakcell for its Klass customers

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator in Azerbaijan, makes another innovation in the Mobile World of Azerbaijan again by offering another first - a tariff with charging by the Call - to its Klass customers. For the first time in Azerbaijan Klass customers can opt for a package that charges by the call not by the minute.

13/10/11 Third state program on ICT introduction in education to be adopted in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is actively introducing information and communication technologies in education. The statement came from Education Minister Misir Mardanov, noting that so far the country has implemented a state program for the introduction of ICT in education, while the second one continues.

12/10/11 Rostelecom seeks to list on London Stock Exchange

Russian Rostelecom, part-owned by the Russian state with 53.2% of ordinary shares, is seeking approval from the Financial Services Authority to list its shares on the London Stock Exchange, the company said Tuesday. The aim of the technical listing is to increase the liquidity of the shares, a spokesman said.

12/10/11 Mobile devices account for 6.8% of total US data traffic in August

Smartphones and tablets are prompting users to consume more media offerings while at the same time taking up more bandwidth, according to a new report from market researcher comScore Inc. Mobile devices accounted for 6.8% of U.S. data traffic in August, two-thirds of which came from mobile phones,

12/10/11 Extensive internet access to be ensured during Eurovision 2012

Extensive access to internet will be ensured during the Eurovision-2012 song contest in Baku.

12/10/11 A total of 110 mobile phones per 100 persons in Azerbaijan

The Communications and Information Technology Ministry of Azerbaijan hosted an event marking 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s independence on Tuesday.

12/10/11 Bakcell eliminates problems in its network

Azerbaijani mobile operator Bakcell has eliminated problems observed since this morning in its network, the operator said in its statement on Tuesday. "Bakcell customers in a small area of the South-west Baku (Yasamal, Sabail, Garadagh) have experienced limited services for a short period of time today," the statement says.

11/10/11 Workers of Public Health sphere will also buy “Public Computer” at a discounted price

Implementation of “Public Computer” project can serve as a graphic example of collaboration between the state and private sector.

11/10/11 ITU Telecom World 2011 will bring together over 250 world leaders from government, industry, NGOs and academia

With an action-packed agenda focusing on the major global issues reshaping the information and communication technology (ICT) landscape,

10/10/11 IT departments sidelined as finance and marketing harness big data

The pressing need to analyze huge data sets containing high volumes of unstructured information is forcing some corporates to re-evaluate how they manage their data assets, with individual business departments like marketing and

07/10/11 Regional Communication Association will hold meeting in Baku to discuss issues related to radio frequency

The 7-th meeting of the Regional Communications Association’s working group, created for developing efficient methods of utilization of the effect of noise propagation in medium and long waves, will be held in Baku between 11-14 October 2011.

06/10/11 EBRD supports new Russian/CIS innovation fund

The EBRD has signed up to participate as an anchor investor in Russia Partners Technology Fund, a Cayman Islands-registered limited partnership aiming to raise $250 million for equity investments in technology-driven and innovative business sectors, primarily in Russia but also in other CIS countries.

05/10/11 Welsh broadcaster seeks content delivery partner

Welsh language broadcaster S4C is seeking partners to build a content delivery network that will allow users to access its programmes via their PCs, mobile devices and games consoles. The proposed two-year contract will be expected to deliver up to 15TB of data each month and be able to support more than 2,000 users accessing the service simultaneously.

05/10/11 Analysts scorn government's £150m mobile blackspot plan

The Chancellor’s £150m plan to eliminate mobile blackspots has been slammed by market watchers as being totally inadequate.

05/10/11 Government to pump £145m into supercomputing

Tory chancellor George Osborne has promised nearly £300m in funding to support the development of high-performance computing in the UK and expand Britain's mobile telephone network in his keynote speech to the Conservatives' annual conference.

05/10/11 Apple launches iPhone 4S

Apple has launched its latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, and not the iPhone 5 as was widely rumoured. The new model is a slight technical upgrade to the iPhone 4, itself released in the UK in June this year. It boasts superior processing power and battery life, but few other improvements which will be of interest to the enterprise.

30/09/11 Happy Friday with Bakcell!

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator in Azerbaijan, brings an exciting surprise to its customers yet again. Today, Bakcell customers can truly talk their heart out. In appreciation of our customers' loyalty, Bakcell introduced One-Day Special Offer to give our customers the comfort to make their heavy Friday calls without any worries about cost implication.

29/09/11 3UK CEO confident UK's 4G spectrum auction will go ahead in 2012

David Dyson, the recently appointed chief executive of the U.K.'s smallest mobile network operator, 3, is quietly confident the nation's single biggest

29/09/11 Australia shadow communications minister slams NBN

Australia's shadow communications minister on Tuesday unleashed a blistering attack on NBN Co, warning that the government's wholesale national broadband network is anticompetitive, too expensive, and will result in higher prices for consumers.

29/09/11 Azerbaijan is eighth in Eastern Europe on the IT Competitiveness Index

Competitiveness Index for 2011, based on international research conducted and published by the Economist Intelligence Unit with support of the

28/09/11 IT can make a country

I think that one very clear message for me was that Azerbaijan is very much willing and able to continue the modernization of the country, investing in the country and in the people.

28/09/11 US unveils ICT initiative for one million students

More than one million students from low-income families in the US will receive computers, internet access, software and job skills training through a software giant’s digital inclusion initiative. Microsoft Corp. has announced a three-year programme earlier this month that will provide students software,

27/09/11 Investments rise in broadband Internet

The Aztelecom production association has invested over AZN 3m ($3.8m) in developing the broadband Internet network since the start of the year. Aztelecom, which is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is in the process of procuring equipment worth over AZN 1m ($1.27m).

27/09/11 Azerbaijan to switch over to digital TV 'very soon'

Azerbaijan will fully switch to digital broadcasting by early 2012, the chairman of the National Television and Radio Council has said.

26/09/11 Number of users of broadband internet increased in Sumqait

The number of broadband internet users has increased in Sumqait city. Among works, carried out in this direction, was installation of ports at EATS. Thus, 224 ports were installed in EATS-653, 128 ports in EATS-656, 64 – in Baqlar Massif.

24/09/11 Leaders of contest determined

Competition between associations and organizations of the Communications and IT Ministry, which is organized in connection with professional holiday December 6 – Communication Workers Day and dedicated to the 130-th anniversary of creation of Telephone Communications of Azerbaijan Republic, is continuing.

23/09/11 HP may replace Apotheker

HP's board convened yesterday to discuss the removal of CEO Leo Apotheker less than a year after it appointed him, following a string of poorly received strategies, according to several news reports. Last month, Apotheker announced the acquisition of UK software company Autonomy,

23/09/11 Singapore ICT capability projects to help more citizens

The Singapore Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is furthering its drive to help the low income households to own computers and elder citizens to gain ICT skills. In November, IDA will raise the income cap to S$2,700 (US$ 2,140) to enable more low-income homes to own a brand new computers at an affordable price.

23/09/11 Chinese government saves US$320,000 via video conferencing

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in China has deployed high-definition telepresence systems to speed up the development of its large-scale projects saving some US$320,000 in travel costs for 175 meetings in just four days.

23/09/11 Ring communication network created in Baku

Deputy Director General of Baku Telephone Communications Production Association Khankishi Kishiyev told that the Association had built the second ring communication network in order to insure stability and continuity of communication in the villages and settlements surrounding the capital.

23/09/11 Eight state institutions in Azerbaijan connected to e-government portal

Eight public institutions of Azerbaijan have joined the e-government portal. The statement was made on Tuesday by Deputy Minister of Communications

23/09/11 Deloitte & Touche to prepare CBA's information security development strategy

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) signed an agreement with international auditing company Deloitte & Touche to audit information technologies and information security in accordance with international standards, the CBA reported on its official website on Thursday.

22/09/11 IT the key to boosting European productivity

European economies could achieve productivity gains worth €760bn (£663bn) by 2020, if firms matched the amount they spend on IT with US counterparts, according to new research. The study, carried out by Oxford Economics on behalf of telecoms giant AT&T, suggests that capital investment in IT produces larger productivity gains than any other form of investment.

22/09/11 New network to save Transport for Greater Manchester £300k per year

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has signed a contract worth £1.4m over five years with managed network provider Easynet Global Services for a communications platform to improve local traffic conditions. As part of the deal, Easynet will provide a fully managed ADSL network that will help TfGM

22/09/11 Australia Cloud services Revenues to Quadruple by 2015

The market has shown rapid but varying levels of maturation. The most apparent difference in 2011 is the broader uptake of cloud services by CIOs and business unit managers from both small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and enterprise-scale organisations across Australia.

22/09/11 EMEA Unified Communications Market to Reach $16.6 Billion by 2015, Says IDC

According to a new study from International Data Corporation (IDC), the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market in EMEA will be worth around $5.7 billion in 2010 and will grow to $16.6 billion by 2015. "IDC predicts a compound annual growth rate of around 23.7%

22/09/11 Azerbaijan launches research in ICT field

The Research Centre for High Technology under the Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry launches a scientific research on the development and deployment of advanced technologies in the ICT field, the research center told on Wednesday.

21/09/11 ICT sector growth to reach about 30 percent in Azerbaijan

The ICT sector growth in Azerbaijan will hit roughly 30 percent by late 2011, Deputy Communications and IT Minister Elmir Velizade said on Tuesday.

20/09/11 Singapore transport authority to launch CCTV trial

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) looks to launch a six-month trial of advanced CCTVs that will provide 24-hour monitoring of the streets and illegal parking. This marks the first time CCTVs have been used by LTA on illegal parking.

20/09/11 Severn Trent Water saves over £1m per year with cloud migration

Utility company Severn Trent Water is saving £1m per year as a result of decommissioning its legacy billing system, known as CAST. The process saw Severn Trent move its key historical billing data to software and services company Macro 4's online archive.

20/09/11 India partly approves Vodafone stake hike in local unit

The Indian government Monday partly approved Vodafone Group PLC's application to raise its stake in its local venture as part of a deal in which the British telecommunications major agreed to buy out its local Indian partner. Since the transaction is between non-resident companies,

20/09/11 Seven US states join DoJ lawsuit against AT&T/T-Mobile merger

Seven states on Friday joined the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit seeking to block AT&T Inc.'s proposed $39 billion acquisition of rival T-Mobile USA, providing additional government opposition to the deal. The department filed an amended legal complaint in a Washington D.C.

19/09/11 China Mobile chairman has no iPhone launch timetable

China Mobile Ltd. has no timetable to start offering Apple Inc.'s iPhone smartphones in China, China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou said Friday. Wang, speaking on the sidelines of a forum, declined to comment further on plans to offer the iPhone. China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier by subscriber accounts,

19/09/11 Gartner: Gmail is viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange for business

Google's enterprise Gmail offering now presents a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Online, according to analyst firm Gartner.

19/09/11 Increase in demand for private sector IT candidates

There has been a near 40 per cent increase in demand for IT candidates in private companies compared with three years ago. This marks a significant shift away from positions for candidates in the public sector, according to data from consulting firm Metaskil.

16/09/11 Indonesia develops NSDI using cloud

Indonesia’s National Coordinating Agency for Survey and Mapping, BAKOSURTANAL, is taking its GIS initiatives to a whole new level by developing its NSDI using cloud computing technology – an initiative which stemmed from the agency’s thrust to provide accurate and reliable geospatial information to government agencies and the general public.

15/09/11 Greece 'integral' to the eurozone, say European leaders

The leaders of Greece, France and Germany have said that Greece is an "integral" part of the eurozone. It follows a telephone call between Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

15/09/11 Indian state of Tamil Nadu gives laptops to children

Authorities in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu are to start handing out the first of an estimated 6.8 million free laptops to schoolchildren. All children in government-funded secondary schools and colleges will be eligible for one. The five-year programme is the first of its kind in India.

15/09/11 Intel Capital invests £15m in software companies

Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's worldwide investment arm, has invested over $24m (£15.2m) in seven software companies to help it achieve its long-term aim of developing software to accompany advances in chip production. The companies it has invested in include DynamicOps, the provider of the Operations Virtualization platform.

15/09/11 Government set to adopt US-style cloud-first policy

Ministry of Justice executive and member of the G-Cloud delivery board, Martin Bellamy, told delegates at a Westminster eForum yesterday that he anticipates that the UK government will adopt a cloud-first policy in the near future.

14/09/11 Samsung appeals Galaxy Tab 10.1 ruling in German court

The Duesseldorf higher regional court Tuesday said Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has appealed a ruling from last week that bans the South Korean technology giant from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in Germany.

14/09/11 In brief: Brazil president signs new pay TV bill into law

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has signed a law which is expected to shake up the market for paid television services and introduce more competition. The government hopes the changes will bring down costs and expand the availability of pay TV services,

14/09/11 Nokia pays India workers below minimum living wage

Finnish handset maker Nokia Corp. relies heavily on contract workers at its Chennai mobile phone factory in India, paying them less than minimum living wage, said Finnish human and labor rights organization Finnwatch in a report published Tuesday.

14/09/11 Telefonica to switch to Vivo brand in Brazil at end of Q1 2012

The Brazilian unit of Spain's Telefonica SA will switch all of its products to the Vivo brand of its mobile phone operator early next year, the head of the Brazilian operations said Monday. "There's a fixed date for the change, and that's the end of the first quarter of 2012," Antonio Carlos Valente told reporters at a conference.

14/09/11 Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France

South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday it had filed a complaint in France against Apple Inc. for infringement of three technology patents. "The complaint focuses on three technology patents, and not on the design of the tablets," a Samsung spokeswoman said.

14/09/11 Huawei plans to build or buy factory in Brazil

Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies Co. is planning to build or buy a plant to build handsets and tablets in Brazil, as it expects a significant shift in sales, the chief executive of Huawei Brasil said Monday.

14/09/11 The exhibition and conference POST-EXPO 2011 to be held in Germany

POST-EXPO 2011 will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, the event will host over 200 exhibitors and the very latest in new technology and innovation. Reflecting the trend for developing new business opportunities and increasing operational efficiency,

13/09/11 Intel and Microsoft developers gather as rivals turn up heat in crucial mobile market

Hardware giant Intel and software giant Microsoft will see their premier developer events kick off this week, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, and Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

13/09/11 Up to 20 per cent of businesses staying away from cloud

Businesses are still not fully embracing cloud computing, according to new research from IT services provider Computacenter. According to the research, 20 per cent of organisations have fully virtualised systems, often seen as the first step into cloud services. However,

13/09/11 CBI and KPMG give UK's digital infrastructure thumbs up

The UK's digital infrastructure has seen an improvement in recent years and is fairing well compared with other sectors, according to a survey of 477 firms carried out by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and KPMG.

12/09/11 AZEL restructures business amid retail sales slump

Azerbaijani IT-company AZEL plans to restructure its business to be more targeted to the corporate segment, chairman of AZEL board of directors Rasim Ibrahimov told. The main reasons for making such a decision were instability and decline in distribution and retailing.

08/09/11 The Phillipines names new ICT chief

The President of the Philippines has appointed Louis Casambre as the first executive director of the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) under the Department of Science and Technology. Casambre spent 14 years as an integrated circuit design engineer at a Japanese-owned electronics firm.

08/09/11 Australia develops first E-Mental-Health Strategy

Australia’s recently established e-mental health expert committee is considering new online initiatives in its development of the nation’s first national e-mental health strategy. The expert committee will advise on the rollout of the Australia’s first mental health online portal and virtual clinic.

08/09/11 SMS tracking for police clearance certificates in Sri Lanka

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in collaboration with the country’s police department recently launched an SMS-based tracking service for police clearance certificates. ICTA is a state-owned agency responsible for crafting the country’s ICT policy.

08/09/11 China National Bureau of Statistics upgrades “smart computing” system

The China National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Data Management Centre will soon embark on the second phase of the Smarter Computing business project that will deliver services faster, with higher quality and better economics.

07/09/11 Azerbaijan commissions center for e-signature issuance

Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry officially announced about commissioning the Centre for issuance of electronic digital signature in Azerbaijan.

07/09/11 Ultra introduces accounting system at finance ministry

The Azerbaijani company Ultra has completed implementing 1C accounting system at the Azerbaijani Finance Ministry, Ultra informed. The solution is completely localized into the Azerbaijani language and adapted for the legislation and accounting standards.1C is a flexible system.

07/09/11 Regulators raid Google's South Korea office: source

Antitrust officials in South Korea raided Google Inc's Seoul offices on Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the matter, expanding worldwide regulatory pressure on the Internet giant. Google, the world's No. 1 search engine,

07/09/11 Telefónica to create digital hub in the UK

Spanish communications giant Telefónica, the parent company of O2, is to undergo a major restructure, which will see it create a new digital hub in the UK. The new business unit, Telefónica Digital, will be headquartered in London and spearheaded by Matthew Key,

07/09/11 National Hospital System (NHS) set to save £8m a year with Telestroke technology

Hospitals across Lancashire and Cumbria are using a new fibre-optic network and videoconferencing technology to treat patients suffering from a stroke, which is set to save the NHS over £8m a year. Virgin Media Business is providing eight hospitals in the area with the technology

06/09/11 Toshiba in talks over Westinghouse stake: source

Japan's Toshiba Corp is in talks with Shaw Group over the U.S. company's 20 percent stake in nuclear power plant company Westinghouse Electric Co, a person familiar with the matter said. Shares of Toshiba fell more than 7 percent to 2-1/2-year lows on Tuesday on concerns

06/09/11 Dell and Baidu tie up for smartphones in China

Dell has confirmed it is one of a number of companies partnering with Baidu, China's top search engine, on mobile devices. A Dell spokesperson said the company was developing smartphones that would run Baidu's new software platform for the Chinese market.

06/09/11 Turkish net hijack hits big name websites

Visitors to the websites of Vodafone, the Daily Telegraph, UPS and four others were re-directed to a site set up by Turkish hackers on Sunday night. The diversion was the result of the group's attack on computers that hold web address information.

06/09/11 European Parliament signs €12m contract with Accenture

The European Parliament has signed a €12m (£10m) IT application services agreement with IT services company Accenture to develop and support a range of applications across the organisation. The applications will sit across human resources, finance, logistics and administrative management.

06/09/11 Finalists announced for the UK IT Industry Awards 2011

The finalists in this year's UK IT Industry Awards have been announced. Projects on the shortlist include a system that offers immediate protection from mortgage fraud and another that automates how heritage assets are designated.

06/09/11 The IT services market saw the value of new contract signings fall to its lowest level in more than eight years, according to analyst firm Ovum.

Taxpayers are paying up to 10 times more than is necessary for government IT projects, according to Andy de Vale, co-founder of the Agile Delivery Network (ADN). The ADN is a not-for-profit organisation, made up of a group of SMEs,

06/09/11 IT services contract awards fall to lowest level since 2003

The IT services market saw the value of new contract signings fall to its lowest level in more than eight years, according to analyst firm Ovum. The total contract value (TCV) of deals announced in this period was just $19bn (£11.8bn) – the lowest quarterly figure since 2003, and down 40 per cent on the same period last year.

06/09/11 Azerbaijani museum introduces e-guide

The Archeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex Gala has completed work to introduce the e-museum guide, the complex told. The NEXUS Electronic Guide is a portable multimedia device with a 2.2-inch display. It is like a mobile phone.

06/09/11 ITU Telecom World 2011 throws spotlight on global ICT challenges

Taking place at Geneva Palexpo from October 24-27, ITU Telecom World 2011 will play host to some 250 global leaders spanning Heads of State and Government, Ministers, city mayors,

05/09/11 AT&T could escape fee in T-Mobile deal: source

AT&T (T.N) may not have to pay Deutsche Telekom (DTEGn.DE) a multi-billion dollar breakup fee, even if its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA fails, a person familiar with the matter said. "There are a number of options under which the contract will not come into effect,"

05/09/11 Mobile phones help to target disaster aid, says study

Mobile phones of people fleeing natural disasters can be used to target emergency aid according to a new study. The report reveals how scientists mapped population movements following the Haiti earthquake based on location data from two million handsets.

05/09/11 ICT ministry targets Smart Thailand in 4 years

New Thai ICT Minister, Anudith Nakornthap recently announced the Smart Thailand Plan, to offer modern public services through high-speed internet. According to the minister, the group plans to utilise high-speed Internet to upgrade and modernise public services, targeting to cover some 80-85 per cent of the country.

05/09/11 The Philippines pushes for US$19 mil broadband project

The Department of Science and Technology has proposed for the national broadband project, which reportedly cost Php800 million (US$19 million), to connect all local government units and government agencies in the Philippines.

05/09/11 EMEA Server Market Remains Buoyant in 2Q11, Up 12.5%, the Fastest Rate of Annual Growth in Seven Years, Says IDC

According to the latest EMEA Quarterly Server Tracker from International Data Corporation (IDC), the EMEA server market in 2Q11 recorded the second consecutive quarter of double-digit annual growth,

02/09/11 Google's Eric Schmidt urges companies to adopt agile development

Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has urged companies that wish to create globally successful software to adopt an agile development methodology. Schmidt spoke to delegates at this year's Dreamforce event in San Francisco,

02/09/11 British Gas to roll out 60,000 more smart meters to enterprises by end of 2011

Energy company British Gas expects to roll out 60,000 more smart meters to its business customers before the end of 2011. This is in addition to the 135,000 smart meters it has already delivered to its largest business customers so far.

02/09/11 Cabinet Office opts for temporary digital head

Number 10 has appointed the current interactive director of the soon-to-be defunct Central Office of Information (COI), Nick Jones, as interim head of digital for the Prime Minister’s office and the Cabinet Office.

02/09/11 ITU teams up with leading Asian standards organizations to bring new technologies to market more quickly and at lower cost

ITU has signed an agreement with key Asian standards developers that will mean new technologies come to market quicker and at lower cost. Japan’s Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB); China Communications Standardization Association (CCSA);

02/09/11 Rome event highlights importance of ICTs for climate change

ITU, together with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, is organizing the first Green Standards Week from 5 to 9 September in Rome, Italy. Hosted by Telecom Italia,

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